Kevin Glenn

To clarify my previous post....The approach I'm taking to this upcoming season, is that it is year two of the rebuild, and will be used to, (although be competitive) primarily to solidify the foundation for year three. To me that means filling some of the big vacancies....the QB Posn being one of them. I think Glenn is a more ideal candidate to act as mentor to whomever is the next "franchise QB", more accepting of the role, and more cost effective. I'm looking forward to seeing whom our next franchise QB will be...not convinced he is on the roster yet but would be happy to be wrong on that.

The one thing I see that makes Glenn better suited this season is the swiss cheese O-line, He does have a way quicker release than DD, he will play his heart out as he always does, but he is not our answer, short term maybe, gonna miss DD and wish him the best, All this talk on Franklin, well lets say he is still untested, not long ago, many thought Willy was the answer in the Peg!! We know how that worked out, to go and pay piles to get Franklin whom has yet to prove himself, is crazy, but then Jones is Crazy. I can see Rosey Traded for Franklin, besides he was here before Jones, and Jones seems to want to wipe that team out completely. Not many left a year later is there.... JMO

IMO Kevin Glenn will not be starting to many games for the Riders this season, quite possibly his only start will be the 1st game in the new stadium ?
yes Jones said that there will be an open competition for the starting position but, my interpretation after listing to Jones interview on Glenn, is that he is here to be first and foremost a mentor and on field coach to help the team develop the young'uns whoever they may be.

The way I see it, Glenn gives the team a chance to score 30 a game with his knowledge and skillset. Sure he may give back 7 - 10 a game with untimely picks but they're still plus 20. A rookie, learning the CFL, would be doing good to put up 25 a game for his first dozen games and then there is the give back which would probably be at least what Glenn gives back. I'm happy he's here, to keep things afloat at least. Mcadoo has to build him a playbook that he can do his thing with and Jones needs a Defence that can keep the opponents around 20 a game. Since that is his specialty, and with the talent that's in camp, that should be attainable.

I have always been a fan of Glenn as a football player and still am. I don’t mind us getting him for his CFL experience BUT to suggest he is not a downgrade from Durant is a bit naive.

I see Glenn being a much better passer and reader of defences than Durant, but not even close to the running ability of Durant. So how that all shakes out will be what tells the tale for 2017. Most of Durants last 8 or 9 wins were on the strength of his legs and resurecting plays that were broken because of not seeing and finding that open reciever before the run became the only way out. But that run ability was a game winner to be sure.

I think where Glenn > than Durant is his short passing game and quick releases...even though Durant has grown by massive leaps in the past season in that area (which is impressive)

I will add that a Durant strength over Glenn is arm strength as well, unless Glenn put a lot of work into off-season conditioning this year, because it was definitely slipping last season. When it comes to quick hitting offenses Glenn is better that Durant. No doubt Durant is a rare player who can put a team on his back and will them forward at times....that is what I will miss about him. Everything I have heard and read about Waters said he was the same in that regard...wish he was sticking around.

Well in another thread there is an omnipotent poster who "knows" that the Blue Bombers would have won the GC in 07 with Glenn in the lineup so perhaps we're guaranteed to win it this year now that we have Glenn?

Umm so what happened the last time he was here? Still Glenn is the best option we have as of now. Whee this should be fun.

Last time Glenn was here he put up outstanding numbers but had one of the worst defences imaginable as support. He led the league in several stats prior to going out

Poor Glen....with the Young signing he's probably having some Ottawa deja vu ....not that Young will do anything but still.

Nah if he just plays solid he has nothing to worry about.