Khalil Hill

TSN is reporting that if Geroy cant play tonight Hill will get some playing time. Khalil has a ton of talent and i hope he can show it off against the esks tonight.

8) Since the game is in Edmonton, I sure hope that Khalil didn't sleep in again and miss the team flight !!!!! :roll:

Ticats still havent replaced him on kick returns. Who was the Idiot who cut him??

Ron Lancaster. Although Marcel probably had a part too. I've been saying it was a mistake ever since we cut him. Fine him if he breaks the rules...don't fire him!

He was exciting on returns every time he got the ball. I'm surprised he hasn't made an impact in the league yet. Has he been injured?

i was also pissed when he was cut.

He was with the riders last year but got injured in tc and then didnt see much time after that.

Did he ever return one for a touchdown? Maybe one? Maybe he has talent but he hasn't done anything in the CFL.

He was injured here and in Sask.
Good backup.

He had the same initials as you username,
mass destruction

don't let anybody tell you any different.

agendas :roll:

how many rules is he or any player allowed to make before he is released or maybe dont have any rules

If he had as much talent as he does mouth he'd be leading the league right now.

I'm surprised he hasn't made an impact in the league yet. Has he been injured?
8) Yes, he is always injured. Pretty hard to make an impact in this league when you are with a different team every year. I believe that BC is his 3rd CFL team !!!

Give him a little time, before you know it the Lions will cut him also !!

His attitude and problems he causes far outway his abiltiy on the field !!!