Khari in the capital

The renegades need Khari Jones. He would be a great addition to any team, but we need him the most. Joseph could be our 2nd string and we could release Banks. Jones is a veteran with well needed expirence and the only reason that i could think of for not signing him would be CASH. The Gliebermans should go after him.

Why would the Gades want to get rid of Banks. he is a future star in this league. Jones IMO, is overrated. He's not as good as people make him out to be. Joseph is a great QB who is still learning, and will only get better. Joseph and Banks will be a great 1-2 combo.

RED white n on CRACK!

Why would you bring in somebody who would have to learn the offensive scheme at week 3.???

Joseph just took the Gades to OT and moved the ball vs Montreal... He's a gamer and he's our man.

Plus we have the best back up potential in the league...

You're on crack.... Joseph, Banks and Peterson!!! This is a gift from Tillman and we can't screw up if we keep these guys happy.

Jones is totally overated and the fact that Montreal-Toronto and even Hamilton haven't picked up his rights tells you he's done... And those 3 actually need somebody like him...

I can see khari Jones being the starter when the cfl gets its 10th team but think about it jones is a pocket quarterback joesp is a scrambling qb and we also got an oline that is not very good yet so if u bring him in all he will do is get sacked and it would be the worst signing ever

Why in the hell would u sign Jones and get rid of Joseph? Or make him second string sorry. Joseph if u ask me is going to be the next big thing i this league. Keep him before he tries to go to the states to make more money as well. Hes to small so i dont think he'll ever make it. But he'll try never-the-less. Keep him while you can and dont go for Khari. I dont think hes over-rated but he did get cut by the Stamps so thats gotta show u something lol.

Joseph is a good QB... he has a great arm and great scrambling ability. He is still getting used when to throw and when to run, but I would never take Jones in front of Joseph!

AMEN to that. The other thing I like about Ottawa's QBs is that they haven't played for anyone else in the CFL. They were recruited by Tillman for the Renegades and they are not re-treads or rejects from other teams. Joseph is one of the top QB's in the league , he is solid. I don't understand why people are underating him, he was tearing up the league last year before he got injured. Wait till he gets on a roll. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES GET RID OF JOSEPH, BANKS OR PETERSON. Trade Kennedy for some o-line insurance or to strengthen a weak spot. Personally, I was glad when they got rid of him. They should've kept Romaro Miller instead. By the way, what happened to Miller ? :o

Good question ??? not sure... about Miller. But didn't he end up with the Argos?

Yeah the minute Banks is healthy I can see Kennedy ending up somewhere like Hamilton... Kennedy was also an amazing Tillman recruit... (BTW we need Tillman back!!)

What's nice this year is that we have the $$$ to go out and bring in some practice roster players, whereas last year when the whole team got hurt we couldn't afford to do anything about it... As a result we lost a bunch of games. (this is so important when building a good team with deep canadian talent)

They've said it many times now in the papers and radio shows that they will be frugal in the front office to build a winner on the field where it most counts.

Wow that sounds way better then... Dexter Manley must play. eH???

Miller has bounced around with a couple of teams since being traded to Calgary. Last i heard, he was released by the Argos.

khari is a waste of money. he has been released by winnipeg, calgary, and edmonton after playing only 2 regular season games and 2 pre-season games between them. ottawa would be wise not to pick him up. joseph is good for ottawa anyway. however, the ti-cats could use jones because mcmanus is getting kinda old.

ticats wont take jones cause they got marcus brady ready for as soon as mcmanus retires but toronto i suspect will cause damon allen has lost his touch and is way to injusry proon

MArcus Brady??????is it jsut me or did somebody not watch how he played against the Riders...........he fumbled the ball twice in like 5 minutes (if not less) and then danny got put back in cause he wasnt giving up turnovers...........I never really believed in Brady (i already said that he would have to prove himself to me) and now its gonna be even harder for him to do that.

Ottawa is sooo lucky to have 3 breakout QB's meanwhile the rest of the eastern team is a desaster waiting to happen!!

Hope it happens early and soon!!!!

MM... I agree 1000% most of the teams are one hard sack away from o line disaster...

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Go Gades Go

I don't see why Ottawa needs Khari Jones. Hamilton or Toronto, yes, but the Gades have Joseph at starter and the next big thing Brad Banks as backup. Ottawa's problems are not at QB, they're with the offensive playcalling and receivers not giving 100% to make plays. Woodcock and Murphy need to step up. Joseph is much improved since that shellacking in Edmonton and should be very effective if he can stay healthy. Jones's days as a starter are behind him in any case.

Khari Jones … that is I’m sure you are saying…

If KJ shows leadership and uses his passing and running abilities he will be a top CFL qb.