Kevin Glenn

Somebody make Mike Kelly shut up! Come on TiCats O line give Glenn the time so he can burry the Bombers :rockin: TSN,s story on Kevin Glenn was a good one until Kelly ran his mouth off , __ New flash for Kelly __Glenn was the Bombers best player. No help from Kelly required!

Could you believe Kelly suggested that Winnipeg’s releasing Glenn probably motivated Kevin to do more like running when he gets the chance.
Cats the only thing that is gonna shut this guy Kelly up is a whooping just like Montreal gave them last wk.
Eat em raw Ti-Cats!!!
Doc 8)

What are you guys talking about, did I miss some sort of fantastic interview? :lol:

Sports Center had an interview with Kelly and a peg player today about tomorrow's game. I forget which Peg player they interviewed, but he could resist making a crack about Glenn's lack of height.
It seems Kelly's arrogance is rubbing off on some of his players when it comes to doing interviews.
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I hope we pound the Bombers and KG has a great game, it'll look good on Kelly.

The player was Barrin Simpson. Although he did make a crack about Glenn's height he also said you can't let him get on a role or he is as good as AC. I guess you missed that part..

Didn't miss it, just thought he was trying to back track after making the crack about the height.

I have some news for you.. Glenn IS short. He is a great QB though and has a great deep ball.

Stop being so Hamiltonian. Not everything is a negative. Simpson is a classy guy and about the only player I can stand on the Bummer roster.

I hear their Coach is a real nice guy!!

Hey, I am not even from Hamilton, just a CFL fan and your right Simpson is a class guy. Just reporting what he said and how it came across.

Every time I hear Kelly talk he seems like a pawn shop owner. Trying to low ball his way through life.

Back on the Glenn topic.. I think he is playing his best football since the first half of 2007. He was on fire with the deep ball then.

I think Simpson was playing around! I Remember hearing somewhere, they somewhere, that Glenn called Simpson when he was going threw the whole Ordeal earlier, and told him good thing's! I do believe he was not at ALL trying to be a dink!

Rest assured that the Bombers D Line will have their hands up on every passing play. After all KG isn't the tallest QB in the world. Hopefully Glenn will use this to our advantage, and "duck and run" where there is an opportunity. I can see KG running more that usual, and I think he will be effective when he does.

Kevin Glenn may not be very tall, but neither was Doug Flutie. He seemed to do OK in his CFL career.

I'm hoping Kevin has a great, great day.

Just watched the clip. Is Kelly that full of himself? Perhaps after the Bombers lose today, Coach Kelly will take credit and say losing todays was good for the team because it will motivate the team all that much more to make it to the playoffs next year. :wink: