Kevin Walsh now gone

Kevin Walsh has also moved on to new Job
Kevin was great Help to me
I miss talking to Kevin

Good for him, but that really sucks for us.

Kevin was a great asset. He helped me out and came
through for me every time I needed help.

Good luck. We'll miss you Kevin.

Well Said! :thup: Ditto!!

Any time I required help with site or ticket problems, Kevin was the guy I turned to. He is a class act, and I will miss him. Good luck, Kevin!

With a business degree to type in on your resume now, Kevin,
my guess is you have moved on to bigger and better things.

Good luck to you Kevin.

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8) I just returned from a 2 week vacation and was disappointed to hear this news. Kevin was always available to give his assistance and answer any questions that I needed answered !!
  I agree with the above posts that Kevin will certinly be missed !!

  Good luck to you Kevin in your future endeavours.  The Cats have lost a good man for sure !!!