Khari DID deserve to be fired

I've resisted admitting to myself that after reflection that Khari Jones deserved to be fired and I hate firing coaches.
But he really messed up on handling the QBs so terribly. If that falls more on DM I still hold KJ responsible.
If he made the changes from Shilz to Harris and VA to Harris because he was afraid of being fired then shame on him.
I don't mind the mid season change either.
I think KJ is a bit of a weak and shallow guy now and I hate to admit that .

I look forward to the next HC eagerly and hope they get through this season ok.

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Nope! He's a players coach. I'd play for him

Nope...better off with KJ and BM...they've regressed.

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Ya I certainly know how you and cahoon feel that way. I felt that way too although I'm not sure what it means to be a "player's coach".

In hindsight I just cant believe he was honest with his dealings with his 3 QBs and that is inexcusable to me. Maybe I'm wrong but this is where I'm at.

A player's coach is one who has played the game and instantly gets respect. Macoicia(sic) never played, sure he coached, but he snaked his way into the Head coaching position.

Maciocia wasn't honest in obtaining for Harris. He wasn't a depth QB to play behind Adams. He was too quickly installed as the starting QB. Adams didn't have that bad a game to be replaced midway through the game.

I think Adams is getting back at Maciocia by not playing until he gets traded somewhere else. He is using an "injury" to not play for Maciocia

By no means is my changing my opinion on KJ tied to endorsing DM as a decent coach.

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It's a false equivalence to argue that because Maciocia is a bad coach, Khari must be good. Neither are good TBH. Maciocia is just worse because he hasn't been on a CFL sideline in years.

You say Khari is a players' coach, but the team went 1-3 under him after regressing badly last year. Penalties were a concern. The offense wasn't doing anything. He couldn't install proper discipline and his playbook was nothing to write home about. At the end of the day, results matter, not how much you're liked by your players.

I do agree that firing Miles was a mistake, but that's a separate issue from Khari getting fired.

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Miles should have been name HC by interim actually, I would have been curious to see what he would have done as HC.

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He was only in his second year as DC, and I think, his first time as a coordinator in the CFL. Plenty of room to develop. But Maciocia fired his defensive line coach last year (Howard), released a good starting linebacker (Watson) for no good reason, and evidently started pressuring Miles to run a defense he wasn't comfortable running. Now he's gone and the new/old DC Thorpe is trying to squeeze training camp into the regular season. Too much meddling.

I too would have been curious to see Miles in an interim HC role.

Not ideal experience I agree, but he's been in CFL coaching for a long time, he got a lot of leadership and he was pass star in the league. I do think that the players would give more to Miles then to Danny.

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Just about spot on. Khari is a super nice guy - but not really a hard worker. I bet he wasn't even putting in 5 hour days! Someone noticed!

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Any proof on this comment?

It could be the team’s doing parking him on the IL. Maybe they don’t want to risk playing him in case they are thinking of a trade. Will also save some salary placing him on the 6 game - money that they could use to put toward signing bonuses before Dec. 31 st for free agents.

But most likely he’s just legitimately injured. Als are still very much in the hunt for a playoff spot in the east so it makes no sense from that perspective to sit him, if Harris goes down. Nothing in his makeup tells me he would be one to exaggerate his own injury and sit out. That would be like writing your own ticket out of the league.


I highly, highly doubt that Adams would fake an injury out of spite toward Maciocia. Nothing in Vernon's character suggests he would do that, and like Schweinhund points out, it would be career suicide for him.

I tend to think that this is actually a legit injury, since apparently his arm failed to respond to a second shot to take care of the tendonitis.


I can’t believe he wouldn’t have at least an other chance with the way Harris is playing if he wasn’t injured

Harris is teflon, man. He has been mediocre to garbage since coming here last season but Maciocia continues to say that he's the best option we have. He seems to have indefinite leeway to make mistakes. Whereas Adams got hooked after a game and a quarter and has stayed there ever since, except for garbage time and that disastrous RZ play a couple weeks ago.

Maciocia loves his aging pylon pocket-passer mini-Ricky Ray so much he is torpedoing his own team's season because of it.


Teams have access to pretty cutting edge medical technology and jump the line ahead of the general public when it comes to getting MRI’s etc. Imagine it would be difficult to put even a soft tissue injury over on the team docs these days.

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He did it choose Adams before Harris last offseason though

True, but that was before we acquired Harris. Vernon was coming off a successful 2019 season and it would have been insane and unjustifiable to go with Shiltz or Patterson over him. When Harris came along, Maciocia could not wait to get him in fast enough, despite the mediocre end-of-season run and Harris's flat-out poor performance in the ESF loss to Hamilton. Signs Harris without notifying Adams. The team hems and haws about the starter in training camp. Adams gets barely any preseason time and nothing but criticism from his coaches in the media. By game 2, he's hooked. To me, it's impossible to look back and not think that Maciocia wanted Harris as the no. 1 all along...

The Als made the playoffs with K. Jones. They won't make the playoffs with the Rick Moranis lookalike despite their gifted win from the Bombers. Neither has Macocia instill proper discipline meaning they don't respect him too.