Kevin Glenn

Anyone think that the Als may have or should have interest in getting him, to mentor along Smith & Marsh?

I don’t think I’d trade anything major for him, but if Ottawa can’t move him and instead outright releases him, he might be worth a look-see.

NO. The only way for a CFL quarterback to become proficient at his job is playing. Bringing KG in will prevent us from developing a quarterback. Troy is 29. He was with the team last year and the offense is or at least was being designed to take advantage of he and Marsh's mobility, that would all get thrown out of the door by bringing in Kevin Glenn.

Higgins said he has enough talent across the board to win. Now he just has to go out and do it.

Its probably a moot point with his salary and the fact that when Glenns twitter was hacked :roll: supposedly Desjardins would only move him to a western team.

But he`s a good bargaining chip for the RedBlacks to hold onto if/when a starting CFL QB goes down with an injury.

As Nik Lewis said this week, he might be the 2nd best QB in the league after Ray.

An expansion team is going to need more than one QB anyway, so I don't know why KG doesn't accept the situation. Best being behind a 39 year old than anywhere else in the league.

I do agree with Hfx's statement that the only way a QB can develop is to acquire some playing time. Who knows what might have been for McPherson had Popp/ Trestman allowed McPherson developmental playing time. I do hope that the team will create some opportunities for Marsh. He's a pretty green QB but the team should plan to have him acquire some playing time. He's a big fellow, I would see him playing in third and one situations. Actually Troy Smith requires all the playing time for his own development in the CFL. Should he demonstrate initial success, the team would be in a position to give Marsh opportunities like playing the final moments in 4th Q situations when the team has big leads or, in situations when Smith requires a break. Perhaps I'm being too optimistic in thinking Smith will lead the team to having any last Q leads but, I do hope that Marsh will be given some playing activity.
With respect to Kevin Glen, his handling by Ottawa will likely cause the RedBlacks to experience some grief. Ottawa is not in a position to gain much in a trade situation. I believe that Glen could help a few teams as a second string QB. However, I doubt Ottawa is in a position to demand a huge trade bonus from any team in the CFL. BC appears to be only one of a few teams that could make good use of Glen. The Als could use Glen should either Smith of Marsh falter. Ottawa's GM should not expect too much in any trade situation. Glen retains his status as a quality QB and, it will be interesting to see how this situation gets sorted out.

That too. You add Glenn's 225k salary and you cut Brinks at 75k. That means your short 150k. Means you have to cut 2 or 3 veterans off your roster.

And that, Niagara, is precisely why I floated his name. I wouldn't bring him in as a starter, but more as insurance in case Smith and/or Marsh falter. .. and that's certainly within the realm of possibilities.

Don't have much use for Brink, I'll be surprised if he breaks camp with the team.

I like Brink. I think out of ALL the collection of QB's that Winnipeg tossed to the Lions, he did the best. I also like that all 3 QB can run with the ball. So in theory they should all be able to run the same offense. Now if that offense isn't designed or run properly that will cause the problems but not because of the our current personnel.

Having said that. I am concerned that Worman and Higgins try to convince Jim to get Glenn as he would hide their faults.

If Glenn is not happy about the current situation in Ottawa, why would he be any happier coming to the Als given the QB scenario now? Smith and Marsh and Glenn as backup?
He does not want to be the backup in Ottawa. He would not be any happier here based on that criteria.

Glenn is a good QB. He's also made a career being an opportunist. He knows how durable Burris is, he likely won't see the field. There is also the issue of disrespect. Ottawa pulled him out of a place where he was playing and still very much had a shot at playing. The best thing for Glenn is to keep his cool and wait for Ottawa to find the right partner to dance with.

Yes but the reality is that he will be a backup wherever he goes in the CFL.

.....Glenn does not want to remain in Ottawa...He asked to be traded...Tough to work around that one...He will be moved either by being out right released or a trade....A few teams could use him including the Als, and Bombers...Trick is to secure him with as little as you can...Won't be an easy deal for Ottawa to pull off as most gms. are reluctant to give up anything...I think he'll be released soon if a trade can't be worked out and Glenn can decide for himself where he wants to land..After all aren't teams just releasing players to pursue their nfl dreams...Seems Glenn should a least get that much consideration.. :roll:

Your ridiculous "released" :roll: he's not costing Ottawa anything until June 28th. ??? and of your own admission there are more than one team interested. BC and Winnipeg for sure and maybe more, that guarantees Ottawa a return, in addition they are 12 man short of their maximum training camp roster so they don't even need the roster space. Your not making any sense at all on this one.

...Oh so you said it was necessary for us to release Glenn when he was in the Mike Kelly regime ..but now not so much :lol: ..Here's a scoop and probably what a lot of GMs. are going to say...Ottawa offered the Bombers Glenn for our 2nd. pic overall...Walters said dream on :lol: :lol: It will be a familiar refrain from other teams I would imagine...Of course someone might bite for a pic. but not one of significance.. :wink:

I don't remember exactly what I said four or five years ago but I must have made an impression :lol:
From memory the Professor dragged Glenn through the mud in his first public appearance. I don't recall Desjardins saying anything about Glenn other than he plans to go to camp with him.

Je crois que Glenn va aboutir ailleurs qu'à Ottawa en 2014, et ce ne sera pas à Montréal. Quelqu'un va mettre la patte dessus sans rien donner lorsqu'il sera libéré.

That is what it is he will not be anyones starter at this point. Montreal renog with Smith and Marsh locks Glenn out of plans i would say.
Winnipeg would be foolish to bring that problem in right now.
BC has said no, for now, under the current asking price but that could change as Lulay progrees is going into TC.
The Riders Rod Pederson had mentioned the Riders were Kicking the tires around about acquiring Glenn but have fallen off the media radar.
Riders and BC would be his best fit with no expereince at backups and two teams that are Grey Cup contenders.
If Lulay or Durant are injured art some point Glenn is a safety net to keep the wheels moving as he did in Calgary.
Are two Grey Cup contenders, especially two with extra motivation, BC at home and Riders repeating willing to take a chance on a toss up for a back up QB???