Kevin Glenn's last season as a Bomber?

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Coming off a career year with the Blue Bombers, you would think quarterback Kevin Glenn would be looking forward to the upcoming season.

But according to the Winnipeg Free Press, Glenn is growing increasingly frustrated with the Blue Bombers as contract negotiations slow to a crawl.

Glenn told the Free Press that if he doesn't have a new contract before training camp, he will play out his option this season and move on.

"You can't put a gun to somebody's head and make them do something," Glenn told the Free Press. "I've already made it clear that if it gets to camp without a deal done then I'll play it out. If that's how they want to take the situation then it is what it is."

"I honestly think this should have been done already, but I'm not the GM or the president or the person who makes the final decisions," Glenn added. "There's other guys in this league who didn't have this type of year and they still got things done."

The report indicates the Bombers' offer is in the $325,000 range but last season's East Division nominee for Most Outstanding Player is looking for something closer to $400,000. Last season, it is believed that Glenn made about $150,000 in base salary but by season's end, he collected roughly $300,000 after bonuses. The new offer is said to include more guaranteed money.

"We've had discussions with Kevin and, now with his agent, about our parameters and the levels we want to get to," Bombers general manager Brendan Taman told the Free Press. "Obviously, it hasn't met what they're looking for."

"We've got to be cap- conscious... we want to be fair to Kevin, no doubt about that. But up until February 15, our nine free agents were our top priority. And now Kevin is at the top of our next list. Hopefully we can still get an agreement done. We'll keep banging away at it. "

While Glenn has threatened to leave after the season if a new deal isn't worked out, he would prefer to stay in the Manitoba capital for many years. But sometimes the business of sports forces change.

"I don't want anybody to get the impression I'm not happy in Winnipeg," Glenn told the newspaper. "It's not that I want to leave or go anywhere else. Everybody does business differently and in this business, you have to understand that."

"And I've never complained publicly about past negotiations and always said, 'it's going to get done' and it has in the past," Glenn added. "My thing is the timing of this all: coming off that type of season... let's just say you'd think something would have been done by now."

Last season, Glenn threw for over 5,000 yards with 25 touchdowns and 13 interceptions. He led the Blue Bombers to the East Division Final before suffering a broken arm and missing the Grey Cup Game.

one good year doesn't warrent $400,000, especially if you never played a full season in your career.

I think Glenn needs a little more patience. He shouldnt be saying this stuff until at least beginning of May.

the one thing that bothers me is him saying if the deal ifs not done that he will play out the option. He is pretty much saying you won't give me the cash I won't play for it. If no deal is done he is just going to drag through the next season not giving a fiddilers about the game and blow it for the blue and gold. I like Kevin have for a long time and think he is a good QB, but with the huge FA signings we had to make he should cool the jets. we offeredd him more and if he performs again next season we will ave more available for him.

...just a curious observation...with Joseph heading to T.O. and Sask. being without a 'starter'...and all of this noise from Glenn...could this mean more qb. movement I know they love Kevin in riderville...but would they have the cash if he's demanding what he wants from the Bombers...and IF Glenn was to go to Sask. ...who is going to quarterback the BluenGold....there seems to be alot of speculation out there. hmmmmmm... :roll:

How dumb would that be?
Play out your option year by going through the motions?
There is actually excellent motivation for an option year player to have a great year–cash.
If Glenn wins a championship and is an all-star QB, at his age, can you say cha-ching?
Kevin deserves the cash now–just like KJ did with the Riders.
The East and West all-star QBs, MOP finalists and Grey Cup finalists are two of the lowest paid QBs in the league.
You figure it out… to agree with you Arius with the take on Glenn....whats wrong with an incentive laden contract that'll get him to the dollars he wants...and the Cup that the Bombers would love?????
it's been awhile :lol:

Bishop to the Bombers. Glenn to Sask for Crandell

I like your thinking

Why in the world would Sask pickup Kevin Glenn if he's asking for about the same amount of coin as Joseph was asking for before being shipped out of town to the ArgoNots? Doesn't add up unless Glenn would take a "hometown" discount for the Rider nation.

Maybe because glenn is nearly 7 years younger than kerry joseph.

Because Glenn is better than Joeseph and Bombers would have more stability at QB although there would be a learning curve. Having said that all the Qbs in the East might be in the classroom this. Brady in Montreal, Joseph in TO Printers in Hamilton and Bishop/Crandell in Wpg.

Just a wild random thought. but you never know.

Be certain that Glenn will get signed by the Bombers before camp. Everyone thought they were going to lose their top 3 free agents, and all were eventually resigned.

Tillman just stated in interview that if KJ was 5 years younger, the decision would have likely gone the other way...that leads me to believe that if Glenn came to be available, Tillman would take a shot...

thats all tillman had to say about it?????

Nope...but that segment of his comments simply fit in with the subject of this thread...

yes, I thought of that.

So we can look forward to the rest being posted in the other thread soon??? (fingers crossed) :thup:

Seems like a bit much to me. I don’t know if I’d give him $400,000, and I don’t know if I really approve of his methods… :expressionless:

This is why we got rid of Glenn you guys. Despite everyone who knocked Shivers, for not keeping our “good QBs here,” he knew what he was doing.

ok how do you think glenn could go to ssk if they wouldnt pay 350,000 for their own MOP QB, do you really think they would pay 400,000 for kevin?

Kevin Glenn is negotiating. By saying what he is saying, he is trying to put pressure on Taman so that he can get what he wants. If I were in his position, I would do the same.

Taman is not a fool, he will play hard ball until it is no longer feasible and then he will sign Glenn, for the best price possible. (What ever that may be.) Just like he did with Goodspeed and Canada.

Also, if we gave away Glenn, just to bring in Bishop, I would puke. It’s not going to happen. ....but I guess Rider fans need something to dream about... :wink: