Kevin Glenn

at this stage of the rider record and schedule what is Kevin Glenn's status and value to the team ?
in the last game it looked like on TV that Kevin was doing a lot of talking with Chapdelain and Dyce.
its obvious that we try to get a head start on preparing for next season developing and evaluating our rookie QBs.
does Kevin Glenn fit in for next year ?
it was stated that Kevin still want's to play.
do we play him or try to move him ?
is the only option out there is BC ?
would Kevin go back and or would BC want him ?
do they have anyone that they would be willing to part with or possibly a draft pick ?

Once again, we need a solid Back-up next season, no one expected Doubles to go down in the first game of the season. Then Glenn goes down, do we want to go yet another year, of losses should DD go down again, chances are he will be healthy next season, but just saying!!

It is a tough call especially with what Durant is making and Glenn could be making. That said my understanding is that Glenn's contract is based heavily on performance. Being he has missed some games that salary is bound to take a knock back. But there is not crystal ball that I know of that guarantees Durant will be the same again or even ready for the beginning of the season. Yes the probability certainly points in that he will be but no one can predict an unforeseen set back or not. So do we take the risk and dump Glenn hoping Durant is healthy? I don't think that may be the wisest move. Not sure if Glenn signed a one or two year deal but if it is for one I think they go again with him again basing it on performance structure. If for whatever reason Durant is not available to start the season then we have a very reliable starter in Glenn. If Durant is healthy then we are not out much as again Glenn's contract would be based on playing.

I know we all want to get Smith or Price or Simms or whoever to get playing time and develop the next young starter, but to go with Durant and dropping Glenn and counting on Smith or whoever to be able to step in if Durant gets hurt and keep the team afloat might be a very big risk. Yes Smith for the most part has been a pleasant surprise but he still needs work and this isn't just based on last nights game, although that one and the one against Edmonton certainly were not good for him. That can be blamed on a few things. Play calling sticks out as terrible in both of those games. Now the one against Edmonton you could understand. Short week and Smith having very little playing time meant they had to really stick to a very limited play book. Last night though there really was no excuse for the lack of making adjustment to the offensive game plan when clearly running up the gut was impossible. That I blame on Chappy 100%. Still even in the passing game Smith was not crisp and missed a couple of open receivers and the ball was no where near them. This killed drives and took the momentum away that the defense had given them. 5 turnovers in a half and a mere 6 points off of it just will not fly. Scoring 7 points in a game is just plain brutal. So yes Smith needs work. I know it would be easy to say the only way he is going to get better is by playing. That is not always the case and in fact leaving a qb in that is struggling can do more harm then good. Smith is very young and very emotional so this is even more dicey to leave him in if he is having a hard time. It would be easy to see that he could lose all his confidence if he was forced to stay in and either kept getting hammered or turning the ball over. That would do neither Smith or the team any good and if it continued we could be looking yet again for another young qb for the future.

Realistically we have to look at it like this. Durant was suppose to play the whole season this year except for clean up or if injured. Glenn was suppose to be our 2nd guy and insurance policy. Smith bumped Tino for 3rd and that was even quite an accomplishment for him. Durant goes down in the 1st game,1st half. No problem that is why we have Glenn, oops he also goes down, now Smith is thrown in to the fire way sooner then he probably should have been.Still he showed great potential and if our D played like it did last night, Smith would have 3 wins under his belt. That didn't happen and now we sit 1-10, So I think we look at this season as if it never happened and go with the same plan next year as we started off with this year with one twist, Put Smith in for certain packages and not just short yardage either. Have him build his repertoire and get more comfortable reading defenses. This keeps him involved in the game and should help him get better at finding receivers when the heat is on.
Back to this year.Ottawa up next and I know Smith wants another crack at them but I hate to say it I think Ottawa is hoping for him to start and not Glenn. Yes Smith has the mobility factor on his side but Glenn has the experience of facing this kind of heat before and getting rid of the ball quicker. If Glenn is healthy then I think they need to at least start Glenn and see what happens.

for me, if I could get say a 1st and 3rd or 4th I would look at a trade. Maybe a 2nd and 3rd...maybe. Otherwise, keep him around.

This season is over, they have no need for him.

Next season it will be Durant, Smith, some kid. So they don’t need him next year.

If they can get ANYTHING for him now it will be a bonus but his trade value is so low right now he might even clear waivers should he be cut.

I’d be inclined to cut him now.

Yes this season is pretty much toast but there is no guarantee Durant will be 100% healthy nor is there one he will stay healthy even if he does start the season. Then what? Once again Smith will have his feet put in the fire and told to dance. Like I said Smith does show potential but as I also said he plays with a lot of emotion and that can be good or it can be very bad. The key for him is getting those emotions under control and not get too high when things go well or too low when they don't,that may not be the easiest thing to accomplish either. Smith is still very raw but shows very good scrambling abilities. Now this is a positive unless you rely on it too much and bail too early instead of looking for an open receiver he is off to the races too soon and that is natural for a rookie to rely on what they know they are good at. Still he needs to settle down and look for the outlet or the open receiver first before he takes off. Hopefully that will come with time. That still means while he is learning we could be losing and I can't see fans be quite so patient next year as they are with him this year. Fans want wins period, They don't care who or how just get the win. No having Glenn does not guarantee a win but seriously if our defense would have played as well as they have the last two games we would be sitting with probably 6 wins easily and in a comfortable 3rd spot, Glenn certainly was not to blame for the losses except perhaps the one Toronto game and even that is questionable.

I just can't stand the thought of having to go through another season like 2014 or even this one for a very very very long time. Glenn is a bargain most likely if he doesn't play based on a performance loaded contract. If he does play then that means once again Durant is not available. Glenn is the golden parachute as far as insurance goes. Why pull the plug on that? Besides who would be in the market that we would get anything for him? Montreal? A very very long shot and I can't see them over paying for him.

To me for what could happen without him compared to what we could possibly get in return for him, it just makes sense to keep him. That is my opinion on the whole deal.

Every snap that Glenn takes the rest of this year only does one thing: robs development from the other 3 guys.

The playoffs vanished with the loss in Ottawa. It makes zero difference if they finish 7-11 or 1-17 right now. In fact 7-11 would be worse because it will lower their draft picks. Now I am not by any means advocating throwing games, It is just not in me to not play to win on game day, but I am merely pointing out that the record does not matter. Realisticly Glenn or not they are heavy under dogs in every game the rest of the way and a slight underdog in BC. The best that they can hope for is beat BC, beat someone like maybe Edmonton late in the year due to resting starters and knock off one more victim by law of averages. If they are going to sacrifice development reps just to try to be 5-13 instead of 3-15 it's just stupid.

yup...and the pathetic thing is the Riders will have the 1st overall pic and then somewhere between the 23-36.
They need picks....but if they are lowball picks...F that...hold him for use for next year or let him walk next year out of spite...set an example that they days if the club being walked on with draft trades are over.

I would attempt packaging Glenn, Sask's 4th round pick from Hamilton, and another high commodity dependent on the team trading with for a 1st and anther high pick or prospect...

If Winnipeg would bite...add in Best for 1st and Richards
If Montreal bites...add in Getz
If BC bites...add in Watman or Clark

Make a splash...get Nationals

I turned the game off after the 3rd quarter.. New it was hopeless. Basically another embarrassing game where the offensive game plan was horse sh!t...

Funny how tides have turned from offense being good and defence stinking to the the opposite!! If only the Riders could put it all together in a game! We would likely be 6 - 4 record.

Bottom line, the season is now officially done. There is no way they will make the playoffs so now is the time to see what you have.

I would make Glenn trade bait and package in Best. Watman is a first round pick and IMO, it's time to sink or swim with him... Put him in Bests spot for remainder of season to evaluate. Maybe Edmonton would bite ... In return, you need a first round (2016) and second round (2017) and a player to help Edmonton relieve cap space (don't care if it's a throw in)... If Reilly goes down again I don't think Edmonton has a bonafide back up for playoffs... And Riders should have some Cap space available for this year to eat a contract in exchange for a couple of high picks.. I think Edmonton could use a guy like Best for a playoff run and Glenn as insurance. Glenn likely wouldn't object as Edmonton is a contender for a GC

The Riders then have to see what they have with Price and Simms... And realistically next year will also be a rebuild year as well with new GM and Coach coming in again wanting to shape their own team.. I would give the team a hall pass for the 2016 season to start turning things around for the better and no expectations to win it all.. It's time to start building and getting younger...

It's taken Hamilton 3 years to get to where they are today... They have had the fortunes of getting to the Grey Cup the last 2 years in a weaker division... Those Grey Cup losses have built a strong foundation of experience to help them this year..

Point is Rider Nation, IMO, I think it will take at least 3 years to get back to promise land. And that is only if management can hire a strong GM who is a smart football guy and has vision..

KG starting this weekend
Wonder if this is to open trade talks or if they think they still have a shot at the playoffs lol. I guess there are a lot of staffers that need to showcase some things here to, in fairness.

I hope he plays well and shows he is healthy. If he plays well it allows the coaches to get an honest look at the offense and the players................last week the receivers weren't getting balls so they looked inadequate, the OL looked silly and the QB didn't look sharp.

It also gives young Brett a breather. He'll be back in soon enough I am sure.

But if we can manage to show the league KG is healthy............and a QB goes down somewhere..............we might luck out and get a pick or two out of KG.

I would not read too much into Glenn starting. If I was coach I'd go there too.

A coaches job is to put the best available players on the field in order to try and get wins. If they feel Glenn gives them the best chance for that then they owe it to the paying fans to play him. Potentially jobs or careers are on the line here. If the Riders play Smith the rest of the way and they lose every game then how is that going to effect Dyce's chances of keeping the HC job? I'm not saying playing Glenn guarantees a win but obviously Dyce feels he gives them a better chance.

I know many fans want to bench or trade Glenn and have Smith play out the remainder of the season and I can understand that, but some fans also drive a long ways to these games and it isn't a cheap trip when you consider tickets, meals, sometimes hotel rooms. They want to go home with the W to make them smile. Can't blame a person for that I mean who goes to games to watch their team lose?

I think it is a good idea to start Glenn and if we are getting thumped or better we are doing the thumping then we can use Smith, Price, Simms. I know its not the same when the game is not close but it still gives them live game experience that they all will need.

as a major understatement ,, this team sorely needs wins ... 3 or 4 ,,,, and KG as a savvy vet with quick release gives us more opportunity to compete. its all now really just for pride, but the players, fan, coaches and future signees need to see some winning compete,.. I put kevin in as starter as soon as sure he is healthy...

I think the thought process on going excluvsey with Smith for the rest of the year was assuming Durant and Glenn are not options for next year or two, which I think they are 95% probable that they will be, and then the Smith thing becomes mute point FOR THE TIME BEING. They have lots of time ( 2 more years under contract IIRC) to get him ready. Going with Glenn for now just the prudent thing to do IMO. Best chance to win. I know wins might mean nothing to some, but how does quitting before you're mathmatically done make any sense. Tough to sell yourself on a head coach replacement with that on your resume.

Another thing that may sound trivial but there is also playing for pride. Who wants to be remembered as a member of a team that possibly could go with only one win in a season? One of the worse team records was the Shreveport pirates when the CFL expanded into the states. What a joke that was. They went 3-15 is that a record we would like to break? I don’t think so.

Heck I’m one of the bigger Smith supporters because of his potential but I saw a few things from him in the last game that made me scrunch my brow. I mentioned earlier he seems to be getting a bit of a hair trigger on pulling the ball and running. Yes he is fairly good at scrambling and throwing on the run. I would actually prefer if he did it a bit more, especially the throwing part. It seems though he is starting to get a bit shy of hanging in and looking for that open receiver down field or finding his safety valve to dump it off to. Now I can’t say as I blame him because who wants to get hammered play after play into the ground? That is also on Chappy for not setting up the proper offense to help the kid when teams are bringing all kinds of heat. Still he may need a bit of a break and watch a game from the sidelines and hopefully Glenn can show him how he avoids the rush. Lets face it Glenn is not the fleetest of foot and relies more on quick reads and throws to avoid the heat. That is something Smith needs to learn how to do. Yes he is very young and yes very inexperienced so it is understandable for him not being as quick at picking up where the trouble is coming from and who to look for in that situation so again maybe taking a step back and watching it might help him to see it more clearly. If he can get a handle on that then he will be even a bigger threat to teams as they will be afraid to get too aggressive on the rush if he just dumps it over them and get big gains and yet they will be afraid to not bring enough heat because if everyone is covered he can then run the ball very effectively. So if he mastered this he will be one of the top qb’s in the league and a very serious weapon to have.
Right now teams know where his weakness is in reading the defense and they shut down the run game (Again a lot to blame with Chappy’s running scheme) and then they just bring the house on almost every play and try and nail him before he can find a target. I’m hoping Glenn can get the job done and Smith picks up on what he is doing.

The Cats had 1 win about a decade ago...I know the Riders have done that as well but i think on a shorter season...nut yeah, I hear yah. Definitely some pride on the line, because this should be more than a 1 win team right now

Some of you honestly believe Durant will be back next year? He’s done, whether he wants to be or not. It’s tough enough to come back from missing one full season, never mind two. His body is telling him it’s time to walk away from his playing days, while he still can. Somewhere between the end of this season and the beginning of the next one, expect a press conference where he’ll be tearfully announcing his retirement.

Won't happen. He might come back and fail, but he won't not attempt. His first injury....that would happen to anyone at any age in any physical condition. His second injury was likely largely due to focus on arm rehabilitation and largely ignoring the rest of the body....he admitted this in interview. If you think he is simply walking away then you have probably never met an athlete nor played on a team....even at hs level...that was at all competitive, and likely lack much drive or ambition just don't get it

Unless he is in a wheel chair for the rest of his life there is no way he will not try to play. He has said he wants to be the only qb in Rider history that has won more then one Grey Cup as a Rider player. That is his goal and what drives him. Not likely he is given up that easy.

Actually they are not that far off. Lets be realistic here, if the defense had been as good as it was in the last two games and especially the last game then they would probably be sitting with at least 6 and possibly 7 wins and probably would have started the season 5-0 or 5-1 . Under Cory's aggressive defense scheme they were nothing short of stinking the joint out. No pass rush, no run defense, no turn overs, no pass defense, so it is no wonder why the team loss so many games that they should have won. Now it seems the defense is just plain better under Quick. Yes there is always room for improvement but they look night and day different then under Cory.

Hind-site is 20-20 but when Lawless broke the story of replacing Cory they actually should have went ahead and just did it. At the time I was in favor of keeping Cory until the end of the season thinking it really wouldn't help to replace him. Man was I wrong. It seemed after all the dust settled on not replacing him Cory deliberately wanted to get sacked and it really showed in the Ottawa game that Smith was benched. Leaving Tino in was a statement by Cory that screw the team and the fans I'm going to do things my way. It was very obvious the team had no choice and he had to go. If they had replaced Cory on the bye week and had Dyce take over then they probably would have won in Toronto and possibly Ottawa and would at least be sitting 3-7 now right up there with the bombers and the lions. Who knows what could have happened down the stretch. The lions look certainly as bad or even worse then the Riders now with Lulay out and the Bombers are so up and down its a crap shoot what team will play. So if the Riders had made the change in week 7 then with Glenn getting healthy this team could have perhaps another 3 wins in a row while the bombers and lions could easily go into the tank.

I know could have would have should have. My point is all season I kept saying this team can not get a break, well they finally did when they turfed Cory. So are they Hamilton good or the Eskimos good or the Stamps good? No not quite, but with some few tweaks on both sides of the ball they certainly could be. This team does not need a complete over haul just some fine tuning in some weak areas and they would indeed be mentioned in the same breath as the other top teams. So I am optimistic if they make some good player moves they can be and should be fighting it out at the end of next season for first place in the West. I know it seems to be a stretch right now to believe that but even making a coaching change which I thought was the wrong move when first brought up, has made a difference in the team and it shows in the players faces. They seem more comfortable and confident too. When players get in the right frame of mind the results can be amazing.

As for coaching changes I will hold off a bit more to see how the next few games play out before posting my opinions on that.