Keys for 2007 Offence

With the QB situation as it is in Hamilton it is critically important that Coach Bleamer have his boys jelling quickly and firing on all cylinders. With Holmes, Lumsden, Davis and Radelin I would say the running back position is the area of strength on this offense so the hogs and receivers who can block, need to step up early in order to make the running game effective. Someone needs to step up to claim that Right Tackle position that the team sorely missed last year.

The other key that I see is that the receivers with speed like Ralph need to vacuum every ball that comes their way or opposing defences will load up the box to prevent the run. With so much competition at QB if Maas can't throw the long ball I am sure Coach Taaffe will give him the hook in favour of someone who can.

Its not just the QB blame Maas hey the playcalling and all the playbook changes last year hurt.... also we had no running game to help the throw last year did we? :lol:

I think we need more balance. The last couple of years we used a lot of short passes as opposed to a running game. We have a strong backfield with Lumsden and Holmes running the ball and Radlein leading the way and I think we should ride these horses all season long.