plus its more demoralizing when we crush teams week in and week out. eskimos fans can say whatever they want to try and make sense over the canada day massacre, but in the end glenn and the bombers outplayed them, edmonton did their best but they're not in the smae league as the bombers this season

you can try to rationalize the canada day massacre all you want but the eskies played their A game and got beat bad. start planing out your November now, you won't have any playoff games getting in the way

The Esks didn't bring their A game. The game was a gong show and it was obvious at the end of the first quarter what the outcome was going to be.

You're right, the Esks weren't in the Bombers league that day. They played like amatures. But that was an anomoly that should not be repeated again this year.

The bad news for you, is that that game was the apex of the Bombers year. It's all down hill from here.

keep rationalizing, it will make the season seem more successful when really it was a train wreck

3 Straight games for him and the offense without a turnover thats pretty impressive for any QB.

I thought he played solid against the Argos although he did miss brazzell deep once and a few shorter passes. Another game for him and the O-line to not give up a sack, just AWESOME!

Wait till you hit a D that creates some actual pressure to see how good you are at not giving up turnovers.

Did Calgary not turn the ball over 3 times in 2 games against Edmonton?

0 turnovers in 3 games is impressive, pressure or no pressure.

Hey, we turn the ball over often and we like it that way! It adds a certain element of risk.. otherwise we would have just spanked the Esks mercilessly and you wouldn't have seen all your favourite Edmonton fans around here for a month. How would you like that? Huh??

kvin glenn is great!!

you know it

Stop hating.

Kevin Glenn has one really good game and youre all ready to give him the MVP?? Plus it was just the Esks so... lol

he's had three straight games of error free football, thats pretty good. and the last 2 weeks he's easily carved apart the defence. he's going to be an elite QB in the minds of fans by the end of the season

KG is the best in the Business right now.

DD has been putting up the best numbers regarding TD's and a decent passing yardage and effiency rating. Up next is AC who's leading the Als to another winning streak to start up the season.
Kevin Glenn isn't so great, we'll see in the long run who's the best but right now it for sure doesn't belong to KG.

Not saying DD is the best in the league, just saying that his numbers are better than KG.

Dickensons numbers are good but he almost costed them the game the other night with a bad pick in the 3rd quarter luckily the lions bailed him out with a few defensive picks of their own and ended up winning big.

Too me there has been no definitve number 1 QB in the CFL so far.

Calvillo has not been sharp, 5 - 0 says a lot about just how good he is, in my book he is the best, except for when he tries to bounce them off the olines head and then toss up another, too funny.

I idolize (KG), I was always hopEing he'd get a fair shot here,but when you're playing behind a couple of thumb suckers,that won't happen, I see marked improvements weekly in Glenn,he's got the arm ,patience and some good coaching behind him...cheers.....GO RIDERS GO

well, we've just completed week 6, and while i don't think KG is in the top 3, even though i'm a bomber fan, he's not far off! he keeps improving.

..... but before we get too excited, the season is still young and don't forget how easily KG could've been the "goat" in the edm/wpg game after the fumble. he had the 1st down by "lots" and kept trying for the extra yd. admirable, but at that point in the game, unnecessary and nearly cost the bombers a W. get the first down, go down and kill the clock. what's probably the most admirable thing is the way he came back and threw a strike to "the man"! hopefully, this has all been part of the maturing process for KG and we'll only see more good things to come!

…oh maybe that last minute win was OUR APEX…or maybe the next game agaist HAM…OR maybe the return match in the Peg…or maybe …i think you get it…
…guess you were wrong there ee…i think you better look at the Esks… if you want to find a team headed to the bottom… lol lol lol… :lol: :lol: