Kevin Glenn

Tell me it isn't so. Bad Bad move by my team. However could be cut before season starts.
Lets get a young QB with some talent to take over in 2 or 3 years. Sorry ESKIES Sorry day.

I know they had there eyes on a top quality college QB. Hope that still try to get him

I dunno. With hosting the Cup this year Glenn is a pretty reliable relief in case of injury to Reilly. He was in top 2 in all stats and rating after 6 or 7 games last year. If not starting and just relied on for relief I think he's a pretty good pick up. Last year being starter and going 17 games may be a bit much for him now, but as good as a stop gap that you can find, not to mention his willingness to accept the role and help mentor the young ones.

And other teams let him go because of strong arm and great skill making plays.
Or was he cut and deemed long past due date. Terrible signing unless signed for peanuts.
Spend the money on next future EE QB. Gee's really.

There were reportedly 4 teams interested in his services before he went to the Esks. Are you forgetting how he humiliated you guys last year with that weak arm and no skills? If you want to win a cup at home there is no better back up for this year. You do realize most teams carry 4 Q.B.'s throughout the year don't you? Lot's of room to groom the next young one even with Glenn there.

BS!! Sask got rid of him for his talent? Think not. BAD signing. But could be cut yet!!

None are so blind as those that will not see.

Sorry Brian I agreed with you on earlier posts but not this one. Edmonton has the best qb situation in the league at the moment. Maybe Toronto if Franklin is the deal and BC if Lulay is healthy and resigns.

KG can read a defence and if by chance Mike Reilly does find a brick wall that he can't run through Glenn can step in and do the job. Alternative Danny O Brien ? that will send the opposition back for more game planning.

Will say the last thing KG needed was a wind gusting to 70 kms that day in Toronto but there it was. I would have stuck with him longer being that it was an important game but Sask had success with what they had been doing all year and Jones went that route. It really came close to working out.

Thinking you will change your tune if and when he gets a chance. Edmonton receivers will love the distribution to the open man. If he doesn't get a chance that means Reilly stayed healthy and that would be a good thing if I were a schmoe fan. dis dis :slight_smile:

Compare to Matt Nichols and Dom Davis. End of rant.

Thanks Joe Very well said.
However EDMONTON does have the GREY CUP. Reilly will be on a terror all year long.
What an opportunity for a young back up QB like Warren Moon that learned from vet.
Big time learning and given a chance at times to actually fill-in. Nice
Glen chocked last year. Why would he improve sitting on the bench for 18 games.
Unless he was third string and took a big salary cut. Remember Brandon maybe back
requiring more cash. That's 50/50 as vikings loaded in receivers.

Trust me Brian, you guys are going to be happy you have him at some point this year. The guys as smart of a Q.B. as there is out there, and without fatigue he's the the best backup in the league, IMO. Plus a great person and character, willing to help out anyone at any time, even if it means his job. Esks have a free assistant Q.B. coach with him.

To all Esks fans - you guys now have a very experienced backup and a great locker room leader and mentor for the younger guys behind Reilly and on the team. This is a good signing for you guys, but we still don’t want him to help you win, lol.

Great locker room leader?? Where did that come from. Never hear that be for?? Next he also will be head coach!! Get a young bull who is willing to do all, not hang on for another pay check.

All the players we know here in Regina (about 7) said they benefitted from Kevin’s wisdom of experience. Chris Jones has said same about KG’s effect. As has some local sports media.

I’m guessing they know more than you or I - so I trust their opinion on this.

And that would they say different??!!!!!!!!!!! Reality Check. When someone gets the toss like Sask did to Glen!!!!!!!!!! What would they say!!!!!!!!!! Not even fourth string but a hero in Eskie land
Don't think so IF he Actually makes the team. Really

More than just one team was pursuing Glenn once the Riders released him. He can fill an important gap for any team wanting an experienced insurance policy.

Thinking the bigger benefit to Edmonton will be the extra set of eyes and KG working with Jason Maas on game planning and adjustments. Will be the first offensive minded coach Glenn has been with in some time. Would think good things could come of it.

Nik Lewis thinks he is a player. Good enough for me.

Sure to be one more qb on the team for whichever way they want to go with that as well.

Maybe Glenn can help Maas not lose his mind at times on the sidelines

Hope not. Would rather Maas cranks it up another notch. Highly entertaining tv.

He needs to throw more things to be top shelf but still pretty good imo

It is awesome to watch. Wasn’t that long ago that many fans (including myself), publicly admired that intensity (he’s not drowning kittens we must remind ourselves, he’s just trying to win a football game), but that’s been ‘politically corrected’ right out of our culture. We now have to think something is wrong with the person who wears their intensity and focus on their sleeve.

My son’s best year of athletic development was with a bantam Tier 1 hockey coach who cut thru all the parent politics and the BS and got thru to the kids - and successfully placed their eyes on the prize. They won it all that year. They learned proper nutrition, discipline, conditioning, commitment, team work, and great goal setting strategies. Yes, he was vocal. Very vocal. Some of us dads loved camping out at the entrance to the dressing room between periods so we could hear his rants. He would kick the garbage can, etc. He had many great (and loud) observations and instruction - and the kids all listened. Blunt like a hammer at times, yet had a good heart I know, because he was the only coach or teacher in my son’s life who contacted me after hours occasionally to share his observations on how my son was handling the divorce, which his mom and I were in the middle of (as were the kids). He cared about all the kids on his team, and there was no guessing what he meant. That coach was eventually banned from coaching because he raised his voice too much. I found it so odd, because if I ever had to trust another parent to take a bullet for my kid - he was that guy.

I only share this story - because Maas reminds me of him. Caring guy, wants to teach, and wants to win.

Jason Maas is a very good coach. Has done much better then most expected.
Will only get better over the next 5 years. Well done. Wimps need not apply. Most on team totally respect him. Then Sky is the limit. Cheers

I like Glenn but I would rather he didn't play this year, because it would mean Reilly isn't.

What a great tale. Well beyond this example, there are too many examples that show society has the wrong priorities when it comes to scrutinizing the character of people. As this guy screams because he cares, there are at least 10 who don't care who do whatever they want to do that is wrong in silence. Later when some of them are caught, society goes out of its way to be sympathetic to those folks too.