Khari DID deserve to be fired

The Als went from hosting a playoff game and losing in 2019 to losing a road playoff game in 2021 to a 1-3 record in the first four games of this year. I don't like Maciocia, but Khari put himself in a position to be fired. We were regressing.

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Jones still made the playoffs. You never take that away from him. If Adams didn't get injured, he would've done better than Harris who held on on the ball too long and was mobile as a statute in the pocket in that playoff game

I agree that Adams would have done better. But Khari either decided to pull Vernon after one quarter in the Toronto loss or let himself be pressured by Maciocia into doing so. Either way, a poor reflection on him as a head coach.

Then there's the question of KJ's playbook, which was drawn in crayon. I like KJ as a person. But his offense was not great and he wasn't detail-oriented enough to get the job done. His offenses have never been better than average in this league.

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He was 2-7 in his last 9 games though

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Adams was supposedly to be traded to Edmonton, but I think Edmonton didn't have the assets to get Adams.

Adams looked okay to me. He was suppose to have been on a Covid19 list. That now takes 5 days to self-isloate. He can't have self-isolated if he was seen on the sidelines behind the coach

Jones had a headset on, DM was probably in his ear saying to pull Adams. When the boss tells you to do something, you do it or the boss will get somebody else, in which he did with himself.

I thought Cavillo was running the offense. If Jones used crayons to draw up plays, Cavillo was drawing the plays on the ground with a stick. Jones tailored the playbook to Adams' strength which is his mobility

Seven of those losses were less than a possession

If Jones couldn't stand up to Maciocia, that's on him. He would have gotten his nice salary for the remainder of the year even being fired. Jones decided to bench Adams. No one else. A head coach who can't stand his ground on his starting QB shouldn't be a head coach. Period.

As for Calvillo, the offense looked great in the first two games, but since Harris got injured he's become ineffective and it's clear that his throwing arm is gone. I'm not giving Calvillo a pass. I think he has a lot to learn. But he's also been thrust into a very difficult situation. We haven't had Stanback since week one. The O-line has struggled. Harris was missing or underthrowing receivers all night tonight.

Losses are losses, man. At some point, you are what your record says you are. I am not saying that Maciocia the coach is better. I am saying that Khari wasn't getting it done, especially when he allowed himself to go away from what had made him successful in Montreal: an RPO offense with a mobile QB (Adams).

You mean if Jones wasn't buddy-buddy with Stern like DM is, he'd still be employed.

Jones is going to have the last laugh when the his Ti-Cats knock off the Als for a playoff spot.

"Revenge is Poutine best served cold"

Losses can be broken down for analysis to see what had transpired like an autopsy.

Jones wasn't given a chance to turn it around

"His" Ti-Cats? He's a consultant.

It is a tough situation. I think Maciocia should have either fired KJ in 2021 or waited until the end of this season. And I definitely disagree with him firing Miles. But Khari put himself in a position to get fired.

As for Jones being given a chance, the offense was in its fourth year under Jones and was regressing badly. His entire offensive strategy was to hand the ball to Stanback and chuck it vertical to Lewis and Wieneke. Teams figured it out.

We lost to Hamilton in the playoffs in 2019 and 2021 with Jones as our head coach. With Adams under center and then Harris under center. We were not doing particularly well when Vernon got injured last season. We got blown out against SSK in the rematch and Khari went on vacation to see his family instead of using the bye week to work.

I wish him the best in whatever comes next.

Jones is on the Ti-Cats team giving advice(knows the weaknesses of the Als) so therefore It's his team.

DM should just stick to managing instead of coaching. He's going to be the head coach of the Als, expect an announcement sometimes during the offseason.

Jones doesn't get the opportunity to pick and sign players. That's DM's responsibility. Can't make a prime rib when you are given ox tails to cook with. The offense is fine. It was the O-line that needed an upgrade, why do you think DM traded and tried to sign Tardif. He failed and had a built-in excuse for acquiring a dead asset.

Players take time off during bye weeks, coaches can do the same. Nothing wrong with that.

I too wish Jones to do well except against the Als

When Trevor Harris replaced Matt Shiltz as the starter at the end of last season, Shiltz might have been legitimately hurt since his Mom posted about him rehabbing and now being healthy for the playoffs. While Shiltz sitting for the playoff game was a coach's decision, I do not know exactly when Shiltz felt he was healthy.

Als wanted to keep Shiltz in the off-season, and the sides agreed to a new contract according to Herb Zurkowsky. Then, the agent decided they could get more money elsewhere. Thus, Shiltz signed with Hamilton.

Even when the Als released Trevor Harris to avoid paying his bonus, Danny Maciocia told Harris that the door was still open should he not find a better contract elsewhere.

BC actually talked to Trevor Harris and was willing to pay him the same amount that he eventually signed for in Montreal. Problem with BC was them not wanting any quarterback controversy as they felt Trevor Harris still wanted to be a starter.

If Danny Maciocia wanted Vernon Adams to be their starter, he would have told Adams about Harris re-signing instead of letting him finding out on Twitter or wherever. Adams is not like Jeremiah Masoli who has no problem when his the team signs more quarterbacks that could possibly take his job.

Supposedly, Khari Jones was close to being fired in the off-season. It was Danny Maciocia's call as Gary Stern was willing to accept whatever Maciocia suggested.

When Maciocia contemplating whether to fire Jones or not after 4 games, he was trying to figure out who was available. He could not think of anybody, so he chose himself as the Interim Head Coach. I personally think that is crazy to make a change if there is no obviously better replacement available. However, I am willing to let the season play out before making a final judgment.

Maciocia was never going to keep Jones' buddy Barron Miles around because he wanted to bring in his own buddy in Noel Thorpe. You know when coaches are in trouble when they are forced to fire coaches they wanted to keep. See Todd Howard and Robert Gordon. Plus, Miles had no deal past 2022 with Montreal.

Supposedly, Jones and Maciocia were not always in agreement on personnel decisions.

Last week, Dave Naylor said Khari Jones will not be allowed to wear a headset during games anymore this season. Against the Als, he was seen with the other Hamilton coaches upstairs in their booth wearing a headset presumably speaking to other Ti-Cat coaches on the sideline.

My opinion regarding the Vernon Adams situation is his elbow injury is relatively minor. Certainly nothing that would take 6 weeks to heal. Adams just earns too much money to be nothing more than a holder for field goals. So, the team is trying to save cap space in order to attract former CFL players who will soon be cut from NFL training camps. Adams starting for the Als again this season would probably be a last resort. The way I see it, we have most likely seen the last of Adams in an Alouette uniform.

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I tend to agree with okie. If Maciocia was only going name himself interim, I'd rather he gave Khari the entire season, since it's not like we were going to get a permanent replacement anyway. But what's done is done. The East is so weak that we still have a legitimate shot at a playoff game even with our poor record.

Jones prolly being eye-balled as a potential replacement for Plop LaPolice in Ottawa, especially if Khari can work with an established upgrade QB like Masoli vs. the ditch-diggers currently in place.
Don't worry about Plop. Good future as a TV analyst.
Only worry about Khari Jones, much like Paul LaPolice he's not a discipline enforcer. Way too much of a player's coach.

Interesting comparison.

The thing with KJ: as an OC, his offenses have never been better than average, with gusts of being good due to exceptional player performances in a given year. He wasn't a success in Hamilton, or in BC. He was our OC for three years (2018, 2019, 2021). Of those years, 2019 was his best, anchored by Stanback's dominating runs and Vernon doing the RPO thing, but even then, when we needed to score in clutch situations, like the ESF, we couldn't get the job done. In 2022, we were in year four of his offense and going downhill.

I wish him luck, but I hope he steps up both the plays he draws up (creativity, attack, pre-snap motion, extensions, etc.) and the plays he calls during games.