what the crap.. i understand khan, he's a center, guess we dont have a backup center.. but why is morley, who can be replaced by greaves and douglas who is an american still on the roster? what the crap?

pierce has taken 500 sacks this year.. surely the bombers see the problem is the oline.. they got too.

do they ignore it because they know they cant do anything right now.. or what?

cuz if they are blind to the fact that this oline sucks, um.. next year gonna blow too.

really, sit these 3. play rookies, greaves, sorenson,butler, whoever, sign some dude off the street and put him in.. IT HONESTLY WOULDNT BE ANY WORSE AND WE'D BE GETTING SOME GUYS VALUABLE REPS AND PLAYING TIME.

do something.

Douglas was awful in Edmonton too, wouldn't mind having a look at Butler in his spot. Lots went wrong in this game. Buck got hit early on, and it seemed to me that if his first read wasn't open, he panicked a bit and went to run.

Not having a backup Import receiver on the 42 man bit us in the butt. Jade Etienne might be great one day, but he's simply not a threat at this point. Would have been nice to have TJH come in for Denmark.

We do have a backup centre, kinda. LaBatte played C all through camp. Not that that helps much but these three gotta go.

I can't for the life of me figure out why we don't try starting Greaves at guard and put LaBatte in Khan's spot. Or just start Greaves instead of Morley.

there's not much they can do, unfortunately.. but they still have to try SOMETHING.. our O-line right now is beyond awful. it's a tough problem to fix in this league.. something has to be done

...I don't know much plainer it can be for Lapo...THIS O LINE IS AWFUL (definitely an understatement)...(xcept for January and LaBatte) Why there's no attempt at changing things is beyond me...Look at the leos...They were experiencing the same problem in their 0 and 5 start...Wally fixed it...I guess we don't have that same capability...If i see Douglas attempting his impersonation of a 'doorman' again, i'm going to start wondering if we have anyone with in-depth thought behind the bench...I'm sure the braintrust goes over the films...Are they blind????.Lapo looks very weak with regard to this aspect of our game...IF we don't do something soon this could end in disaster :thdn: