KG Sticking Around

Well I am sure almost everyone knows by know that Kevin Glenn has signed his extension which means he is sticking around. The Grey Cup goal seems even closer now. Good job by taman glad to see Kevin got what he wanted

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I think the good job by Taman was showing Glenn that what he wanted wasn't going to happen. Now if he can only get Bolden resigned for another year I'll take back everything bad I've said about him.

It's great to see Glenn get his contract done and extended...we should know more about where our cap-line is now...therefore enabling us to re-sign a few guys like Bolden....I'm still convinced that Taman is after another qb....Randall comes to mind...orrrrrr another CFL qb. with experience... once that's done that should settle the pivot position for 08, making this team a VERY solid contender... :thup: :rockin:

That didn't take near as long as it sounded like it was gonna. Nice job Taman and KG for getting it done before camp starts. No distractions to worry about now.

It would seem to me that the only CFL-experienced QB available (other than via trade) is Rocky Butler.

...True, MadJack.....but i think there'll probably be some qbs. on CFL rosters looking for work after would be nice not to have to wait that long but it appears that's the way it's going....Butler, for some reason ,doesn't interest Taman...he feels he ain't good enough :roll: ...Rocky will probably head back to Sask.

Glad to hear KG is back in Blue. Im expecting nothing less from him this up-coming season then last season. He was a huge factor to the offence. Hopefully if the bombers can make it as far as they did last year, he wont be injured. But one thing concerns me is that every season that the bombers have had him, hes gotten injured, and then the bombers go down hill from there. I would like to see Butler in a bomber jersey, good insurance just incase glenn goes down again.

we don;t need another qb. ryan sepped up big last year. and needs a lil time to progress but he will be a dam fine qb. I think Taman has done a fantastic job this offseason getting alot of big names and big payrolls back on the roster. although i love the look of this team they gota do it this year. and KG will hold strong and do it for us.

Well yeah i mean not dissing dinwiddie, i mean yeah he did well last year, and i would assume getting your first start of the season in the grey cup a little nerve racking, but butler is more experienced. i think dinwiddie would be good as a 3rd string..for now anyways.




Dinwiddie is still with the team. Butler is over-rated, in my opinion...and do you think you're The Rock or something?

agreed butler is over rated cuz he was playing TO and ryan is a fine backup.

and i am going with jimmy from seinfeld

Butler overrated?

He is hardly rated anything.

If he is overrated, he must really, really, suck.

well everyone keeps mentioning him as a proven backup. and really he got hype cuz of Toronto.

i say y waste the cash on his useless person seeing how t me he never proved himself worth a dime. Ryan in one game stepped up and proved more then butler ever has. we got a good back up in ryan and lets not mess with that.

.....even though Dinwiddie showed us some potential last year...that's great.....and i'm not knocking the kid....BUT...NOTHING REPLACES EXPERIENCE....he needs time to grow....even if its just watching from the sidelines and gets to play when needed...I feel right now we need a guy who knows this game in some depth to really take charge..a guy who can see the 'whole field' and with natural of those guys is Sankey now sitting in cowtown...I don't know if the cowboys will put him out of work or not...but if they do i think he should get a call from Taman...otherwise we need a 3rd qb. in any we have to keep looking...On a little side note...Dinwiddie has a fault i've seen in a few qbs.....that being arm strength....he doesn't put enough on the ball and dbs. are just sitting back licking their chops when they see a passer like him...probably why he gets picked alot...and at crucial times...IF Ryan could pick up his game and strengthen another part of it..i'd say he's got it all going on...till then i'm a skeptic and would like to see another qb. come in and push both Glenn and Ryan....just my thoughts :wink:

i agree, he has lower arm strength then alot of high rated qbs, but in the GC he also threw behind the receiver a fair bit and got stuck on stegall in the GC. it was easy picking once that happened. You want ezperience and the only thing that gets you that is playing time, so if we ditch ryan he doesn;t get that. i know alot of teams are going with older previous starting QB's. But who says you need that. You rely on your starting and make your backup do the job when needed, and ryan has done a fine job at that.