Kevin Glenn's last season as a Bomber?

Yeah....I had a dream the other night that we beat Winnipeg in the Grey Cup because they had some goober playing QB....

Taman should tell Glenn flat out, if we win the Cup, you'll get a monster bonus and we'll re-negotiate.

That jackass cost us the Cup last season. Late in the game inside the 5 he messed up a handoff to Roberts. If that didn't happen, we would have scored and Glenn would have been benched for the Grey Cup.

Then we were ready to pound it in again and Glenn messes up another handoff and jumps in the pile and breaks his arm. Of all the players on this team that should be seeking redemption, it should be Glenn.

Many Bombers took pay cuts for another shot at the Cup. I say if he doesn't get it done this year, we tar and feather him & run him out of town. And when he comes back with another team, we'll take him out, like we're going to do to Kevin Eiben this year. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

And speaking of QB's, where the hell did TO get the money to sign Joseph? They must be over the salary cap or paying players under the table.

...the previous message brought to you by the psychotic fan back to your reasonable scheduled posters....

:lol: :lol:

Indeed... :lol:

Taman likes to negotiate through the media. His statements during contract negotiations with T. Canada and others, that they were "dramatically over the SMS", or whatever. He put the pressure on for them to sign through the media. Within a week the Bomber's main free agents all signed with nice raises...but perhaps for a little less than they had been demanding. KG is just playing ball and putting on some media pressure.

I don't mean to rain on your parade, but every player DOESN'T want to play in that cosmopolitan city better known as Regina. What GM in his right mind is going to trade a young QB entering his prime (Glenn), for an over the hill, never was/never will be(Crandell). Crandell's better days are so far behind him, he would need the Huble Telescope just to see them.

I'm neither a Bomber or Rider fan, but the thinking that every decent player wants to play for the Riders gets old awfully quick.

In order for that deal to go down, Eric Tillspin would have to be the GM for both teams.

The question here did Crandells day ever come? :lol: I guess this season we will see yet again. Glenn will be in blue and gold yet again. He will be signed I am sure.

Kevin Glemm will be on Doug Browns Spinzone tonight, 7pm CST, thats half an hour from now. We are bound to get some clarification on this issue during that show. Anybody who wants to listen, URL is

EDIT: My apologies, its at 8:00 p.m. CST

Keving Glenn isn't going anywhere, straight from the Horses mouth. Comments were misconstrued in the media, and he said TSN took that and ran a story he didnt even talk to TSN.

He isnt worth 4oo grand. MAYBE 35o.

or i was thinking his 325 hes got now and lace it with incentive bonuses, if he kicks ass he could make up to 400.

....Glenn was on the local football show last night and says he would like to stay a Bomber for a very long time.... he sounds pretty positive and i believe a deal should be done soon....He definitely will get a raise...and he does realize we're living in a 'cap' world ...soooooooo lets get er done Kevin and get 08 long till t.c.....??????? :smiley: :thup:

Dad you have to watch there are some teams fans out there are after anyone that can throw a football. But I think this is all a formality. Once Taman has his roster numbers up front then he knows where the salary will go and make an offer. If not Glenn will play one more year for the bombers. So when is Tillman going to come calling for Sankey?

If Tillman went after Sankey I would be more upset than the Joseph trade.

I fail to understand why you think we need him....Well on second thought I fail to understand why 90 percent (just a guess) of your post include the Riders.

Sankey looked good in limited appearances last year.

Actually he beat out Crandell in 2000 for the number one position. Plays well just has not had a chance to play. He has very good reads on defense and has a good arm. I was hoping prior to DD coming in to see what he can do in the TC.

........don't know if Tilman will make a move for Sankey.....but i'm sure Taman has made inquiries....I like Sankey personally....he would be great in a back-up role...and you never know he could 'start' for the riders if they sign him... :roll: :wink:

To answer the title of the post......."not bloody likely".

Must be news to Dave Dickenson that Sankey was the starter in 2000. And Crandell was in Scotland.
I assume you mean he started in 2001. I am thinking he did not beat Crandell out for the job then either, though, as Crandell was in Memphis(?).
Anyway, a few weeks ago, I would have been stunned if ET went after Sankey.
Now, I suppose nothing will surprise me.
no that isn't quite true.
I would still be surprised if we were interested in Sankey...certainly there seems little reason to ever trade for the guy as he will not likely be willing to remain on the practice roster, so he isn't worth squat in a trade....
He may indeed end up in Winnipeg.