Keys To Victory Tonight In CGY

Game night tonight and the Bombers HAVE TO bring there A Game tonight against the stamps who are getting hot and Rambo is another weapon to contend with, we cannot afford to play a great game last week against the Esks and get overconfident, yes a blowout was nice but tonight will not be a cake walk, we need to play a FULL 60 minutes or this game will be a blowout in CGY’S favour. Here are my main keys to winning tonight’s game:


  1. We have to put a ton of pressure on Burris and do not let him scramble or he will either take off or find an open player.
  2. STOP Reynolds, he is still one of the best backs in the league and can run right through player’s, we have to be prepared to stop him, simple as that.
  3. Last week i saw better play from The D-Line and they need to play at 100% again, no excuses.
  4. I also noticed better play from DB Clint Kent, Safety Brady Browne, CB LaVar Glover and LB Marcellus Bowman - If these guys play with Heart and Passion like last week and improve even more, they will be just fine.

My Opinion On Defense - I don’t know if it is just me but Donald Brown JR is a great ST Player, but seems to get burnt alot when he is in as a substitution for CB/DB, maybe lack of playing time? who knows, but i would keep him on ST ONLY. Brandon Stewart does not have the stats but it seems he is in on every play (mostly helping out the DB/LB missed tackles), he has to read the opponents offense a little better and he could/will be a great player. Jules is a hard hitting Canadian and with more playing time can be a really good player for us, i hope to see him on the field more. Charlton is slowing down, it could be age or fatigue but he misses to many tackles and maybe he will pick up his play or it’s time to substitute him in and out.


  1. Jyles is making his 2ND start in a row and played good last week against the ESKS but CGY is a much better team and they like to get to the QB and there DLINE is FAST. Jyles needs to make SMART/QUICK decisions and read the coverage better to eliminate costly INTS (like the 2 last week-even though they were not costly), but CGY can make us pay for any turnover (INT’S, FUMBLES ETC.) We NEED to Give Reid the Ball more this this game to open up the passing game, Jyles needs to use his mobility even more tonight as well.
  2. The OLINE HAS TO (no exceptions) play at 110% to open holes for Reid and Jyles, not to mention CGY has a GREAT DLINE and our OLINE MUST protect Jyles at all costs.
  3. Our Receiver’s showed great improvement last game, as usual TJ Harris is playing great ball and is rookie of the year material so far and i expect the CGY receivers to play him tight and even double team him. That may open up Edwards a little more and there is no doubt TJ and Terrance are our top 2 weapons so far. We need to get Bowman going now, if we do then CGY will have a tough time covering TJ, Terrance and Adarius. Brock Ralph Made some good plays and didn’t have the dropsies last game, hope he can play that good again. Watson, Davis and Howell were not on the field at all last week (to my knowledge) but are listed on the roster, Watson had the dropsies and hopefully he can improve his play and become another target for our QB’S. THE MOST underrated receiver on our roster is Hargreaves, he is big with great hands and makes great catches on the sidelines and i hope to see more of him this game and beyond.

ST ---- Greatly improved, our coverage has improved big time and our blocking has improved as well, Renaud is one of the best punters in the league and the last practice i noticed him kicking more balls inside the 20 yard line and angling them out of bounds with ease, Serna has not had many chances in the past 2 games but with confidence from his team mates and coaches should be just fine.

WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO SEE - I would like to see someone else being a KR/PR, even though Jovon had great returns and the TD and ST player of the week we cannot afford to have him injured as he is too important to our defense, Howell and Brown Jr. have not impressed me one bit. I would like to see Davis and/or Bernard try and return some kicks/punts, see what they can do, they don’t play anyways?

I would also like to see LaPo include Bernard in the offense, another weapon does not hurt on offense (i know i said this many times before), my question about Bernard, did he do something wrong or is he a disturbance in the locker room? He has been riding the pine for a month already, if we are not going to use him, trade him.

Put Burris on his back quickly and effeciently and keep drives alive on O.

Bring lots of pressure and stop the run. That's really all there is to say, I think...GO BLUE!

If we play like last week, no matter which team, we have a good chance to win. Go Bombers!

ya but you played the eskies and if we play like we did last week then we can have a good chance of winning

ive said this a lot but tonights game will be epic, at least i hope it is. and mav this is the keys to winning for them so if you want to talk about ours we should do so in our own forum page. 2 and a half hours to kickoff i better get ready to make the drive :smiley: