Kevin Glenn is turning the corner and the BlueBomber team looks extremely tough.

Glenn looked very relaxed and confident out there, no panicking and no bad decisions....long way from the season opener against Montreal.

Best QB in the league right now - KG!

I don’t know if I’d go that far, but he definately has potential to be a great QB.

KG is the real deal, despite having a coach that does not respect his game.

..Glenn will get respect eventually....and i have to say i saw just a shade of Anthony in Kevin today....could it be the coaching....hmmmmmmmmm :thup:

I didnt see the game but what you should be looking for are a lot of crossing routes and layers of receivers in the secondary

A great game by Kevin Glenn to be sure… but lets see if he can do that consistently game after game… then we can say he has come of age, and is a bonafide starting QB in the league… but looks like he is going in the right direction

Maybe Roy Shivers is OK at recruiting QBs after all :wink:

:lol: :lol:

Have to agree, one game doesnt mean squat, but Berry seems to have him pointed in the right direction.....

He played a great game. I've seen a lot of bad ones with Glenn that i still haven't forgotten though. If he keeps it up i'll probably forget about those games though.

KG had 1 good game now its the Grey Cup right Winnipeg :lol: Toronto is next and they dont look so HOT right i guess another win for u guys :roll: and the talk will continue..... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Berry has him in the right direction... I am one of his bigger skeptics. When he starts to put multiple games together like he did against Edmonton, then we can start comparing him to the likes of Calvillo, Allen, Ray, and Dickenson....

Bombers look great, Grey Cup doesn't look too far off. Defense wins championships. Personally i think the Al's are #1 because they are the most complete team.

seeing as hoopsters from detroit i'm guessing your a long time glenn fan. well you made the right choice. plays for the best team and is one of the best QB's, can't go wrong

So when did KG get traded back to the Riders?... :stuck_out_tongue:

The Esks secondary (mainly Durden) made Glenn look better than he actually was last week.
C'mon, it's not hard to complete a pass to a wide open receive.
Take the broken coverage plays away and Glenn had nothing.

Sheesh! We don't get no respect. Oh well, Winnipeg is use to that.

Well it's true! The Esks played so horribly that the Bombers looked amazing.

There's no doubt the team is 50x better then they were last year, and I can see why Bomber fans are excited. But it's only week 3! A little early to induct Glenn into the Hall of Fame.