Kevin Glenn

Kevin Glenn signs with the Riders to give the team a veteran presence.

Dear God no!!!!!!

This means Franklin or Lulay trades are a no go. 2017 will be a 20 game training camp for the young QB'S we have.

I have lost all hope that Jones has any real plan ...... no disrespect to Kevin Glenn but this is a clear last hope signing to give us someone at QB with experience this season.

Now all he needs to do to complete the insanity is sign Carter and trade for Cato :lol:

Glenn had a real hard time last year getting Carter on deep balls.... Just didn't have the arm to make those throws.

I don't mind Glenn as a contingency vet. He did well his last go....and as far as a vet presence to be there but know that the young guys are going to get the looks I think it is an alright move. Wouldn't want him as the starting QB moving forward obviously.

his best days are definitely behind doubt there.

Not really. Assuming there is no or little cash on the table for inking all it does is give a micron of leverage in a potential trade because they can say "we have a mentor, so our need is reduced"...not much lol...but some.

Lets say that they had managed to pick up Adams like they tried in the trade....or that they were to land Franklin or something....darned likely Glenn or some other vet is still brought in. He and LeFevour would be the only 2 names of real interest to fill that I don't mind this at all.

LOL, well I kinda called it!! ok for the interm, but we need to find our future QB!! also need to fix that o line it’s as leaky as swiss cheese

No disrespect to Glenn as he is a trooper but Behold the great Jones plan!!! Glenn is probably the best option left of the vets but wow I sure hope he is starting a great running regiment as he probably will need it. Oh I'm sure he will see his fair share of action with what else we have.

Good luck Glenn and may God have mercy on your soul.

is he volunteering his time or are they actually paying him??? or maybe his goal is to play for every team in the CFL two or more times??

Je me disais la même chose l'an passé et le plan n'a pas fonctionné à Montréal. Glenn a perdu quelques parties à lui seul et les Alouettes n'ont pas été beaucoup pires sans lui qu'avec lui.

Pour que Glenn ait du succès, il lui faudra une ligne offensive de premier plan et d'excellents receveurs. Glenn a perdu à la fois de la puissance et de la précision. Et on pouvait s'interroger sérieusement sur certaines de ses décisions de jeu l'an dernier. Est-ce que l'argent libéré dans la transition de Durant à Glenn permettrait d'embaucher Josh Bourke pour une saison? Ça serait peut-être une solution temporaire pour reconstruire la ligne offensive, qui a autant peiné la saison passée que celle des Alouettes. Chose certaine, j'ai de la difficulté à voir Glenn diriger avec beaucoup de succès le genre d'attaque que McAdoo aime déployer. Son manque de mobilité enlève beaucoup d'options dans le style de McAdoo et ça ne rendra pas les choses plus faciles pour son équipe.

Interesting stat. Glen 81-72-1 Durant 58-54-1

Glenn is underrated. I was very hopeful for him last season but it didn't go well and I see the exact same hurdles in Saskatchewan as he faced in Montreal with a poor Oline and an offense he can't run.

Having said that you might want to compare their playoff records.

Neither of them have overly impressive stats and both are past their best before date. The difference is one is expected to lead their team to the play offs and is being paid at least twice as much as the one who is going to be a back up. I believe Durant is the better of the two but only marginally. The Riders are building for the future and Glenn will except his roll on the team. I have always been a Durant fan and wish him well but we are rebuilding and Glenn is the better choice for what we need and money wise.

Wow, go away for a couple weeks and all hell breaks loose. It's taken a couple days to read everything on here from the last 14 days, but at the end of the day, why is anyone surprised or overly pis sed at what went down? Many predicted this exact scenario a month ago. Glenn replaces Durant, and with the recievers the Riders are going to have, who better to throw them darts than Glenn. The difference between the two is very negligable IMO. Glenn is a much better passer, way quicker with his release, and a better understanding of the game and the need for quick "read and react", thus a someone less need for instant
O- Line dramatic improvement than Durant would need to be successfull. Durant is a better runner, and because of his lack of quick read ability probably a better "schoolyard player", and have to give him the younger thing by default. Riders will be fine with this switch, as Jones is searching for the replacement no matter which of the two are on board for his vision. I don't see this as much of a downgrade at all. Yeh Yeh 37 years old to 34 years old, they're both done in a couple years anyway. The next one is going to have to be found soon no matter who is there between the two and I see Glenn as a much more willing and probably capable mentor to the next one. Plus probably a couple hundred cheaper, brilliant move for Jones, again IMO. I still question a lot of his stuff, but I don't think the sky has fallen on the 2017 Riders with all this going down.

Lol yes Glenn is as good as Durant except he is notorious for throwing the pick at the worse time and when it comes to playoffs? Forget it. Darian blows Glenn out of the water. But hey they are both the same. :roll:

Count me on the side of those like "Taleback." Despite being a fan of DD, and very appreciative of his heroics in the Western Final a few years back, I do not believe there will be any significant drop in performance at the QB position with Glenn replacing DD, and concur that Glenn's style may be better for us with a revamping of the OL....not to mention what I can only presume to be many $$$ saved (which may give us opportunity to sign our next franchise QB)? The reality is, we are going into year 2 of a rebuild (a huge rebuild), so chances of this team lighting it up remain slim. I like what Jones is putting together, and I do believe that come year three of his tenure, we are going to see it all come together. Given the mess left by the previous regime, the negativity repeatedly spewed on here towards Jones really is backwards. As if people were happy to continue to be a lame duck franchise.

I don't agree that there is not much drop-off between DD and Glenn...but it is all relative I do agree. He does not seem to have the long-ball he once did but his release is still way way ahead of DD. A couple years back a lot of people stated that it put him more likely ahead of Durant through camp...then we saw him come in an it seemed to be very true as his quick release was way more suited for the O being run. Gotta say that people likely were not wrong, DD has come lightyears in that aspect of his game but it is still not his strength. DDs legs and his willingness to hold onto the ball are what have made him special...willing to take that hit makes him dangerous on that deep ball but has also been a factor in being banged up some. Meanwhile Glenn seems to have started his decline...but he does not appear to be one that hits a cliff but a slope instead...DD seems to be holding pretty steady overall...worse in some aspect by improving in others. Glenn's timely interceptions have definitely plagued him...the quick release is great but clearly it has cost him at times. I think the ironic thing is that Glenn probably should have a Cup by now from 2007. Dollars and cents building towards the future I think this has a lot of benefit. There are still eyeballs on a few QBs and this makes room for this (I know of 4 that they are interested in not presently in the CFL, 2 of them I rather like...there is an additional contender from the 3 I stated a bit back). I still want to see what Waters can bring to the table...I know I have brought him up a lot but I think he has potential....needs some serious work on some of his mechanics but he seems to have all of the tools for the CFL

Sauf que tout le monde sait maintenant comment déranger Glenn et lui faire faire des erreurs. Sans une ligne offensive de premier plan (ce qu'il avait à Calgary et en 2007, et qui explique une bonne partie des résultats de victoires-défaits de ses équipes en carrière), les faiblesses de Glenn vont faire mal.

Hey don't get me wrong I like Glenn but I'm afraid with what we have currently for qb's that he won't be the "insurance policy " but will be announced on opening day as the starter. That concerns me. I would rather Glenn then Ray but honestly does either one instill confidence if they are indeed the starter that this is a good plan?