Kevin Huntley

Les Agarnotttes ont remercié Kevin Huntley.

Considérant le gros point d'interrogation qu'on a au milieu de la ligne défensive, je me demandais s'il ne constituerait pas une bonne police d'assurance?

TSN l’envoie à Calgary.

I like Kevin Huntley and I think this was $ driven decision. Today they announce an extension for Owens...

What do you think of Bekasiak (when healthy)?

He retired.

Ouch! I missed that. :oops:

Huntley is on the Stamps practice roster.

Not a prediction or advocating the move, but practice rosters are rip for the picking. Believe that the practice roster team either has to activate the player or let him go if another team offers the player a roster spot.

Well its up to the player. A team can make a contract offer to a practice roster player but the player is free to accept or refuse it.

Exactly he can refuse an offer from another team if he feels that his best chance will be to get to play for the Stamps. Practice roster players can also get paid more than the min 500 a week or whatever it is but that money will count against the salary cap.
So if Huntley is making just the min PR salary and is not added to the roster or paid a roster salary a team courting him with a contract and the chance to start or be in a rotation he will take it. It does not happen often in the CFL especially with imports because there are usually so many other imports out there. However now that there have been two Mandatory NI spots to the PR bringing it to four we may begin to see this changeand carry over into the imports as well.