Khari and Porter's Development

We all know of the close relationship that Khari has with Glenn both on and off the field. They have a long history going several years back to Winnipeg. Khari has been Glenn's mentor, QB coach, OC and friend. The main question to ponder here is if Quinton Porter's development has suffered as a result of this arrangement? I highly doubt that Khari would be pleased to have Porter as the starter while his buddy Glenn sits on the sidelines. I've been to Ti-cat practices in the past and have noticed that Glenn/Khari are always together laughing and yacking up a storm, while Porter stands behind them and for the most part being ignored. Porter is definitely the odd man out of this trio but would he be a CFL starter right now and thriving well in a different team setting?

Or maybe Jones will be asked to move on with his buddy...

anything is possible Krisiun.
I'd like to think Khari and Glenn would be complete professionals and wouldn't ostracize Porter for not being part of the "buddy" clique, although I do not have any direct knowledge of this.

Porter may very well improve with a new scenery or may not...who would be interesting to see how he fares if dealt elsewhere though...

He'd be a good fit under Trestman I think. I know Trestman likes him. Its getting to that point anyway. Where you play him or cut him loose. I think that's what they are evaluating right now.

I hope they're evaluating more than Porter. The other quarterback hasn't exactly lit it up this year when we needed a big win. Losing 5 games to the Bombers and the Esks tells me that we need quarterback help going forward. :roll:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

I don't know, Glenn was lights out last year but folded in the playoff game... So they make a bunch of changes and are now back at where they were 3 years ago. But you know what they say, the most important game is the last one you play... So still time to step up.

Hi Krisiun:

In light of your idea here, I wonder too about Porter and Boltus under this arrangement. The way I've heard them talk about their "friendship", it almost sounds too tight, especially when there are others to consider as well.

To be honest, I've never given your theory much thought until I read it. But now that you mention it, it does make me wonder!!

Has it occurred to Obie? He has talked about giving Porter more playing time....


What a stupid post...
If this was the case why was Glenn pulled so many times, why do we have a 2 qb system going?

YUP…and it’s a team game…once again people are not reading what the people involved are saying!

ONCE AGAIN FOLKS…read today’s Sun article with quotes from Marcel…“it’s not a 2 QB System”. The last three games we are going to play our back-ups to see what we have and hopefully our # 1s will be healthy and ready to go WHEN IT COUNTS in the playoffs.

That is smart coaching. :thup:

here it states the above again... ... inst-argos

I don't care what he says now it was a 2 qb system...
It may not be when we are in the playoff but the last few weeks the cats had a 2 qb system going.

Marcel says this...

"If you have a two QB system it means you don't have a s#1."

and 3 days later says this

"Glenn is our starter but Quinton will get meaningful playing time"

So Marcel which is it ?

Marcel always speaks from both sides of his mouth...

I don't think he folded. He went 24 of 35, 68.6%, for 314 yards, 0TDs, 2 ints.

I recall two very costly fumbles by Thigpen (one, a muff on a kick, that gave the Argos excellent field position resulting in there only TD) and two costly drops by Bruce; one in the endzone that should have been a TD, and that last play that resulted in the tipped interception. McDaniel also lost a fumble.

The running game only gained 16 yards total, while the defense surrendered 140 yards in rushing. Cobb had 6 carries for 8 yards.

DeAngelis missed an easy FG and the Ti-Cats lost by 3.

Glenn isn't no where near the top of my blame list.

I don't recall Bellefeuille saying that. Do you have a source for that?

The earliest I recall in regards to playing Porter was this ... aying-time

...a quote/excerpt from today's Scratching post:

[i]"Glenn made light of the recent controversy over how the quarterbacks were being utilized.

“You should have told them that other plan where we were going to rotate every down,? Glenn said to Bellefeuille during the team's media conference. “I was going to take a play, then Quinton, then Jason.?"[/i]

With that, shall we fans consider the peace pipe smoked?

Now that is funny!

Thanks for making me laugh kicker!

This is a legitimate concern. Have you never seen or experienced favoritism with certain parties, family members or co-workers? What makes professional sports exempt from this? Khari has no say over when Glenn is pulled. It is Marcel's decision alone. Watch Khari's body language on the sidelines when his chum is pulled. Describe how thrilled he looks. The fact is that this duo is not producing the expected results so MB is just evaluating Porter while he has the opportunity in these last few meaningless games. Either he has progressed to a possible starter position or he should be released in the off-season and we need to look elsewhere.


Why can't he continue his development in the back up role?

Danny McManus did that, and wasn't a starter until his 6th CFL season.


If Jones is obviously showing favoritism towards one QB over the other, Jones should be released in the offseason!!
The Ticats have a lot invested in Porter , just to cut him because of a Bias(?) assistant coach!!!

He's around the same age as McPherson and Tate, so as long as the organisation sees progress they can. Also depends on how patient Quinton is prepared to be, how much money he wants or Ticats are prepared to pay...