Kevin Glenn

KG was just released by the Lions. He would be a good addition IMO.

No thank you.

He is not good enough to win a Cup with. Good as he ever is going to be, likely sliding downhill (rate may be debatable) and 36 next training camp.

Glenn will not be happy as a backup and he will only be a barrier to the Als finding their NEXT quarterback.

2015 will tell whether Crompton could be it. If not, they need to turn to Marsh or one of what I expect will be several new guys brought to camp.

If Tate or Lulay were to be released I expect the Als would consider them, cautious about their recent injury woes, as they are quality QBs and have enough years left IF healthy.

I'd take him for sure. Behind our offensive line, he could be quite successful as a stopgap option until we find our QB of the future (and no, it's not Crompton).

I would take him as well. And at this point in his career, he would more than likely be willing to accept a back up role and help mentor the Als QB's (whomever they may be).

Besides, where would he be a starting QB anyway?

Stamps no
Esks no
Riders no
Bombers possibly
Cats no
Argos no
RedBlacks no

With the offensive line Winnipeg has and his history there. I think that's the last place he should go.

If you think about our offence as it exists right now, it's basically tailor-made for a pocket-passer / game manager like Glenn who can dump off to the RB if the primary read isn't there.

If the Als do acquire Kevin Glenn the fans' biggest worry will be wondering which Glenn will show up to the game. I was very happy to see Kevin Glenn join the team. He is a classy guy and has talent. The problem is he is hot and cold. When he's hot his passing is incredible and he is almost unbeatable. When he is off he will throw into triple coverage or throw the ball straight into the hands of the opponent. There were times when I thought he was actually color blind.

Another weakness is his mobility. i've seen QBs like Collaros [Ham] and Sunseri [SSK] as well as Mitchell and Tate of [Cgy] scramble and convert what looked like losses into huge gains. Even Ricky Ray has shown good mobility. Glenn simply does not scramble and run with the ball. He is slow and relies on handing the ball off or passing. It is always great when a QB has the potential to rack up good yardage when needed. It keeps the D on their toes and always guessing.

Kevin Glenn can get the job done but he has seen his day in my opinion.

Beagle, all of that is true, but he would still be a substantial upgrade on our QB position right now. Crompton is an immobile, first-read chucker who can't even hit the RB with a swing pass in the flat. Can't read the field pre-snap, can't check down post-snap. Glenn could tide us over until we find someone better.

You've obviously haven't seen Crompton run with the ball :lol:


"You've obviously haven't seen Crompton run with the ball :lol:"… by hfxTC

Were you directing that to DisciplineandPunish?

No, but if you say Glen can't run, you haven't see Crompton play, because he fumbled the ball on 3 of the last 4 running plays called. (QB draws).

No, but if you say Glen can't run, you haven't see Crompton play, because he fumbled the ball on 3 of the last 4 running plays called. (QB draws).

I saw last the couple of Als games including the Eastern Semi - Final but not enough to comment on whether he can run effectively with the ball. That's why I didn't include him up there with the QBs that can actually take off and make necessary 1st down yardage.

Glenn has experience for sure and like I say he can be unbeatable when he's on his game. It is whether or not he'll be on his game on any given game day that frustrated me the most.

One of the most serious weaknesses for the Lions was protecting the QB. Our front 4 were porous no matter how hard they tried. When Glenn wasn't getting enough time to to pull the trigger he either got sacked for a loss or threw the ball wildly into blanket coverage. When he did have enough time to pull the trigger he would often over throw his receivers.

I'm not saying Kevin would not be a good acquisition to any other CFL team. I think he can help. Just be prepared.

I think for Popp to sign Glenn it would have to be at the right price.

Si Huifnagel et Dickenson n'ont pas réussi à faire de Glenn un quart qui a gagné la Coupe Grey, personne n'y arrivera.

Glenn serait une amélioration instantanée les jours où il est dans son assiette, mais il ne sera jamais le quart de l'avenir pour les Alouettes, ni pour aucune autre équipe.

Est-ce que Glenn pourrait être un bon mentor? Peut-être, mais là encore, on peut en douter. À quelques occasions il aurait pu jouer ce rôle, mais il n'a finalement pas eu beaucoup d'influence sur les quarts avec qui il jouait. À tout le moins, aucun n'est sorti du lot. Je ne crois pas qu'il y soit pour quelque chose dans l'émergence de Mitchell.

Les Alouettes doivent trouver un quart avec qui ils pourront bâtir un avenir prometteur et Glenn n'est pas ce quart. Autant continuer les auditions.

I think some are missing the point here. Is Glenn more useful to this team than Brinx ?
The current situations is

Crompton: Who has shown a mixed bag but will be coming in camp as the starter
Brinx: Who has shown absolutely nothing in four years in the CFL
Marsh: Who I believe has tons of potential but hasn't been given the time of day by Higgins.
Jerrod Johnson: Who hasn't taken a snap in the CFL.

So if Crompton gets hurt or stinks up the joint the Als season is over. Glenn would slot into this mix much better than Brinx.

No,Kevin Glenn is not the Als future QB but, as HfxTC wrote, he would definitely be a better solution than Alex Brink. Sign him and release Brink. Given that there are many unknowns at the QB solution, the addition of Kevin Glenn would definitely be a very good option. Nothing to lose by offering him a contract/signing him and bringing him to the training camp.


I'll be shocked if Brink is back for TC.

If Crompton gets hurt or stinks and Glenn is just good enough to be regarded as the Als best chance to win "in the now" the Als go another season without finding a new long-term QB.

Glenn would be a good option if he gave them a serious chance to win a grey Cup, but he isn't. He is just a speebbump to slow down the development of the next starter (whoever that turns out to be).

Having Kevin Glenn sure didn't hurt Bo Levi Mitchell's development in Calgary. Logical fallacy IMO.