Khari a Ticat

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Guess you can say Mighty Casey won't be coming to bat here!

Khari ain't going make the receivers catch balls. Your lockeroom could fall apart on this matter. Danny, Marcus and Khari. You got 2 washed up pieces of crap, and a no talent ass clown. Good luck to yah.

KJ isn't a cat no more.

I think he's finished for the CFL. No one wants him no more.

that’s sad. :cry:

Khari has a fat bulb head that barely fits in this helmet. Retirement is the only option

maybe he can cough for the Bombers.

Anybody notice that when Khari had a kid, he went downward spin of suckage. Now that fathead is so useless and his kid will grow up to be an embaressment too in life. His kid will be a fat headed chipmunk cheeked pile of steaming poop like his father.

I think it's a little ignorant to be bringing innocent family members into this, don't you think?


Let's evaluate here.....your first day.....comments directed at small children who can't defend all makes sense about talking a little football instead of making fun of little kids, m'kay?'re an idiot. At least KJ had a few good happens in pro sports. Some last longer than others.....and to bring family into this is as childish as you can get. What do you do for a living....a loser on welfare with nothing better to do than make fun of people that have a life? You probably sweep the parking lot at McDonalds. YOU.....YOU are the emabarrasment to humanity.