Hello everyone! Just wondering if we should keep Glenn as our veteran backup for next year? I'm very disappointed
as much as anyone about our early exit this year but we did have an exciting team and made the playoffs! Hopefully
next year we can take the next step forward!! I hope Calgary wins by 3 tds on Sunday..ha ha
As far as Glenn goes, I think it would be a good idea to keep him!

Excellent opening post. As far as QBs are concerned I'd have no problems with the current cast (Nichols, Glenn, Davis) brought back as the QB contingent. Even the 4th guy who ran out on practices.

All our guys have limitations:

  1. Nichols - a gamer with an above average arm, but not fleet afoot - perhaps a half-stride faster than the lethargic Drew Willy; good short to middle ground reader of defenses - 2 of his last 3 games were rather lethargic, though!

  2. Glenn - nearing 40, short-armed rifle with quick release. Barely stands over 5'8", making him the shortest classic dropback passer in modern pro football history. Flutie mighta been 1/2" taller than Glenn, and there's no other comparison between the 2. At $125k a good guy to have at practice and back up the incumbent. At $150 to $225k a real infliction on the team salary cap.

  3. Dom Davis - a stud. Can heave the piggy over 70 yds. and can run like a gazelle. O'Shea didn't let him play much cuz he was hoping other teams don't get a read on him.

If Nichols can tie the bombers up for 2 years at $280,000 to $315,000 (plus bonuses for wins, playoff wins, all-star designations, etc.) SIGN HIM YESTERDAY. If its $350,000 to $400,000 you might not have adequate money for more than 1 backup with reasonable experience.

Nichols dances around the question with ease now - but he's Paul LaPolice's boy. O'Shea has little to nothing to do with the bomber offense.