Khalif Mitchell clear intent to injure Rottier

The only problem with this is that Edm could hold Rottier back an extra game or two even when he is ready to play. This could help Edm if they are playing BC or if BC can help EDM with a loss vs a division opponent.

I guess that would be possible, but HIGHLY unlikely since he is a starting Canadian O-lineman

An unpaid vacation in this league means starvation. But Khalif pulled a real boner and something should happen. Maybe extra community service.

  1. that is a bit dramatic.
  2. Not for a clown like Mitchell who just signed a nice big fat $$ contract for ditching the NFL to say in BC.

Mitchell gets 2 game suspension. :roll:

[b]The suspension is significant by CFL standards because it's the longest issued by Cohon. In fact, only three players have ever served a one-game ban since Cohon succeeded Tom Wright as commissioner in 2007.

"This type of behaviour has no place in our game and will not be tolerated," Cohon said in a statement. "Any play that unnecessarily puts one of our players at risk of serious injury will be met with discipline."[/b]

Mitchell can still appeal the suspension.

Why the eye roll? Two games is quite a lot in an 18-game season. It's one-ninth of the season. That's the equivalent of nine games in hockey and basketball or 18 games in baseball. Two games is a pretty stiff suspension, in my opinion.

The eye roll is because I do not think it is enough of a penalty.
IMHO, it does not serve as a deterrent for intent to injure.

I didn't think the 2 game suspension was enough either. But, for the grace of God, that idiot could have ended Rottier's season or worse, his career.

A clearer message needs to be sent from the league to stupid people like this. And the fact that there has been no public statement from the team on this matter speaks volumes for their tolerance of it.

But, I guess, we should be satisfied he got any punishment.

Did I want to see more games than this? Yes.
Did I expect to see more games than this? No way

He got more than I thought he would. It’s a big suspension for the CFL and hopefully it sets a precedent.

Then how many games would you have liked? I would think losing one-ninth of your season (and one-ninth of your salary) should be a big enough deterrent, especially for guys pulling in maybe $125,000 a season. Previously, the league has only fined players (see the various Jason Jimenez controversies) for stuff like this. This is a huge step up for the league and shows they are taking it seriously.

Jason Jimenez did end a player's career when he was in BC and he was initially suspended one game, but appealed it down to a fine. I think two games is a fair enough penalty and a huge step up in punishment for the league.

But will it hold ? If it does it seems fair for a first offense but if it gets cut down to one game than its not very much. Considering that financially he has to be paid for one of those two games...

Actually it says he was suspended for 2 games without pay. Doubt he'll actually sit two but he should.

And thank goodness that Jimenez is out of the league, Blogskee. Didn't like him as a Tiger cat and even less when he was elsewhere.

The problem I have with this decision by the league is that there has been no statement or apology from either the team or the player, just the lamest of excuses from Mitchell.

I really don't think that either of them truly gets it. I think a much bigger penalty would have gotten through more clearly and effectively.

But that's just me....

According to CKNW radio sportscast this morning, the CFLPA is going to appeal the suspension, so if history repeats (as it has often) I bet the suspension gets reduced to one game.

And let's not forget the David Braley influence. Afterall, this is one of his teams....

Actually maybe AJ Gass can recomend a good arbitrator..... I vaguely remember AJ Gass appealed a suspension and got a Judge from Edmonton that had season tickets to the Eskimos to rule on the suspension given to him by the league.......

When Jimenez as came off the field he was read the riot act by Marcel who is known as a players coach.
I do not know if Mitchell was spoken to in the same way, but each coach is different in the way things are handled.
On appearances it seems that 2 games is insufficient, but in the context of comparing to hockey suspensions and a first offence I guess it is adequate.
I am sure Cohon does not want this stuff in our league

If you read what ex D linemen are saying they you might change your view on this a bit. Rottier was holding onto his jersey and he needed to get him off somehow, im not saying it was the right thing or not a dirty play but some of these ex players have a point when they say if your guanna hold us and not get flagged we gatta find a way to stop you.

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There's a HUGE difference between doing something illegal and injuring a player so that he can no longer play the game and support his family.

Brown and Mitchell should form a mutual fan club.

I wasn't even talking about that situation, but that is a good one to bring up (Jimenez was merely fined for that play on Brent Johnson). I was talking about the time he ended the career of a player from the Stampeders when Jimenez was with the Lions. He appealed that down to a fine as well.

Apparently, Mike Benevides went on the radio and pretty much justified what Mitchell did. Says a lot about they type of guy Benevides is.

Doesn't change my view at all, of the play or of Brown being a complete dirtbag. Explaining away what Mitchell did is like saying that a murderer is justified because he killed a dude that dented his car and the cops did nothing to stop it. It is absolutely ridiculous that anyone could justify what Mitchell did. He crossed the line so far he couldn't even see the line.