Khari A Ticat

i cant believe no one has reported this yet from what i saw.

anyway, says they sre going to officially announce it tonight with the deal parametres...

Holy shit!

This is good news for both parties.

Jones and the Ti-Cats were going nowhere this year - they might as well do it together.

I didn't hear of this until I saw this post ... checking just now, I see that it's true. should REALLY be the first place we get to hear about this. Why not? It's frustrating ...

I wonder how Danny Mac will feel about this ... it's not exactly a vote of confidence. At least now the Ti-Cats have a competent backup (whether it's Jones or McManus). They say Danny Mac is still #1 ... but I can't help but wonder if we'll see Khari against Edmonton sometime next week.

Wow I like this news. Maybe now we’ll have a half decent QB who can scramble a little bit to give our recievers some more time to get open. I hope they let him start over Mcmanus. Lets hope this will help our team a lil bit. Mcmanus is our problem and until somebody proves otherwise I will be outspoken to get rid of him or at least throw him into second QB or third :twisted:

damn straight

I dont like it, I wish the Als would have grabbed him

Wait wait wait... this was reported on If Marty York wrote the report, I'd be skeptical.

York is outta there (finally) ... Tillman is now their CFL analyst. A much better selection, IMO.

Hamilton is going no where with Jones, He’s washed up, they should be going after Maas or Printers. OF course he will probably make me eat my words. :mrgreen:

I'd written off Jones, but I saw him play in the pre-season, and he looked a lot sharper than his last games in the Peg. Maybe he could make a comeback....?? Oh wait, Hamilton needs a reciever who can CATCH. Then even Danny Mac would look good again.

If Maas or Printers go anywhere else I think it will be Toronto to start the 2006 season. I just hope Casey stays put in BC.

As for the Ti-Cats picking up Khari Jones I think it will be good for them to have two experienced QB's going forward. Don't underestimate this tandem.

I think the season could turn around for us now. Jones won’t be with the team in Edmonton, and Marshal will probably wait until it’s too late to start Jones. I think a .500 season is more than possible, and I think that we will start to see Ti-Cats recievers suddenly catch a lot of balls.

Hey lets not forget the Tabbies are only 4 points behind the other three who are tied for first. It's time to take a deep breath and regroup. The season is young and being 4 and 0 , yet still only 4 points separating first and last place should create a sigh of relief.

Speaking of relief, Danny Mac and Khari will now share the pressure and the wisdom each brings. The Ti-cats have a solid running game and great possibilities in Yeast, Brazzel, Morreale and Flick. They will get the jitters out and start making those big catches. Another plus is that the Ti-cats can choose between their 2 experienced QB's depending on the defence they're up against. Be optimistic, this team will leave those 4 losses behind.

Don't expect muchfrom khari, he was sending everything into the dirt in preseason and I'd have Danny Mac as a starter over Jones. He looked real sharp against BC and his numbers would of looked even better if it wouldn't of been for the dropped balls. I guess he throws the ball away in critical situations but khari just doesn't have it anymore.... I guess they both don't but I think Mcmanus is going to maybe put up a couple impressive games. Oh well... Good luck with both of them.

RED ROVER RED ROVER we call Casey over......
wasn't Jones making like $333,000 in the Peg and then Calgary bought that out last year?
Wonder what his stock is now...wonder what Casey's would be.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ MVP Casey you know the guy on the BENCH .

Khari is in real good physical shape from what i heard on eskimo TC, he wont start in hamilton right away as he will need to learn the playbook, and he hasnt seen playing time in a while, but i think by the end of the year he will be playing good football

I hope he will play for the August 13th home game down here in the Peg. Glenn vs. Khari... dun dun dun. Should be interesting... if he did play. Put in D-Mac or Khari. Doesn't bother me.

I hope he can take the pressure off of DMac. We need something and hopefully Khari can make a difference. And maybe someone who will yell at the receivers to catch the darn ball!

I just stumbled upon a statement from Ticats' headcoach Gregg Marshall:

"We are pretty pleased with the acquisition of Khari Jones. Of course, we recognize it's a bit of a gamble to let a player this young get in the game. He might not be ready yet. But we like the challenge of helping a youngster develop so he could possibly become a star in ten years from now. He'll be like a son for the rest of the team. As long as he doesn't listen to his music too loud, clean his room from time to time and don't try to borrow my car keys, this young 34 years old could be a good fit with the rest of us."