Khalil Carter Released by Argos

Is this guy worth a look ... I thought the Argo's were really high on him.

Were they trying to trim down the number of Imports on their roster?

i find this hard to believe.

what is your source?

He was cut today It was on the News .

Jordan.. I saw it with my own eyes...

my mistake

i apologize diesel for not trusting you :slight_smile:

and wow this is surprising. wasnt he supposed to start in place of Jordan Younger?

8) CBC Sports reported that he was released for disiplinary reasons !!!!!

Ohh… interesting Tipper!!

Too bad I don;t have any inside sources with the Argos to find out more :frowning:

I think this is definetly worth a look to atleast bring him on to the practice roster.

Definately bring him to Hamilton, the DBs have been the weakest link the past few years.

No Room Practice Roster at this time

Stubler is basically going with a younger, more versatile guy with better upside.

From today's Toronto Star:

An Argo-Cat fan

(Stubler) had to make one of these yesterday when he confirmed the release of defensive corner Khalil Carter.

"It was a football decision," said Stubler, agreeing it had not been what he'd been thinking when final cuts were made on the weekend.

"It was just an overall feel for the team, where I wanted to go with it," Stubler said of his decision to go with Willie Middlebrooks, the Denver Broncos' first-round pick out of Minnesota in 2001 but out of football since being cut from the Broncos camp in 2006.

Middlebrooks' athleticism and versatility (at camp, he bounced between corner, half and safety) were factors, but so was age. Middlebrooks turned 29 in February; Carter will be 32 in September.

"It's a fun league," said Middlebrooks, who recently considering packing football in altogether, mostly because of a career dotted with nagging injuries. "I feel a lot younger. My body's good. I'm 29 going on 12."

While Carter certainly would've made for an experienced backup, age, again, played a part.

"That's one of my `always-isms," said Stubler. "You want to keep younger players as opposed to someone who might have the experience but doesn't have the big upside."

Argos' back-up defensive backs now include Jason Shivers and Delroy Clarke, still both 21, and Kenny Heatly, 23.

Middlebrooks becomes the only new starter on last year's league-best defence. There was always going to be that one – the guy who replaced three-time East all-star Jordan Younger, dealt to the Eskimos in February for now-injured running back Tyler Ebell and slotback T.J. Acree. But that, presumably, was going to be Carter.

"I feel pretty comfortable at all positions," said Middlebrooks, who reckoned his versatility probably helped.

"I think in this league, you have to be," he said, You're playing with six receivers on the field and there's a lot of versatility on offence. You may get guys that are just fast, guys that are just big, guys that are physical, guys that are finesse players. And it's a long season."

8) As I mentioned on an earlier posting, Carter got involved in a real heated verbal argument with HC Rich Stubler at practice, regarding his style of play !!!!!

He was subsequently released as a result of that blowup !!! Some guys just never learn !!!!!!

TSN said he was injured goods and Toronto gave up on waiting for him!

I heard it was a hamstring injury from my good source Ken Welch. I would bring him in and take a look anyways.

I wouldn't bring Carter in. I mean when is the roster set? When can the guys who made the team know their jobs are safe and they can concentrate fully on getting ready for the season. I don't want guys who are constantly looking over their shoulders to see who might be after their jobs. Unless a real elite guys somehow becomes available, let these guys who have been through camp together and made the team start to get that team chemistry thing going. This 'bring him in for a look' thing is disruptive and in the end, unproductive.

An Argo-Cat fan

i am surprised Stanford Samuels still hasnt been picked up by any1

Tipper, you are right. The following is from todays's Nat'l Post:

An Argo-Cat fan

Carter released by Argos after argument with Stubler
Mark Masters, National Post
Published: Tuesday, June 24, 2008

MISSISSAUGA, Ont. -- The Toronto Argonauts have cut ties with Khalil Carter after the cornerback got in a heated exchange with head coach Rich Stubler during a practice Monday afternoon.

Veteran defensive back Chuck Winters said the move was inevitable after what happened.

"They had a fight and it was sort of out there for everyone to see, so it wasn't surprising," Winters said. "Until that point you could see there was tension building up, but that's part of the game. When things aren't going your way some guys handle it differently than others."

Stubler said the decision to release Carter, who was expected to start this season, was made easier because of the strong performance of Willie Middlebrooks, a CFL rookie.

"From my standpoint Middlebrooks won the position," Stubler said.

The weak-side cornerback position became open when the team traded all-star Jordan Younger to the Edmonton Eskimos during the off-season. And finding someone to fill Younger's shoes was considered a top priority for Stubler during training camp.

The 29-year-old Middlebrooks, a first-round pick of the Denver Broncos in 2001, started in place of Carter during Toronto's final pre-season game. He will be the only rookie starter on a defence that allowed the fewest points in the CFL last season.

Middlebrooks played primarily on special teams for the Broncos and the San Francisco 49ers in five NFL seasons and spent last year out of football. He said he contemplated retirement.

"At one point I got really frustrated with it and thought about not playing and prayed a bunch about it," Middlebrooks said. "I always had minor injuries in the NFL. I'd get this healthy, then this would hurt and then this would nag me. There was always something."

He said he is healthy now and adjusting well to the Canadian game.

"It's a fun league. I feel a lot younger," said Middlebrooks. "My body's good. I'm 29 going on 12."

The decision to go with Middlebrooks must have come as a bit of a shock for Carter.

The six-foot-two, 195-pound native of Little Rock, Ark., started six games for the Argos last season and, heading into this season, was considered the likely choice to start.

But as training camp unfolded, Carter seemed to fall out of favour with the coaching staff.

Stubler criticized Carter's performance in the team's first pre-season game and then decided not to play him in the second game because of what he said was a slight hamstring injury.

In an interview last week, Carter said he was trying to get back in Stubler's good books.

"I think I'm getting unfairly criticized for being a gambler or a risk taker. I'm a playmaker and there's a fine line between the two," Carter said.

He had vowed to try and play the more conservative style preached by his coach, but in the end could not bridge the divide.

8) Thanks barneyfife1, I was told of the official incident last night regarding Carter and Stubler that led to Carter being released !!!
 You are right, we sure don't need to start bringing in new players at this point, especially a potential disruptive person like Carter !!!!!

yeah..but keep his number of speed dial. He could be a nice pick-up a little further into the season..say about two weeks ahead of labour day. I bet he would be motivated to play in THAT game!