Kevin Glenn

I see Kevin Glenn is not going to attend the RedBlacks mini camp next week in Virginia. I guess he is serious about pushing for a trade out of Ottawa. I thought he might admit he let his emotions get the best of him and try and make the best of it this year while he played out his option. I just don't see Desjardins releasing him or trading Kevin unless he gets market value, what ever that is. Why bolster another team without getting something of value in return. So Kevin Glenn could end up on the suspended list this season because of his stubborn hurt feelings instead of being a pro about it all. Sure he was their #1 QB after the expansion draft, but in pro football things change because better is better.
BC still looks like the best fit for a trade IMO because it is their Grey Cup year and Lulay's health is questionable. But Wally will hang tough until he is forced to make a move. Just hope Marcel does the same. Should be interesting. :slight_smile:

These camps are "voluntary" so I don't really mind if he misses it. I do think he'd improve his own situation by going though.

He may not be going to mini camp but doubtful that he would sit out training camp or the season. BC retrreading Jyles and counting on NFL vet Beck is a gamble as things get closer and Lulay's health is clearer we will see where it leads to.
I agree that I do not see any trade happening before the season and if Lulay cannot play early on Beck and Jyles will get their shot if they bomb out and Lulay will miss as many games as last year the Lions hand may be forced.

Marcel has all the time in the world. Does Kevin ?

Nope. At this point there really is no interest from any teams to give up any serious for Glenn. He is a pro and if he wants to be paid he will be in camp. Its a long CFL season and if someone loses their starter and the back up does not work out talks will open.
That all is provided that Burris does not get ijured. like Calivilo before last season Burris has stayed incredibally healthy for a long time at the snap of a finger when yuour almost 40 it can be all over.

Things have been strangely silent on the Kevin Glenn situation lately,almost like it's either been put on the back burner or to go the other way maybe things are going on in the background to perhaps rectify the situation and get him back on board again.I did mention on another thread about how it appears like on most teams this year that they're is a big drop-off in talent and experience from the projected starting QB's to the 2nd stringers and some teams could be in big trouble if their starters go down for an extended period of time.I'm sure that something will break soon enough on this situation,Glenn might even come around and decide that Ottawa is the best bet for him,but something tells me that he has no desires to play there this season and will wind up elsewhere....but where that elsewhere is at the moment is anyones guess......stayed tuned for further developements on this story!!! :slight_smile: :?

I agree last season for sure there was a huge drop off in talent from some teams starters and their back ups.
BC Demarco
Montreal neiwswander and Marsh.
Winnipeg Goltz

In that same breath there are some new talented and willing new QBs with the right attitude who have also entered the CFL the last two seasons. Some being top rookies from the NCAA, others who have played in the NFL for several seasons with expereince, and others who may have exhausted their options after three seasons so Glenn's position does not seem to be in much demand and such QBs like Willy and Collaros are looking to be part of a new wave of new QBs along with Reilly.
Also Brohm in Winnipeg and Hall, a couple in Toronto still as well as three in Hamilton.
Willy and Collaros got the starting contracts but Brohm, Masoli, McGee could be just as good if not better
BC hoping that Jyles can emerge as a solid back up and game manager as well as Beck trnfering NFL expereince to CFL.

Edmonton also not playing around besides adding Crowmton last season, finally dropping joseph to give Harris a shot and the addition of an old school running CFL QB in Pat White.

I guess you missed his agent's press release last week that his client would not show up for mini-camp. Pretty cheap IMO.
He's not doing himself any favors.

Glenn could sit out the season and become a free agent at year's end - if he had to. Then Ottawa gets nothing for him.

Glenn could come to camp to earn his paycheque and not have his heart in it at all. Then Ottawa winds up having a disgruntled player on the team when they are trying to establish a new culture. That is not a good situation.

Pressure is on Ottawa to resolve this situation. It doesn't do them any good to have it drag on.

He won't sit out because he likes the idea of making a couple hundred k for a few months of work.
If he shows up the rest of the locker room will force him to be professional. These guys are trying to make a living too...
Of course they want to resolve it but there isn't any pressure or time constraint. Right now every team think they are GC bound and there simply is no market for a starting QB.

I don't think you can force someone to give it their all. I think Kevin Glenn will show up to meetings on time and will throw to the receivers he is supposed to. However, deep down when he really doesn't want to be playing football in Ottawa, that is going to come out in his end results. There is a fine line between winning and losing, and apathy certainly pulls you toward the losing side.

I don't think he sits out because having him in camp puts more pressure on Ottawa than if they suspended him.

That is reality. None of us do the best we could if our heart isn't in it.

That would be an issue on a hockey team where every player takes a turn playing. Glenn can't do much but else than drop his clipboard and put on a mean face for a couple months while things shake down across the CFL. Bottom line his BC agent knows his friend Wally needs a QB to start the season and is trying to force Marcel into a bad trade. I doubt it will work. Ottawa has already taken two hits in Hage and that kid from the Bombers, they can't take another.

Although if Burris should get hurt many players use such things as motivation to prove a team wrong and also being a free agent after this season any quality time on the field would be audition time

Likely right, but the issue is how his attitude affects the rest of the team when he isn't playing. Human nature means that not all the players will like Burris, and if they attach themselves to Glenn it could be a problem.

True enough, but while I can't pretend to know Burris very well, he seems to have very little difficulty making friends.

I think people are giving Glenn way too much power here. Surely every team has guys that aren't happy about their playing time. The thing is, it's not usually made so public because most of those guys have a bettter grasp of social media.

The RedBlacks just had their mini-camp and everyone seemed to be having a great time. I'm not worried that Glenn pouting in a corner will cause all that to blow up.

It could be a problem in the locker room but the coaching staff is an expereinced one and Glenn may not want to be known as a locker room cancer if he is not playing. SO hopefully he just takes a pro approach from here on out and takes advantage of any chances he gets and can go into free agency known of the top back up a team can have.
This would most likely get him paid along a possible base salary at the top end of the back ups with incentive $$$ should he get the chance on the field like in Calgary.
He did not go to mini camp but other than that it has been pretty quiet

It will be all in the manner of how management approaches the situation.The Cats and Austin although in a different scenario went through the same situation with the Chris Williams saga last year.Austin to his credit came out and said basically that he wasn't concerned with who wasn't here,but who was here and if Williams chose not to be on the team,then so be it.Austin didn't let it be a distraction and life went on without Williams showing up to camp and he was placed on the suspended list until his release and settlement was done later in the year.In Ottawa's case if they don't eventually swing a deal for Glenn and trade him away I can see management if he does indeed not show up for training camp placing him on the suspended list rather than have him show up and possibly being a disruptive and disgruntled force that might just effect team moral.IMO you'll never see Glenn in a REDBLACK uniform this year or any other year for that matter,not unless something drastic happens between now and the start of training camp,but just my opinion,but I think that ship has sailed and if Glenn isn't traded,then he goes on the suspended list until something can be worked out later on with a trade once the season has started.To me this is a big test for Desjardins to see just how far he has come in learning the G.M. role and if he has learned anything from his first crack at being G.M so many years ago with the Cats. It's going to be very interesting to watch and see how this eventually all unfolds for the REDBLACKS , Kevin Glenn and Desjardins as G.M. From the reports that I've read about the RB's mini camp,it was a huge success,and a very positive beginning for the team,sounds like Glenn wasn't missed out there by the rest of the players who did bother to show up.Out of sight out of mind to me is the way to approach this situation right now,no need to force things and upset the apple cart just to accomadate one player,like Austin last year take the approach of who WANTS to be here and not concern yourself with who choses not to be here. :cowboy:

Burris was asked about it during that camp and he gave a nice little speech about how he'd love to have Glenn as a teammate (leaving out the part about Glenn needs to be his back up though :wink: ).

So it sounds (as much as one player can speak for the group) as though the mindset is "do what you feel you've got to do" and everyone else is just going about their business.

Next player up seems to be the attitude that every CFL team takes with basically tons of Import talent ready to step into the CFL these days.
Just two years back the need for Glenn as the only expereinced Back up worth anything and a very huge gap and lack of QB talent but in the last two seasons a lot has seemed to change in the QB position there seems to be a lot more talent from the new QBs being brought inot the CFL.
Last season I would say that Winnipeg, BC, and Montreal started the season with lower talent in the back ups.
I think more than just Reilly from last season and Willy and Collaros QB talent has gotten even that much better in just one season to close the gap for Back Ups throughout the CFL.
Not surpsingly Austin and Milanovich seemed to have an overflow of QB talent and other teams will be reaping from that benefit.