Kevin Glenn

I was happy for Glenn last night.
For a guy that has played as many CFL games as he has in a position of scrutiny , who has survived so much criticism, he has to be pleased at least for 24 hours. This is a guy that was run out of winnipeg because of a newspaper fan poll as they are so proud to point out. “Look what we did.” My Gawd. Now they’ll bury Pierce, Brink et al. and start looking for Deiter Brock who left on a midnight train as fast as he could many years ago.
He is the definition of resilient.
I think an ex QB, like Hufnagel, who knows personal professional QB failure and Dickenson for that matter, have to really respect what he can bring to this Stamps team.
He’s a proud man and deserves to be…

...agreed, I'm happy that Glenn got to take off the goat horns and replace them with a warrior helmet last night...the hit he took that knocked him out for a couple of plays, and then coming back in to grab all the win, man that speaks volumes about heart...kudos to Kev for an inspiring performance

volumes, for sure.
he was great in Montreal too.
one bad play ,
same as many staps.
scrutiny, position, is a tough role.

Glenn and heart? Can't say I see the connection......

of course you can’t
its the whinny way
too bad
one reason why free agents shy away. obviously missed last night's game then, too bad, it was a gooder...

I doubt he will ever be remembered in the same light as a Dickenson, but at least he won't have the Montreal disaster as his lasting final image. I wonder if he was giggling a little at the irony last night. Nice job by the whole team last night, no one rolled over and gave it to the Riders.

No, I watched some (missed then end, so yes, too bad), caught the hit...and I'm still not buying what you are selling.
Glenn likes to embelish every hit. As A WPG fan we saw that all too often, and that is why we were on cloud 9 with Buck....
but alas......

I missed the come back; was following game tracker and the game thread. Kevin Glenn is a starting QB and did show good poise in getting the job done last night. Must mention the OC - the whole team for that matter. :thup:

Problem is that you can only say that every second week....

I’m gonna LMAO if Calgary has a better season than Hamilton.

It looked like a helmet-to-helmet hit to me from the angle of the replay. If it was - and it easily may not have been (it wasn't called) -then it's no surprise that he was shaken you.