Khari gets a 3yr extension....

…I think he deserves it…

And in lieu of a salary, they’re making him owner. :stuck_out_tongue:

In seriousness, I wonder if this is a sign of real new ownership coming soon. I would think Khari must feel the franchise has stability if he signed for three years.

I am very happy for him, He deserves it, and I do believe stability was something he had to have considered before committing, Montreal is fortunate they landed him.

I was hoping for more details in the article on his ownership stake.

Why not? Equity beats salary and is far from the norm for any employee on contract as in the CFL.

The worst case is the team folds and it’s the same difference to find work elsewhere as he would do given that resume.



Khari’s agent is veteran CFL player agent Gil Scott. Knowing there would be interest in Khari from other CFL teams, I doubt he would have allowed his client to sign long term with the Als if he didn’t sense the ownership situation is about to be resolved.

But obviously the ownership announcement is long overdue.

Not sure he would care. If he doesn’t get it done, worst case is he’s on paid vacation for whatever term is left of the 3 years after he gets fired. He could live a Cory Chamblin life for a while.

Lol, good point.

Maybe he signed because he knows there’s instability and he might get a few years’ paid vacation. 8)

Why didnt he get the BC HC job?

you know something we dont?

Because he was under contract until December 31st (or is it February 15th like players?)
Either way, he didn’t have the option to even talk to BC.

True enuff. But he could have waited. Similar to OShea in his situation. But he decided to extend & upgrade from interim HC.

Can’t reveal my sources. :wink: