Keys to beating Calgary...

Yeah..I got nothing :oops:

Maybe we can hope for bad weather like last time vs Cal to keep it close.

Worst case scenario would be Ottawa beating the Stamps and they come into town pissed off.

Calgary have kept on winning, but they are ripe for a loss. Their offence is not all that great right now and Mitchel is not putting up great numbers. He is learning on the fly like a first year starter will so they are not invincible. If the Cats can put up some points during the first three quarters and not have to rely on the D to make a critical stop late in the 4th they have a great shot at a win.

28 points in the first half tonight ain't bad.

I think the key to beating any team in this league is scoring more points than the other team.

If we do that, we'll get the win. :wink:


I'm fairly optimistic but the team I saw play Ottawa tonight convinced me we can't win this game. And Ottawa imo is pretty close to us, we're better but the margin ain't that wide.

excellent, how do we plan on scoring more points? :lol:

Run the ball more often than they do.
Interesting stat -- in 25 of the 28 (89%) CFL games played, so far this season, the team that ran the ball more often won.
Surprisingly, the TiCats were involved in 2 of the 3 games where that wasn't the case. They ran the ball 2 more times than the opposition in both the 4 pt. loss in Edmonton and the 3 pt. loss to Calgary.

Can't argue that. Mitchel's performance last night was one of his best. It sure pushed up his stats.

But the fact that winning teams run the ball more may be a result of winning rather than a cause. If a team has the lead near the end of a game, they tend to run the ball more to kill the clock. And the longer they have the lead, and the bigger the size of the lead, the more they run the ball, which could explain the Ticat game anomaly, both of which were close games with late lead changes coming down to the last drive.

But I do agree that we need to run the ball more. Hopefully Gable is available.

Last season, the team with more rushing yards was 63-9 (excluding playoffs).

We were undefeated (10-0 including playoffs) when out rushing our opponent (in terms of yards).


PRAY That about it

we can beat Calgary.

we cannot, however, beat the referees.

Well if we need to run more to win - it will be Lefevour having to do the running I suspect with Gable still in a boot at practice today.
We will need to force some turnovers and cut our penalties in half to have a chance.

We need a solid offensive game plan so the O co-ordinator needs to step up.
On D we have to stop those late game 95 yard drives we've been giving up, And stop the selfish stupid penalties hat we seem to be prone to take.

This is an excellent point... and leaves me scratching my head about Austin and Condell's game plan when I also read this quote from drew Edwards

The Ticats pass the ball 71 per cent of the time on first down
for any fans griping about the lack of a run game, maybe you should look further than the offensive line.

According to Steve Milton, Peter Dyakowski, Greg Woijt, C.J. Gable, and Zack Calleros were standing together on the sideline, all injured. That says a LOT...

The Blew pass the ball more than we do (#1) and have won twice as many games :wink: which of course isn't saying much :slight_smile:
Just saw the stats from the 1st quarter of their game vs the BBs and the total yds were almost identical but about 80% of the Blew's yds were from passing. Of course they are behind too! :oops: Well they were - they just scored. Final result of course will tell the tale.

Well, they have Ricky Ray and an offensive line that can actually pass protect. No C.J Gable in the backfield, either. However, I do think that they should be running the ball more often.

1 yah no! We'd need all cylinders firing and a little luck.

2 agreed