keys to the game

No matter how you slice or dice it, it is on the defence primarily

  1. Control Cornish, forcing Glenn to go to the air

  2. We know from KG's time here, that he has a number of challenges that he exhibited which should be taken advantage of:

a) His lack of height makes it difficult to throw over the centre so the inside lanes have to jammed and those arms in the air

b) He does not have great arm strength, especially for balls over 20 yards long and in the long wide side flats, so the shorter passing game has to be eliminated, forceing him to throw long where hopefully his ball and any defensive reaction will result in turnovers

c) Poor weather (heard there may be snow) or strong winds, have always negatively impacted on Glenn

d) He throws a lot of timing stuff often into well covered areas, so a disguised defence is a must.

e) Though he would not run when here, he has been running lately so that has to be watched for.

f) Missing McDaniel and Forzani may make Lewis the go to guy moreso than usual, hopefully Creehan has that option well prepared for.

g) Sacks would be nice but high pressure throws and few good smacks on Glenn has usually been enough to get him off of his game (some 15 yard penalties pay dividends in the long run)

h) If there are wind problems, imperative if possible to have the win in the 4th quarter.

I am confident our offence can put enough points on the board (Cats have put 25 or more points on the board in 11 of the 15 games this year) to bring the win home, but the key, as it has been all year, is the defence.


170 yards last time we played them? I agree, this is #1.

You've seen our DBs' catching abilities this year, right? I think we need to get the juggling balls out again.

Burris too, unfortunately. Definitely seems to lose accuracy in wet conditions. (See previous game against Calgary, second game against Arghs,....)

We've had a bunch of players disguised as a defence all year.

Creehan well prepared? Ummmm....

With any luck at all, the addition of Davis at DT and Knowlton might be enough to give us the edge. I'm a little worried about JJ not being there, as I don't know anything about Harris who's taking his place. But we might just take this game.


Solid effort by all.

Defense, get some heat on KG, good tackling, tighter coverages, avoid costly penalties

Offense, hold on to the ball, good reads by HB, yeah sure, solid ground game.

Cats will be force-fed a lot of "Cornish" hen today, washed down by "Glenn" Livet

well the they better brace there self for a lil chris williams HONKY TONKY Around there town

Chris better get some snow tires on he doesn't appear to be able to get traction or cut any corners.

The keys to the loss:

Peach got a dumb penalty which allowed Calgary to drive for a major. Absolutely no reason to do that to go helmet on helmet after the pass was made.

Even though we won the turnover battle, HB gave up points with his interception. The BG fumble cost us the game.

That's the way I see it as well....that and not doing more with the forced turnovers. Any other team that forces that many turnovers and handily wins the turnover differential usually wins the game in easy fashion but this is the 2012 Ticats that we're talking about after all. I pin this one on the offense.

Peach's flag and Grant's fumble were the 2 major mistakes that lead to 14 points for Calgary.

you forgot the third big mistake...

checking the kicking tee...

a thirty yard field goal is a slam dunk no matter what you say :cowboy:

the 4th --> Stamps' "pick 6" - at the very least we get a FG there maybe even a TD.... 10-14pt swing right there