Keys To Beating Calgary

Greetings Once Again Ladies & Gentlemen!

Time for the "Keys" to the upcoming game for our beloved TiCats! This Friday's contest will undoubtedly be one of Hamilton's toughest contests to date thus far in the season. On the road ... Against a top tier team ... This will most definitely show where the "Flying Wild Tiger Cats" are as far as their building & progression & if they belong in the top echelon of the league.

Offense - Strength In The Middle ... Weak On The Front & Back

Just like the headline says, Calgary's strength defensively is in it's linebacker unit with Mayo, Simpson, Rayomond and for that matter Hughes at DE. #39 is the only one you need to worry about on the DLine. In fact, he plays much more like a OLB & as a free-lancer. The back end of Calgary's D is weak. Very suspect.

Playbook is screaming for a lot of misdirection & delays. Draws, screens, shuffles, wheels, counters. Get the LB's flowing one way while you trap them on the backside with a seal from the OT's Simmons & Figueroa. In fact, while I mentioning them, I see both of these two tremendous athletes (Yes! I love BIG BOYS that can move!) getting upfield onto the next level a bunch this Friday! (Secondary note ... Last Saturday was Marwan's best game in a while ... Kudos to him! Well Done!)

I can see Hamilton exploiting Calgary's pass defense to the extent that TSN will have to put up a "parental" warning on their broadcast. The only question in my mind is whether Kent decides to establish the "Gable" game early in order to open up the back end for Fantuz, Ellingson & Grant ... or the other way around. Either way ... I see Gable getting 10+ touches for over 100 yards per as well as for Fantuz, Ellingson & JONES!

I feel/know that Hamilton can score upon Calgary ... So the next part is ... Can The TiCats Stop Them Horsies?!?!

Then let's get to the defensive side of the ball ...

It's all about Cornish! Limit & contain Jon Cornish & you win. It's as simple as that! But how do you do that effectively?

Hamilton has to be stout between the tackles, between the hash marks. Cornish gets/gains his most debilitating yards right up the middle. Inside the tackles. Inside the hash marks. Inside the middle of defense. THAT'S THE KEY!

Calgary has very little in the way of anything scary on the outside in its receivers. Their best weapons are inside with their SB's ... if Cornish can establish himself ...

DLine & LB's have to be positionally sound ahead of being opportunistic! Rush your gap. Zone-run blitz the gap. Fill all & gaps. Limit Jonny Cornish & make Bo Levi beat you ... I'll take those odds!

We'll take a look at "Teams" tomorrow. My personal opinion is that the 3rd phase of the game, "teams", will determine the outcome upon the game Friday evening!

Containing Cornish is definitely the key especially early on. If the Cats can build a lead then Calgary will go more to the air and with Glenn and Lewis out, I think our defence has a better chance.

Field position is also key. The Cats need to keep Calgary out of their end completely because Parades is an automatic 3 points. Let him get 4 or 5 field goals and its as good as a couple of TDs. Calgary doesn't seem overly explosive this year but they will nickel and dime you to death.

My Keys are :

  1. Keeping Hughes contained .
  2. Clogging up the middle (Bulcke, Johnson , Davis ) to limit Cornish's inside run game .
  3. Pressure on Levi as he is no that fleet afoot
  4. Keep close to PRICE as he is hot .
  5. Get Gable and more the Ball alot on draw plays , screens , running plays and long passes stretching the defence
    6 Get Dan in there more running and having option of handoff or flips

Key to beating them, play like we know they can. Everydown! Ti-Cats will win this if they do that!

Keys to beating Stamps

Charlton Hughes must be stopped. I like the matchup between him and Figueroa but he moves around
so much that I look for him to avoid Figueroa. Also Henry has to realize this guy never stops coming after
the quarterback. Burris has to release fairly quickly even if it seems he has time.
After that their defence is similar to the lions ( not as good in the secondary)

John Cornish must be stopped. I agree with fenderguy's analysis that if you stop him it leaves them in
a situation where they have to rely on BO Levi Mitchell. ( good QB but young and can make mistakes).
Mitchell is much more effective when their run game is working. I expect them to attack our defensive ends , with Cornish, on the run, with shuttle passes and screens. They do a lot of the long hand-off stuff.

They run the pick with price a lot. and they rarely get called. They have to tackle this guy a soon as he gets the ball

Congi can not miss any FG attempts. In a close game that could be the difference.

I rarely comment in another teams forum, especially when they are discussing "my team", however, I find it very amusing that everyone keeps saying "our secondary is weak". Have you checked the stats for our defense? We lead in pass defense across the board. We have the number 1 pass defense in the league (as per the post week #11 stats available on the

Just find this amusing. Also remember that Calgary is VERY familiar with Henry Burris and his tendancies.

I have said it before and I will say it again ... look past Calgary at your own peril. Even with all our injuries, we are a VERY strong team, with great depth and continually find ways to win.

Good luck on Friday. I'm hoping for an excellent game. I'll shut up now.


To quote the great Homestar Runner.

Well, we just brought our A game, you know? Everybody stepped it up out there, and then we stayed within ourselves, and decided that it would be a good strategy to try and score more points than our opponents within the allotted time.

I'd add one thing to the posts above---score first and take the home crowd out of it.

An Argo-Cat fan

With the way our D is coming together, if we can give Burris time to throw, and open holes for Gable, we should be able to outscore Levi bluejeans Mitchell. So the key is the play of our O-Line.

True PatMac ... They move Hughes around a fair bit. Typically they play him to the field/wide/strong side of the formation. So that will change who he's lined up against depending upon which hash marks the ball is being scrimmaged upon. TiCats do the same thing. They've been playing Norwood on the boundary/short/weak side with Boudreaux/Scott on the field/wide/strong with the SAM over top of them.

Either way Figs & Simmons have to be sharp with this guy. Also, a shovel pass off the edge like LeFevour did last week does wonders to slow up an aggressive DE. So does ... and I'm sounding like a broken record here ... but so does the zone-read-run option. Put Hughes on an island and make him have to make a decision. Crash hard on the RB, follow the QB, follow the pitch man if they use one. (edit ... I called it a shuffle pass in OP!)

better field position on kick returns!

We have to be disciplined, no drive extending penalties.
WE have a young secondary. We have to put constant pressure on the QB and not give their offense time to make plays.

Yes to a lot of the other things mentioned above, however I think these two things will be crucial.

Assuming you meant "special teams" ... that was the most accurate prediction I saw about this game.


But also this: