Khari Jones a BlueBomber again??

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Khari Jones wants to make a comeback of sorts.

After leading a somewhat nomadic CFL existence since being traded by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers towards the end of the 2004 season, the veteran quarterback contemplated retirement. But he has decided to give it another go.

"I hope my football career continues, and I hope it continues strong," Jones said from Calgary yesterday. "This off-season, I was debating a few things, and I thought about retirement. But I've been working out four or five hours a day, and my body feels as good as new.

"And I have something to prove now."

Jones, who turns 35 in May, had been plagued by a mysterious shoulder ailment since early in 2004. The Bombers dealt him to Calgary late that season, and he wound up in Edmonton's training camp last year. From there, he went to Hamilton, then back to his new Calgary home to contemplate his future.

"My shoulder feels great now, and I'm ready to rock 'n' roll," said the former CFL most outstanding player. "It's been a tough couple of years with all the moving and travelling and the injury. But I'm in a good place now.

"Before, I felt like I didn't have anything to prove. And now, I do. Now, I'm coming out with a vengeance."

Jones just needs a place to play now. His agent, Gil Scott, has already contacted Saskatchewan, and Jones did not rule out a return to Winnipeg, where he enjoyed his most successful seasons.

"I won't rule anything out," Jones said. "I felt comfortable there and with the guys I played with. I will be in contact with them."

Winnipeg GM Brendan Taman could not be reached for comment.

"If a team wants me, I'll talk to them and let them know that my passion is still there and I'm ready to play," Jones said. "The main thing for me right now is to get into great shape both mentally and physically."




(I'm a huge believe that you can do anything if you set your mind to it)

awsome the bombers resign kj and trade spergeon to the riders.sounds good to me.

trade Wynn for whom? mikegoriders?

the bombers had a horrible d last season we had a good d im sure the riders can spare somebody on d to make this trade happen.

…I would have to say Khari would be invaluable with all his experience…let’s give him a shot at training camp…if his arm and shoulder look alright …let him do his thing…I know he loves WG…but I heard a rumour he was talking to the Lions and his old coach Ritchie… :roll:

Why would he want to go to the Lions and be DD's back up?

i would have to agree with kanga.why go be a back up when he could go to sask or winnipeg and could potencially be the #1 guy.

Once again I wouldn't mind seeing him back in Winnipeg but i think we got a good bunch of quaterbacks rising from the bottom Wynn is a good QB and so is Michna. and maybe a new offensive set up we can expect to see will increase the playin ability of glenn so i dont know if Jones is really needed back in the oeg except for the need of veteran experience

....there is no team in the CFL.....that Khari could start for ...including WPG....he will be a back-up no matter where he goes... :!:

you think so, papa? I think he wouls start in Sask and Win. chance....he would have a tough time even deposing Crandell...he would never start over Glenn....or Wynn for that matter... :!:

Because he is no longer a starter ....when the 2nd QB gets hurt..thats when he comes into play..
Khari had his day...yes it would send a tear down most Bomber fans cheek, if he dressed in Blue and Gold..
We have Three better QB's as it stands right now...Sorry Khari, your the best..

good words papa and hank. Khari had his chance and blew it. He wouldn't over throw glenn, or wynn here in winnipeg. He is washed up. He should just stay ou of the CFL scene for he doesn't have a a chance to do anything.

nah, I'd love to see him comeback, he has learnt his lesson.

....Kanga I know you like Khari ....but his day with the Bombers as QB. are done....I just have to think of the skipped passes he was throwing.just before he left..instead of the accurate big throws he used to make....and I don't think you have to go any further than that......GOOD LUCK...K.J... :arrow:

I don't like him by any means, but his is a good footballer, and he deserves a second chance. Heck, everyone does. that a plea?........

Well let's look at KJ's options:

Calgary, Edmonton, and Hamilton are out, they all released him. For the same reason, I can't see the Bombers bringing him coach will probably want to look at the young talent already there first, in Glenn, Michna, and Wynn (the less said about Tee Martin the better).

So, let's look around:

BC...could be a fit. Knows and likes Ritchie, BC may want an experienced backup for DD....Pierce and Jackson may not be ready yet for prime time, and with that sieve of an offensive line you just know that DD will go down at some point in the season.

Sask...possible, but I think unlikely.....the Riders need a starter, not an experienced backup, they've gone enough of that already....can't see KJ as that much of an upgrade over Greene, Crandell, or Butler.

Toronto.....well Rita sure knows him; they may not mind having an experienced backup to Damon Allen...and Michael Bishop, for my money, is barely better than Ted White or Tee Martin when it comes to backups.

Ottawa...doubtful. Joseph is their man, and I think they want to look at Banks as the next man, don't see room there for KJ unless he's content to be third string, which I rather doubt.

Montreal.....they have NO backup so why not?

So, if I was KJ's agent, I'd be calling BC, Toronto, and Montreal.

....or call the radio station in the Peg....who wants to employ him as a broadcaster.... :wink: