Kevin Glenn's Status??

I don't get the same bomber coverage as you guys do in the peg. What is Glenn's status and will he be able to start in TO???


Glenn's listed as day-to-day. They are waiting until his knee is examined before updating his status, however, every indication is that it's a minor sprain and he should be able to play in TO

I would rather see Dinwiddie have a full game, than rush Glenn back in too quick and possibly injure himself more. If Dinwiddie can't get it done by the half, maybe throw Glenn in.

That would be a major blow to the Bombers if Glenn is out for any length of time.

Is Taman on the phone to Popp for a back up yet?

......unless he wants to part with Calvillo (and he's a 100%)...i don't see the Bombers talking to the headcoach,waterboy,gm,scout,and other assorted positions guy, about any of the Als. qbs :roll: .....maybe at the end of the year.... :wink:

of coures he's ready don't you read the paper?

kevin glenn will start but if we get a lead dinwiddie has to go in i dont want to see him even have a chance to get injured

Which papers?

If it was in our paper, I wouldn't be asking! :roll: :roll:

winnipeg sun. berry has pretty much said moe on people. it was a slight knee strain that was diagnosed by doctors after returning to winnpeg. berry has sad he will be good to go come sunday anbd will take the precaution to brace his right knee as well if they feel the need.