Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Conor McGregor

Fight’s on . Hyped the heck out of it today on radio and TV .

I fear the main event might not end up overly exciting, but the card is pretty stacked overall. Should be a good one.

I’m expecting Nurmagomedov to win, but am hoping McGregor can KO him.

Conor is in it for his 2nd massive career payday - might take home nearly 45 million after taxes and kickbacks to Dana.

Tons of folks want the Russian to kick the snot outta Conor - as Conor is in fight purgatory. He’s no longer a regular roster player in MMA; basically just a special attraction who only fights when the pot is layered with gold.

May as well have the Russian deliver Conor’s head on a platter - he’d probably deliver a few regularly programmed fights in UFC before his head inflates!

ConMac has turned the, sport, into a carnival. Sucks

Conor M, The Mouthpiece of No Inner Peace got his what for last night.

He was basically smothered to death by Khabib, the powerful russian wrestler - who actually tagged Conor a couple times and sent the Scotsman into Neverland.

Welcome to WWE Conor - Ronda Rousey needs a mixed tag partner . . . .

Only impediment - in the completely fake, over-the-top world of pro rasslin’, Conor might be way TOO OVER THE TOP. He’s also smallish - the McMahon’s have generally favored big man goliaths - but guys like Ric Flair (5’11", 235), Daniel Bryan (5’8", 185), John Cena (6’0", 235) aren’t that much bigger.

Yes, saw all of this on Sportscentre this morning. Batshi… crazy stuff. Unreal!

What a brawl after the fight . Wow . Mike Tyson said it's worse than his ear bite .

Is this the lowest point of humanity nowadays? Me thinks so. No Trump references allowed BTW. :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately Mr. McGregor the phlegm-spoutin’ Irishman had already set a low bar when he attacked a bus full of fighters some time ago!