Keys To Beating The Blue Bombers

Since it's become obvious that the TiCat coaching staff & management frequently peruse this forum in order to come up with their game plan & help in making personnel decisions ... :lol: ... And seeing that they will be returning from their off week, I thought I'd start a thread with what I/we think are the keys to ensure victory over the Blue Bombers the next two contests!

To begin ... Let's look at the defensive side of the ball for the TiCats.

Defense ... #1 Key Takeaway ... Make Goltz beat you with his arm!

After watching the newly crowned starter play the last couple games for the Blue & Gold, it appears to me that at this point in his career, he's a little jittery and jumpy in the pocket and is at his best when he's rolling out and running. With that said, I think the key is to pin Mr. Goltz and keep him in the pocket.

Assignment discipline is the key here. DT's have to stay in their gaps & provide a solid push right up the middle into Justin's face. DE's have to contain. They can't get caught letting him leak or escape outside of the pocket with speed-edge rushes. Containment is the key here. Make him stay in the pocket and beat you with his arm & not his legs. I would rather take containment & hurries/pressures rather than outright sacks in this game.

An extension of this is also to keep Chad Simpson in check. Again, assignment discipline. Inside stunts by Bulcke & Davis may not be advisable as they can be exploited by a good running back that possess good vision and cutback ability. Again, containment by the DE's. Turn #5 back inside towards pursuit.

I would use a "spy" on both Goltz & Simpson. That would have the 2 of the 3 LB's mirroring the QB & RB's movement & virtually playing a match man up. (Thinking JJ & Bussey) Take away Goltz's dump off or at the very least, limit yards after catch of Simpson when he does go to his release valve.

As far as coverage, I think a 2 deep zone or Cover 2 is best suited. This will make the receivers have to adjust their routes to find the open spots and make the young quarterback go through his progressions to find an open receiver in an open zone. That's a lot to do for a young quarterback with more athletic skill than experience & poise at this point in his career. It also allows for turnovers as the inexperienced quarterback will undoubtedly not see the defender underneath or overtop the route at some point and hopefully result in an interception. The Bomber receivers don't like contact. Some early hits by the defensive half backs & safety will significantly alter Winnipeg's receiving corp.

[b]Summary - Keys For Defense
Assignment Discipline - Dline stay in gaps & contain - LB's stay clean & make plays - Cover 2 zone in the secondary.[/b]


Next we'll take a look at the offensive side of the ball.

  1. DICIPLINE - don't take stupid penalties
  2. INTENSITY - its OK to be hyped, just be aware of #1
  3. ASSIGNMENTS - could be an offshoot of #1. Run the routes block legally.
  4. COACHES - show some imagination. Let LeFavour in with a roll out package including options. Give the same pkg to Burris.

Excellent Points! :thup: We'll look at the offense in a bit, but I couldn't agree more with Discipline & Assignments. Great point about Intensity. Keep it controlled and keep it at a high level for 60 minutes!

Keys To Beating The Blue Bombers.....Simple really.....make sure ya score more points than they do in both games. :lol: :wink:

All good points! I am particularly fond of #4. I've always felt that other teams seem to come up with an imaginative play at a crucial time wheras we seem to stick with the same ol stock in trade. I'm not talking about "trick" plays, just some different look to throw the other team off their game. I would like to see the Cats use LeFevour a little more whether it be special "packages" designed for him or just to give Henry a break to view the game objectively from the sidelines.

If the Cats can maintain their cool, keep their head in the game, and play for a full 60 minutes, we have a good chance of taking both games. Getting some of the walking wounded back would certainly help.

Get motivated, old time football, old time sports. Ya win, ya get all expenses paid food and drinks at the owners house or to speak more locally, at the owners offices. Would work for me, I'll tell ya! :wink:

All you can eat and drink, to play a sport! :thup:

I would love to see some INT's against Goltz
Make him hurry into some mistakes
Stop the run, make Goltz pass on 2nd and longs and get some INT's
We are certainly due to get some.


And in broad terms, just don't let Goltz get comfortable. Also, protect Burris/LeFevour from the solid front 7 of the bummers.

play 60 minutes

get a lead, dont take the foot off the gas

promise the oline all they can eat in 4 days if they win.

I believe the first game after the bye is the one where coaching is most important. Will the players get right back to serious and determined work in appreciation of their HC being more generous, than most, in scheduling 6+ consecutive days off? Or will they be sluggish and wishing they were still on break? I certainly hope, and actually believe, that this year it could be scenario #1. That would be a positive and encouraging change.

Okay ... great feedback from everyone and hopefully we get lots more since we, as a committed fan base, must give to Coach Austin & Steinhauer & Condell all the input & help we can muster for them to come up with their gameday plans and tactics!

So ... Let us now turn our attention to the offensive side of the ball for Hamilton.

Offense ... #1 Key Takeaway ... Take Advantage Of Winnipeg's Active & Over-Pursuing Defense!

Winnipeg's Defense relies upon a very active group that anticipates and flies to the ball without abandon. The key are the two DE's, Hall & Mainor. These two are extremely active and aggressive and speed rush from the edge attempting to turn the corner and crash the pocket or force the QB to step up into the DT's, Turner & Gilmore. No doubt they are a talented group but they can be exploited with their own tendancies.

Key in my mind, is using the zone-read-run-option and effectively putting each the DE's; Hall & Mainor, out on a island where they have to make a decision. I also see a lot of TE sets. If the DE lines up outside the TE, then ride them around the horn and the RB can easily run off tackle in the place vacated by the crashing DE. If the DE lines up inside the TE, then it's a quick bump and Delahunt can release into a pattern as the RB chips on the DE & gives the QB the 7 step roll.

Counters, delays, screens, draws, bootlegs will work very well against Winnipeg. Their Defense over-reacts, over-pursues & is not assignment responsible. Let the DE's crash in & drop a bubble screen over their head. Run a counter, much like we saw when Lamar & Gable were in the backfield together back in the SSK home game before he got hurt.

The zone-read-option will be key. Henry/Dan have to read the DE, and either give CJ the ball if the DE is taking the corner rush or pull it and roll the quick throw or full out run.

Winnipeg's secondary is as aggressive & reckless. Double moves. Hitch & go's along with a pump & go's from Hank. And since they think they can man up on any receiving corp in the league ... the Hamilton receivers have got to run rubs, scrapes & picks on the trailing defenders. Crossing routes a plenty. Hamilton's receivers have to be catching the ball in stride - not sit down hoping to catch, turn & go.

Henry must be crisp & accurate. He can't allow too much air under balls especially on routes outside the #'s as the Bomber DB's are known to jump routes. (Hence the double moves or out & ups) He has to feel confident that Simmons & Figueroa are going to ride their men around the hub & confidently step up & make the throw.

As it's already been mentioned here previously, Hamilton must have a creative & inventive game plan that puts the Bombers on their heels throughout the game. A good balance of run & pass that allows the OLine to dictate contact once again. A game plan for one that I believe uses Winnipeg's over-pursuit & over aggression against them!


Next we shall move to the third phase of the game ... Special Teams.

Obviously the Bomber brass read our post & analysis and have come to the conclusion that Justin Goltz wasn't going to do it for them against the TiCats and have now decided the only path to victory against Hamilton is with Alex Hall.

This changes a few things. Not many. But a few.

Hall is a little more comfortable in the pocket but is still athletic and can beat you with his legs. Containment is still a priority in not letting Hall or Simpson get outside. But I may rethink my suggestion at primarily playing a 2 deep zone or cover 2. Hall, given time, can pick away at that. Mixing up coverages and mixing up where pressure comes from will be key with the change at QB. Line up in zone & switch to man & vice versa. Bring pressure from the LB's. Drop a DE into short middle coverage sometimes. I think mixing it up and being a little more aggressive is in order rather the conservative & straight up approach I favored earlier now with the switch at the Bomber Pivot.

On offense ... I think we'll definitely see LeFevour and perhaps a little bit more in this game actually. Zone-Read-Option Baby! They gotta put those two DE's out on an island & make them make a decision rather than just pin their ears back and crash the pocket.

Lastly ... think we'll be seeing our old friend Sandro DeAngeMiss! Advantage ... Ticats!

I read these earlier today during a break at work. Good, interesting reading.

Thank you, FenderGuy.

The biggest key is to take nothing from what the press is reporting that's occurring in Bomberland. They still have a dangerous defense and Hall could surprise you. The office might be in shambles but the team itself can still be dangerous.