keyou craver

is going to the AFL, where he can amke 10,000 more a season

and i say good for him, in the cfl where he was only making 40,000 and he can get 10,000 more and support his 2 kids better i say good luck. Sure were gonna miss his auesome play here in E-Town. but there's more to life then football


He played very well in '05, but I noticed his play decline in '06(ex. he was involved with the Stegall Miracle mistake). Not too big a loss for the Eskimos, as I doubted he would have even made the team past TC next season, as he'll likely be replaced by another young guy like rosie or Buhl. Since he's in his option year, I agree with him that he should be able to leave to the AFL(just as some players leave to the NFL), and for making league minimum $40 000 in the CFL I don't blame him for wanting to leave for more money. Best of luck to Keyou in supporting his family and playing in the AFL.

Is it just me or are a lot of players leaving the CFL to go to the AFL this year? I don't blame the players at all but I hate to see talent leaving this league.