Khalif Mitchell veut-il déjà partir de Montréal?

Mitchelle should be released.

Sure. Haven't had a true DT since Ed Philion. Let's cut him because he linked to documentary. We eee eee!

I fail to see what this sorry episode has to do with Israel - Palestine issues and "Jewish Lobbies". Some of the commentary in here seems way off the mark to me.

The Als and the CFL are operating a business where professional athletes perform in front of a live audience who open their wallets to purchase pretty expensive tickets. They bring their families and their kids to enjoy a fantastic sport, not to be distracted by the antisocial off-field antics of one athlete. National advertisers pay a lot of money hoping to sell their products to what they hope will be large TV audiences.

The corrosive, hateful stuff posted by Mitchell alienates fan support. I don't see how this puts fans in seats. It damages the image that the sport aspires to reach. For this reason, and to remove the risk of a locker room cancer, I believe this player should be released.

Well said. I agree with the latter part especially; if Mitchell proves to be a reason for fans OR for teammates to have less faith in the team, it’s certainly a reason to release him. It’s already proven to be a reason for fans, but I don’t think any players have voiced any public disapproval. Admittedly, most players would keep that between themselves, so it’s hard to know what the locker room actually thinks of Mitchell, but considering his reoccurring troubles on social media and on the field, it’s not unreasonable to think at least a few players would have reservations about Mitchell being on the team.

And even putting all that aside, is Mitchell a desperate need for the team? Is he such a stud at DT that he’s worth the trouble?

Sans vouloir en rajouter, il faut réaliser que l’organisme dénonciateur, B’Nai Brith, a poussé le bouchon au point de conclure que si Mitchell était judéophobe, les Alouettes le sont également. C’est un raccourci odieux et manifestement erroné. L’usage de ce genre d’amalgame n’est pas nouveau dans ce genre de situation. Ces organismes auraient peut-être une relative crédibilité s’ils dénonçaient tous les cas d’ethnophobie quelque soit la communauté visée. Mais ils ne s’insurgent que lorsque seule leur confession se trouve offensée, et surtout pas de celle que pratiquent certaines factions de leur propre confession.

Cela dit, ça n’excuse pas Mitchell et ses justifications ne tiennent pas la route dès lors qu’il n’a pas pris la peine de les exprimer avant de mettre le lien controversé en partage. À mon sens, il devrait subir le même sort que Bruce et Worman, mais il se peut que la convention collective et les règles de la ligue en décident autrement. Remarquez que ça me surprendrait beaucoup puisque les contrats ne sont pas garantis.

Du reste, je partage vos arguments.

Team can do what it wants. They just solved the team that eliminated them the last two seasons biggest personnel problem, why not weaken what was our biggest weakness last season to go along with it.

Khalif explained himself very well as to what he meant and that was very credible to me. He's not a Holocaust denier, what more do people want ?

They will cut him, they will just wait a while so they don't expose themselves. Discussion and Education is the way forward with these things.

yup. Discussion and education.
The Lions tried that after he tweeted and called people of Chinese origins a racist term.
He of course denied any ill will stating that he had no idea that it was a derogatory term.

They shipped him to Toronto.

Took him back last year and he ended up on the bench.

Since his reprimand and fine yesterday he has posted a link to an anti-Israeli, anti-Jewish news forum.

He is entitled to his opinions whether they are right/popular or not. But he has to realize that he is not Khalif Mitchell, but Khalif Mitchell of the Montreal Alouettes when controversy is created. And the Montreal Alouettes are not in a position to deal in controversy.

Popp on the radio this morning said that they want to educate him, but also that they do not want him posting these things on Twitter.

My take is he will have to abstain from controversial tweets or will be released.

The point is, however, that he is a controversial player who also takes stupid penalties. Remember the incident in BC when he almost ripped off the other guy’s arm? Obviously, BC saw fit to let him go.

The problem with a player like that is, good as he may be when he’s on his game, he is likely to pull off some dumb play which costs the team, or mouths off something inappropriate bringing unwanted attention to the team. If were Popp and/or the coaching staff, I would sit him down and read him the Riot Act.

If he responds positively, well and good. If not, it’s the Midnight Train to Georgia!

C'est passablement mon impression, mais j'ai l'impression qu'ils vont tenter de le faire tout en limitant les capacités d'une autre équipe de le reprendre rapidement.

Well he hasn`t tweeted for almost 24 hours, so something is going on behind the scenes.

Hes a guy that Noel Thorpe really wanted so Im sure Popp is hard at work behind the scenes again today trying to work things out. We shall see.

If you think he is credible you've been had.

I'm not a fan of his antics. In particular what he did to Simeon. I just don't think he should lose his job because he linked to a documentary... Freedom is disappearing real fast from NA society.

I agree with you entirely on the point you’re making. I do. But he linked to a Holocaust denial documentary, which is almost always linked to the spread of violent anti-Semitism. That’s the problem. Critique the state of Israel’s actions against Palestinians, certainly – no state should be immune from criticism when they engage in genocidal practice (as they’re doing). But Holocaust denial crosses over into completely different territory and should be condemned.

Lastly, Mitchell is an utter and total moron for putting himself in this situation, give his CFL history. His agent basically said that he almost lost his job and will certainly lose it in future if there is even one more media incident like this. Just shut up, Khalif, please, just shut up. Close down your Twitter account and concentrate on football.

I think the issue with Mitchell is plain and simple ignorance; not vile, racist ignorance.
Not any less offensive, but the intent is very different.