Gotta cheer for Kevin Glenn former bomber gotta love this Poetic Justice would not at all be disappointed to see him hoist the cup as much as i have despised him in the past, i have to cheer for him

:thup: He is a classy guy, hope he gets a shot at the ring.

would make for one heck of a story after what happened back in 07'


I hope he gets his ring.

The Argos are playing like a juggernaut. The Stamps will be in tough. Glad to see Glenn get a shot though :thup:

Don't think the Stamps are in tough, they've been playing great football for the last part of the season and into the playoffs (Argos only got hot in the last 2 games of the season). Also Argos will have to deal with the pressure to win at home from the fans and the Toronto media. They will fold like a cheap card table (actually I hope they play well and make it an exciting game), but the Stamps can come into Skydome relaxed and confident.

Go KG!! Hope you have a great game (as good or better as the one today)

There's not a qb that gets more disrespected than Glenn. This guy was unlucky in2007 and good to see him get his shot now. he should have started in the west semi-final and he confirmed it today.

Takes a lickin but keeps on tickin Mr. Glenn does, that is for sure. Class act, no question. :thup:

Oh no question that the Stamps have a great shot to win it all in the biggest game in a century. I think it will be a close game is all.