Khari Jones and Barron Miles fired

One thing I'll say about Thorpe, as much as I am not a particular fan of his. He will bring pressure on defense, and he knows how to coach defensive backs.


Will the team play for Danny? (Honest question, I really don’t know)…

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Ok with the Jones fired but I would have keep Miles even if Thorpe is a good DC

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And DM is taking over as HC. Can I toot my own horn?!


Absolutely! :smiley:


I don't know either. I am honestly surprised to see him taking over as interim HC. I'm also a bit surprised by Miles being fired. I thought maybe Miles would stick around as interim HC. But maybe the Watson affair got some stink on Miles too. And his players couldn't seem to stop taking penalties...

I would honestly get rid of most of that coaching staff at season's end. Keep LBJ and Archambault, turf the rest. But that will be for the next permanent head coach to decide.

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This is similar to Jim Popp taking over as a HC. A complete disaster.

And what did Barron Miles do to get fired??!!

All that sticks in my mind with Thorpe is how his defenses would constantly give up 2nd & longs.

Als fan that I am, part of me wants to see them completely fail.

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Even Popp had success taking over from Don Matthews as temp HC in 2006. It was only when he stuck around in a permanent capacity that problems arose.

I'm not a Maciocia fan, but someone has to step in and improve the offense. Hopefully he can get things turned around.

As for Miles, I see a defense that takes a lot of selfish penalties, that doesn't seem interested in developing our first-round draft pick Richards, and that cut a talented playmaker (Watson) because he said something that another player and coach didn't like. I am surprised that he's gone but there must have been a legit reason.

This is Hfx's point, which I'll repeat: you look at most of the coaches on the payroll and it's a bunch of mediocrities who have never won anything in this league as coaches. Jones, Miles, Quick, Bolduc, Calvillo.

There is no winning culture because there is no attention to detail. The culture has to change. We'll see what happens from here on.

En 2013 je pense que personne ne pleurait sur le sort de Dan Hawkins, mais c'est l'exception haha.

If we had lost a close, competitive game in SSK, KJ and Miles might still have their jobs, but what the team did that day in the second half was flat-out embarrassing on all fronts. Khari was a dead man walking after that loss.



Deux des trois défaites étaient serrées.

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Doesn't matter. The trend was not good. Going from two close losses, due to self-inflicted wounds, to a blowout embarrassing loss, is not progress. The team played with absolutely zero urgency on both sides of the ball in that loss, even though they were actually leading at halftime, thanks to Worthy. To me that was the performance of a team quitting on the HC/OC and the DC.

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Does this mean you'll start pretending to be an Edmonton fan?

je ne trouve pas que trois défaites sur quatre, dont deux serrées et ce contre des rivaux de division à une seule reprise, soit un bilan menant à la guillotine. Si tel est le cas Steinauer et Lapolice se feraient aussi envoyer au bûcher.

On peut néanmoins en conclure que la supposée camaraderie qu'on a vue devant les caméras en décembre dernier était du vent.

Khari put himself in this position, unfortunately. If the team had managed to win even one of those close losses, he could have made a case, but the lack of discipline, the moribund offense, the defensive penalties, none of it smelled right. Some folks here have opined that Ottawa is the best team in the East despite being 0-4. If you believe that, then obviously it's not just about wins and losses, but how you're losing. And IMO we were trending downward. Our offense posted its best point total in the season opener with Adams under center. Then it was 16 in a loss, 23 in a win, and 13 in the blowout loss to SSK.

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Let's not forget, too, that our one win came facing a tired SSK team on a short week while we were rested, at home. And even then, we left lots of points on the board (only one offensive touchdown scored).

Giving Maciocia the benefit of the doubt, he probably watched film of both offense and defense and concluded that there were glaring problems with how both units were coached. That's the only reason you make a change. If you believe in what a coach is doing, you can stick with him during a string of losses. Evidently Maciocia reached the end of the line with Jones.

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