Khalif Mitchell cut by Als

Anyone think a team is going to bite?

I thought we were already well rid of him

I hope this racist cheap shot artist goes back to what ever cave he crawled out of and never plays football again. They should have kicked him out of the country a couple of years ago.

Get Real. Oh Sams a hero because he spoke out. Gees.

He’s not a racist, he’s just a complete ignorant fool. To be a racist you have to have an actual low level understanding of things. This “man” doesn’t even have that. Calling him a racist is too kind.

100 % agree. Talent is not the issue. Guy is a low life dirt bag. He should have been kicked out when he tried to amputate Simeon Rotier's arm. Then this last straw with the holocaust statement.

Good riddance.

Get real yourself. What does my post have to do with Sams? :roll:

I hope not...then again with Chris Jones in Edmonton, wouldn't put it past him to pick him up.