Kevin Glenn's status?

Does anyone know if Glenn is starting against Edmonton this Friday?

"50-50 at best" was what they were saying on Sportscage..... My guts say its going to be one of the rookies :frowning:

glen's out, he's probably happy about that, hopefully the knew guy picks up fast although we do have sunseri. this could be a good time to develop another q.b. I hope they don't bring Kerry joseph back out of retirement. use the rest of the season to fix the defence, and play the young q.b.'s , as long AS one of them can do it????

yah with glenn out and going on the 6 game, this season is all but over I think. CC better be looking for a job, as I hold all the bad D on him. We have the players wrong coach on D, Nuff Said!

was hoping for better news obviously...see how this game looks...if there is little promise it is complete rebuild time...and at least they will have cap room for a cut or 2 and maybe restructure some contracts with a front loaded deal...

I like the idea of making a trade to Calgary for Taint....could be a good move, just not sure of the cost...

Trade for what? Calgary would want an OLman and a 2nd rounder...when DD should be back next season...

time to do things Montreal style for the remainder of the season or until Glenn returns (if he can)

Now is not time to trade away the future...not at 0 and 5...5 and O...4 and 1, maybe

And same goes for a potential Ray deal

DD is done, face it.

Why would he be done? His injury should not be career ending for him. It will take a lot to come back, but I firmly believe he will be back.

Lol trade for Tait? IF that happens fire everyone on staff. Tate is not a starter or else he would have been one by now. Oh sure he may have his odd good game but if he was really good whenever whoever is injured, Glenn, Bo, then why pull him? They can't seem to get him out of there fast enough. I wouldn't trade for him for a bag of chips.I would consider us getting the raw end of the deal. The guy is a stick of dynamite in the huddle and I can imagine in the locker room too. He has no issues at throwing team members under the bus. He did it to Cornish in the middle of the field on national tv. That is not what we need.

Hell we have all said we need to develop a young qb now is that opportunity. Face it the odds of going any wheres after an 0-5 start are very slim. If anyone thinks we could pull off a repeat of what the Lions did and win the cup they are doing serious drugs. This team is nowhere as good on defense and once Lulay got into a groove the rest of the pieces fell into place.

This team as I said can't expect the same thing to happen. Lets see what Smith can do and even see what Price has for potential. Yes they are raw and yes it could be painful to watch but we have them here so might as well see whats what.

Hell who knows what to expect. Perhaps Smith is a natural and will have Bo like results,perhaps not but we will never know if he isn't given an honest chance. As for Tino I'm sorry but he had his opportunities last year and he just never showed he could be consistent. He is like Tate in that way, too inconsistent.

I agree . Durant will be back , AND GLENN AND IN THE MEAN TIME WE WORK ON NEXT SEASON. UNLESS the young guy flourishes

DD will be back if there is any way possible. He is not a quitter and still wants to be the only qb in Rider history to win two Grey Cups. Yes it will not be easy but after just having a serious injury he showed he has the discipline to do what it takes to recover, I see this being no different for him.

Yes this injury may cut the amount of time he has left playing but I still think he has a couple of good years in him.

Although this whole issue with now Glenn being hurt could save Cory's bacon. I mean talk about a perfect excuse. Last year it was Durant going down. This year Durant and Glenn going down. It could be a excuse to keep Cory until the end of the season with a viable reason that it's not his fault for all the injuries.

doubt it, seriously. At his age and his luck, he'll come back and be done again by the end of July. he's not 20, that injury will be tough to heal 100%

Totally untrue. He will lose speed but not power/strength...which for him is fine...he is not a burner but rather timely runs and lots of power to break and shed off tackles. If he relied on speed I would be more prone to agree with you.

If Burris can play until he's 40, then Durant can play until he's 50.

No seriuously, we've all seen how long guys like Damon Allen, Burris and Calvillo were still effective well past 35. The only thing that will stop Durant is the the injury not healing properly or the same tendon reinjured a year or 2 later.

We all thought that the layoff from the elbow surgery would have set back Durant's game, but his first half against the Bombers is probably the best damn half of QBing we've seen in the league this year and he didn't even have his best target (Dressler) available. He was f'ing lethal.

If the heel heals, he WILL be back and he WILL kick serous a$$.

without improving the O line it doesn't mater who you have in as the starting QB ?
no quality QB in his right mind will want to come here to play if all that their going to do is run for their lives in a 2 and out.

I've never seen a torn pec heal in 6 weeks btw. 10 minimum. Weldon Brown has same injury, perhaps more severe but he is season.

O-line has been amazing. The run game is averaging 7 or 8 yards per carry and if only Anthony Allen would stop taking a nap in pass protect no one would ever touch the QB.

I agree Allen needs to step up in pass protection and pick up his assignments. Too many times he either picks the wrong guy( one furthest to go to the qb) or he just plain misses his blocks. He isn't a rookie anymore and should have this down by now. Take the guy with the straightest line to the qb the other guy you have to let go and hope the qb can get rid of the ball before he arrives or is able to dodge him.

Glenn got hit a ton and I noted it was Allen in as rb for most of those hits. No qb can handle getting pounded again and again and not have an effect on their game.