Keys to Beating BC

too soon or do we need another day to recover from the loss?

my keys

1 Stop Harris
2 Stop Harris
3 Stop Andrew

anything else?

ok got it. too soon

A more balanced attack (run the ball)
Eliminate dumb penalties
Pressure Glenn
Secondary needs to step up (the winning hail Mary pass to Grigsby should've been knocked down)

An Argo-Cat fan

They did run the ball, just not at the right time, Need to move the chains when holding a 1 score lead!!

I agree pressure glen and hit him a lot!!

good suggestions. blitzing designed to stop run is also effective for getting pressure on QB.

Bowman the third better bring the lumber

Keys to beating BC, Don't show up, concede now, have the players hang out at the bar in BC instead, if the Cats play the way they played against Winnipeg on Thursday night it will be a long night in Vancouver!!

You only mentioned the defense. BC will study the LeFevour film and do the same things the Bombers did, no need to blitz him just keep him in the pocket. That Bighill is a handful and he must be the ugliest player in the CFL too.

debbie downer

Pro football is a game of adaptation and adjustment. If BC tries to do the same thing Winnepeg done, then Condell and Austin need to be ready with packages that allow Dan to excel in the pocket. If BC changes to the blitz attack, then go back to what worked with Ottawa. We have to be able to adapt to what the competition is showing us. We can’t keep running the same offense tactics when they aren’t working.

Any idea how we plan to take Bighill out of the equation?

Score First
Score Often
Run Like Hell
Keep the Crowd out of the game
If all that is done, you'll ask yourself who was Bighill again?

In previous 10 meetings, Hamilton won 5 against BC. However without Burris, offense is below average now while defense remains average. Both teams are similar in weak offensive and defensive lines. Also they may be better than their win-loss records One difference is that BC has been able to beat teams that defeated Hamilton. In total yards, BC is improved this season with above average offense (#2) and defense (#2). Mismatch in BC #1 pass defense against Hamilton #8 pass offense. Hamilton has little advantage except for punt return yards. Key for a Hamilton victory is BC underachieving and luck in turnovers. If both teams play their best, BC should win .

pray…to every God you can think of. :stuck_out_tongue:

1 Get a Head coach who Understands balance is key to winning games.
2 Get a Good QB
3 See 1 and 2

might try wearing the same uniform :slight_smile:

offence needs to use the receiving core and balance with running game, got to spread the receivers the ball. slants and crossing routes!!

Defence has to get some sacks , int's and turnovers!!

sp teams NO ; NO YDS calls!!!!

Keys to beating BC ????? Easy,don't take Dumb Penalties,play to WIN....not to LOSE !!!!! :x
Make this guy keep his flag in his pocket !!!!!Play a FULL 60 minutes of Football for a change :x develop a thing called Killer Instinct,you might find,it might just work,and leave the gift wrapping paper and bow at home this time around !!! No Pressure here guys,just come home with a WIN this time and not another B.S. Loss.....No excuses,No Bull....JUST DO IT !!!! GO CATS GO :rockin: :thup: :rockin:

Penalties is an obvious thing within their control and a must for any team to succeed. If they dont improve there they will be very hard pressed to win. On the play calling they need to work on ball retention by creating more first downs. Thats the best defence! This game is winnable with good execution.

Lulay’s back? we may just have to :frowning:

be the NE Patriots. up by 20 in the 4th score 4 more TD’s.