Keys To Beating The Bombers - Part (Game) 2

Well, that was a wonderfully crafted, designed & scripted game plan by Coach Austin & his staff last week in Winnipeg and for all intents & purposes, it was executed about 75 to 80%. A few drops on Offense, couple missed opportunities on Defense, and penalties being really the only blemish on what otherwise was a very dominating performance.

I see the game plan being basically 80 to 90% the same. A few wrinkles added in here and there to keep the Bombers on their heels both offensively & defensively. Execute at a little higher rate, say 85% and the TiCats should be able to sweep the home-&-home series against the Blue & Gold.

As far as wrinkles go, I think you'll see LeFevour launch one deep out of the zone-read-option. Austin & Condell have been setting this up for a couple weeks. Teams are going to load the box when he's in & I think you'll see him pull the ball from the RB, and instead of taking off, you'll see him take a shallow roll & launch one downfield to a reciever running a 1 or fly or go route!

On defensive, stopping the run and stopping Simpson will be paramount. New OC Bellefuille will use Simpson aggressively all the while scaling down/back the amount of reads the QB has to make. Many more "set" plays where receivers have set routes & QB only has 1 or 2 read progressions. I anticipate pretty vanilla zone early in the game with the defense keeping everything in front of them, then mixing up coverages & pressure packages as the game progresses & tendencies develop from Winnipeg.

The Ticats should have a big advantage in the adjustments game. Winnipeg is learning a new slimmed down playbook while Hamilton is expanding theirs. Execute last week's with a little more efficiency & throw in a wrinkle or two & all will be good in Hammer/GuelphTown!

The Bomber D cannot stop our offence. We will score on them early and often.

The Bomber O, under Buellefuelle's new direction, will try to run the ball. Buellefuelle hasn't had nearly enough time to incorporate a dynamic passing plan of attack yet. And the Bomber receivers (with the exception of Edwards) are brutal. If we can shut down Chad Simpson, it will be a guaranteed blowout.

Keep Simpson under 150 yds., total, from scrimmage. Last week he was just under half that -- 15 for 65 running and 3 for 7 receiving. I don't think there's any question that the ball will be put in his hands a fair amount more than the 36% of WPG's offensive plays, last week, where it came his way. I expect they'll throw it his way 10 times or more.

Article on Simpson, losing it, during the final WPG practice before heading our way:

[url=] ... s-practice[/url]

Agree with the running of the ball. I would also look for a lot of short, underneath and sideline passes.

Thanks for the link Ottawacat! Mr. Simpson sounds very motivated this week. Frustrate him & stuff the run early & he'll undoubtedly lose it & blow his top!

To beat the Bombers this week we eneed to :

1 . Get physical with Simpson and ghet under hsi skin. Swarm him . He is their offence.
2. Get pressure on HALL from the front 4 .
3. Protect Burris from bets pass rush in the league.
4. Do not underestimate the Bombers or get over confident
5. Establish the run with Gable and Moore
6 Avoid too many penalties.

I think the cats are getting close to having their roster of choice and alot of guys are starting to play together like the 4 DLINEMEN which is good. The questions are :

is JAMAL the real deal at MLB or just holdng the spot for Bowmam ?
Can LAWRENCE control his emotions ?
Can Moore come in and have an impact at kick return and Rb
Is GABLE becoming the RB we need ?
Is our sudden run game due mostly to Fugueroa’s return ?
Is Murray the real deal at SAM or will Isaac take that spot back with Murray backing up db;s and SAM ?
Will Norwood now take the next step and become a legit Pass rush threat ?
Where will Ed Gant , Erik Harris, Marecellus Bowman , Dexter Jaclkson fit it n when they are ready to go . Satarday’s game will go along way to answering these questions .


So Simpson is emotionally vulnerable right now! :lol:
I can see a guy like Simoni Lawrence really digging into this and hopefully push Simpson off his game. :twisted:

The Cats will beat the BBs because the latter doesn't have a QB. It's that simple.

It shouldn't even be a lose game.

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