keys to beating Sask

whats it going to take? sure Durant being out really swings things our way but we will still need to score points against that Defence.

im assuming we will run an offence similar to the MTL game. run the ball and screen passes to control the Saskies pass rush. sadly we wont see many deep pass plays but i guess we are used to that by now.

hopefully CJ will be back. havin Able Gable and Magic Madu in the back field will be huge this Sunday.

i thought we had put it all together last week, until the 2nd half. if that team shows up for all 4 quarters there wont be many teams that will beat us the rest of the season.

With the Riders starting their backup the Ticats will be blitzing on almost every play. The guy has never started a game and only played in a mop up role so they won’t have any film on him.
The Riders will know that a team with a rookie starter is going to get blitzed and they will be working on setting up the screens and short passes over the middle.
As for the offense they just have to do what they did against Mtl, and if they have a lead they know it’s going to be pretty hard for a rookie QB to come back like Mtl did. Receivers like Dressler are useless if the QB can’t get them the ball.

start with NO PENALTIES

continue with NO DROPSIES

end with NO MERCY

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Show me the defence that played 60 minutes against Toronto and the first 30 minutes against Montreal. Show me the O line protecting Zach in the same timelines and opening some holes. Most of all, give me a team that executes every play and doesn't take one down off on either side of the ball. THAT is what'll beat the Riders. THAT is what will get first in the East.

We have to be ready to go hard all the way through to the end of the season. These next four weeks against West teams are when we seriously need to buck the trend. That is unless we want to be the joke that limps into the playoffs, or the Grey Cup only to be chided for choking again.

thanks for the reply

pretty much the way i see it going as well. ST’s and the offence is where we win or lose this week.

it’ll be a close scoring game (i’ll wait for Halfthedistance to give me the final score)

Please pardon my cynicism but our only real chance of winning this Sunday is if the Riders forfeit the game. Even then we would still find a way to shoot ourselves in the foot and end up losing :thup:

All of our wishful thinking of this needs to happen on O, we need to play a full 60 minutes O D and ST blah blah simply won't happen with this years Ticats undisciplined play, and you do need 60 full minutes of mistake free football to beat this years Riders. It WILL be a miracle if we beat the Riders this weekend 8)

If Zac Collaros happens to remember he has a receiver other than Luke Tasker, than we're off to a good start. I lost count of the number of plays in MTL where he had open guys, but chose to force it to #17, like he did the last time SSK handed our asses to us.

Big D stand off is going to be a big solution. shut down the run, and limit the passing game. If they can remember to keep guys like Dressler infront of them, instead of reading his name plate while he reels a pass in, then we have a chance.

Lamar cut, Banks hurt, McDuffie hurt... I think special teams points will be limited to Medlocks left leg, and Tasker's often questionable holds.

It'll be an uphill battle, but no on roots for the Tiger-Cats simply because they are the belle of the ball. That privilege is reserved for Roughrider and Argonaut fans.

We must stop their running game and we must be able to run and screen on them to take pressure off Zach
Even when Durant was in, Cortez builds his Offence around the running game, so I expect with Sunseri in for them they will run even more.
Obviously getting them into 2nd and long will help a lot
FG69 had a great post on another thread on what the Cats should do and I agree.

even with Durant out you dont give us atleast a 50percent chance?

anyone know if Sunseri is good at running with the ball? i havent seem him play at all?

Not much of a runner in College while @ Pittsburgh. In 44 games, he ran 276 times, or approximately 6 times per game, for a grand total of 1 yard over his career. So far this year he’s scampered 9 times for 38 yards.

Tino Sunseri
School: Pittsburgh
Position: QB
Bio: Three-year starter who finished with 65.1%/3288 yards/21 TDs/3 INTs as a senior after 64.2%/2616/10/11 the prior year.
Positive: Average-sized quarterback with minimal upside. Displays a sense of timing on throws and puts air under the deep ball. Knows where his receivers are. Improved his decision-making as a senior. Effectively controls the offense and locates the open wideout.
Negative: Struggles throwing on the move. Does not react well under pressure. Slow going to secondary targets. Lacks pocket size and stature.
Analysis: Sunseri had an up-and-down college career and is more of a game manager who lacks the physical skills for the next level.

Oh and I forgot something

RUN OUT OF THE PISTOL BABY! ###!&&*^$$**^%%

now that I am an expert on the pistol formation! :wink:

i sure do like those negatives. :thup:

Receiving stats from the Montreal game:

Ellingson - 5 for 7
Madu - 6 for 7
Tasker - 4 for 8
Fantuz - 6 for 10
Grant - 5 for 6
Giguere - 4 for 4
Primé - 1 for 1

Looks to me like he spread the ball around pretty well. Also, one of those throws into tight coverage wouldn't have been tight at all had the defender not grabbed Tasker's jersey, preventing him from getting back to the ball.

and the first game vs Sask Zach wasnt forcing anything to Tasker either. Sammy had 6 Grant and Tasker both had 4 rec.

he spreads the ball around well, now Buris he used to target Fantuz like he was the only player on the team

Collaros has since returned and played very well in his first two starts back. In split decisions againt the Argos and Als, the first-year Ticat completed 57 of 81 passing attempts for 655 yards and three touchdowns with one interception. The sample size is small, but those are elite numbers against two defences playing pretty well.

We have a good one in Collaros! :thup:

ok, here's my hang up.

Tries to force it to Tasker to often. and 4-8 receptions tells me, either tasker's not that good, or collaro's needs to change targets to someone who is more open.

get's rattled to fast after a sack, and looses down-field vision. eg. SSK week 1, WPG week 2, MTL week... umm... last week.

If he can get passed this, and learn better running lanes, or at least commit to the run when he pulls it down then yes, we have a very young QB playing at a high level. In 2-3 years either with lefevour or Collaros, hamilton is pretty good at QB

now you are just talkin out your backside :wink: . weve seen Zach many times in the MTL game escape the pocket and throw rather than run. vs the Argo’s he did this as well. almost got picked off actually

Rushing yardage stats for QBs in the NCAA are a bit misleading because they count sack yardage as a negative against your rushing yards.