Kevin Glenn's legacy

An interesting piece by Matt Dunigan points out a couple of things about Kevin Glenn:

  1. he is about to become one of the top 10 all-time CFL QBs (~39k yards)
  2. he has the highest winning percentage of any starting QB in the CFL the past two years


I was never the biggest KG fan, even when he was here. I always assumed he would never be considered among the all-time greats, and would only be found in the Hall of Fame if he bought a ticket.

My question: Will all that change if he finally gets his Grey Cup ring this year?

Sometimes I think about how the careers of Calvillo, Burris and Ray have overlapped for the past decade or so. Should Glenn - whose career spans that same era - be mentioned in the same breath?

Should he be mentioned in the same breath as Tom Clements, who he is about to pass on the yardage list? How about Dieter Brock and Kent Austin, who he's already passed? One more good year and he'll march by Ham and Flutie, and to within spitting distance of Dunigan. Next stop ... Ron Lancaster and the 50k club!

And he's only 34. The guy could easily play another 3-5 years and tack on more yards.

On the other hand ... he still has no ring, he was dumped (in his prime) by two teams, and technically he's been the backup on his current team these past two seasons (while still in his prime). You can't say that about the guys named above.

dieter brock pffft

I have a new found appreciation for Kevin Glenn and his abilities. But I also think he is one of those type of players whose game is elevated when he is on a good team and surrounded by much talent as he is now in Calgary. Put him on a sub par or mediocre team and his level of frustration will show.

I think Kevin Glenn is a good QB. Is he a great one, one of the all-time greats? I don't think so.

Being in the top 10 in career yardage is a very good performance, not to be dismissed. But don't forget that in the current era, players play 18 game schedules. That's 28% more than the 14 game schedules people like Russ Jackson played. No wonder many of the high yardage QBs are from the last 15 years.


Not quite so fast, my friend. He was pretty good. Quite the arm.

Year / Team / GP / PA / PC / -%- / Yds /TD / Int
1974/WPG / 16 / 027 / 012 / 44.4 / 176 / 0 / 2
1975 WPG / 16 / 244 / 116 / 47.5/ 1911 / 11
1976 WPG / 16 / 402 / 223 / 55.4 / /3101 /17
1977 WPG / 16 / 418 / 242 / 57.8 / /3063 /23
1978 WPG / 16 / 486 / 294 / 60.5 / /3755 /23
1979 WPG / 15 / 354 / 194 / 54.8/ /2383 /15
1980 WPG / 16 / 514 / 304 / 59.1/ /4252 /28
1981 WPG / 16 / 566 / 354 / 62.5/ /4796 /32
1982 WPG / 16 / 543 314 / 57.8/ 4294 / 28
1983 HAM / 06 / 197 / 114 / 57.9/ 1241 / 8
1983 WPG / 06 / 223 / 115 / 51.6 / 1892 / 10
1984 HAM / 15 / 561 / 320 / 57 / 3966 / 15

By the way, those with the patience to look back will note that I always liked Glenn. Still don't see him as an A+ or maybe even an A but a solid A- and that's pretty good.

My apologies in "nit picking", but what QB is NOT elevated by being surrounded by a good team?

Seems like an axiom to me?

Took the words right out of my mouth.

Different league, I know, but Trent Dilfer has a Super Bowl ring. Dan Marino does not have a Super Bowl ring. A championship is not a very good point of reference for a good or great QB

:lol: :thup:

Good chance you won't be able to say that at the end of next month.

I guess my point is not understood. What I'm trying to say is that Glenn doesn't seem to have this larger than life aura about him. A dominating, commanding presence whereby his performance or leadership could help to elevate an 8-10 team to something like 12-6. Ultimately he either sinks or swims with the team based on the quality he's surrounded with as has been demonstrated over the years. For example, you might wonder if the Cats had Ricky Ray from 2009-2011. Would his elusiveness, accuracy and leadership been able to propel the Cats to higher than 9-9 records and maybe actually winning those playoff games of those years. I don't want to put all the emphasis on the QB but sometimes the troops or players rally around a QB, captain or coach and an average team can get surprising results. Just like the Argos in 2012.

Easy there cowboy or cowgirl, I have a Ticats #5 Dieter Brock Jersey autographed by Mr. Brock himself.....

Kevin Glenn on the other hand, until he wins the cup, he shouldn't be in the HOF.....

Loved Dieter Brock

I'm convinced Glen would have won the Cup if not for...

100% Agree Captain!!!!! On both points(Brock and Glenn winning his cup :cry: )

I also have a Brock Jersey,vintage "83" but sadly mine isn't autographed.

X2. Glen was a broken arm away from a Grey Cup. Apart from that, he is an excellent QB. He developed a little later than most though. And Brock was also an excellent QB.

An Argo-Cat fan

I’ve always liked K. Glen. First time I watched him & began to watch his play was during a QB challenge at IWS as a
B-bomber a number of years ago. He is a solid QB as far as I’m concerned, it’s just to bad the TiCat’s weren’t patient to develop a solid O-line for him.
I’d sooner watch him in Cgy vs Mr. Tate, but glad they gave up Burris to come our way as well.
Sometimes change is good & it works out for everyone.

What I remember about Glenn is:

  1. VERY inopportune interceptions;
  2. too much whining;
  3. utterly immobile while here;
  4. lame-duck passes (no arm strength);
  5. MY OPINION ONLY the sabotaging of Porter's career.

Quinton Porter, was the only saboteur of Quinton Porter's career....he was just not good enough to run a team in the CFL!

HTD - I agree, but he could have had a MUCH better career as a backup. Just my opininon though…