Kevin Glenn

Well doesn't that bring back memories. Late in the game bombers are trying a comeback to win and all of a sudden Kevin throws it down field and what do you know its intercepted. Ah yes the good times.
Here kitty kitty kitty.

He also threw for over 300 yards and 3 TD's , plus the noise at commonwealth was deafening so the players had immense difficulty getting the proper play call.Why do you think the 13th man makes such a huge difference? PS. Ray threw an INT too, but I guess he's not worthy of being on the Mighty Bombers roster either :roll:

Nice excuse. :roll: He blew it and you know it.

Oh and I suppose captain 45% completion percentage aka Michael Bishop is a huge improvement. What happens when people stop your workhorse Fred Reid? Glenn's still pretty good, he's not great, but to say he's a terrible Qb after throwing for 326 yards, 2 TD's, 2 INT's and about 15 yards on the ground is ridiculous. And have you ever been in the stands when it get's loud??? Can't hear yourself think. How is the QB supposed to tell the receivers what to do in a hurry up offense when you can't hear a word anyone's saying? Bruce and Glenn got mixed signal's, Bruce thought hook route, Glenn thought over the shoulder streak route, thus, ended with a pick.

Didn't say he was terrible, but that was a classic Glenn pick to end the game.

...YUP.....same ol Glenn....I was just going over the times when he was our no 1 guy....and BLEW IT...with an untimely interception....Just go back to the play-off last year...when Kevin was standing on his tip-toes to see over the offensive line and tossed up that beauty for Fred Perry to run under for six...pretty well ending our year....Yup...sorry but this guy didn;t have enough miracle throws in his the one to suit me...He is what he is....a no. 2 qb. ...We have the Grey Cup hardware to prove it... :lol: :lol: :lol: But he looks good in the hammer... :lol:

....question....Wasn't Calvillo penalized a few years ago, in a playoff, for the type of td pass that Glenn threw in the game against edm. last night...double clutched it ...i believe....Just wondering.. :roll: :roll:

Must be nice, raggin us for starting a #2 when you're starting a guy who got cut from a team desperate for Qb's. Bishop is a terrible QB,who got cut for throwing as many td's as interceptions, so I don't get why 1 at the end by Glenn is such a thing to panic about when every play you guys must crinch over Bishops gross overthrows, and behind that, neither of your back-ups have any arm strength. Our arm punter is a 4th string, our balenced rookie is 3rd string, your former starter is 2nd string and the future (hopefully) of the cats is 1st string.
Winnipeg depth:

  1. Bishop
  2. Lefors
  3. Randall

Hamilton depth:

  1. Porter
  2. Glenn
  3. Tafralis
  4. Boltus (arm punter)

...Bishop will prove to be a better qb. for the BigBlue than ol wonky knees.....take that to the bank.... :wink: :lol:

lol, time will tell. I'm liking the idea of 2 starting Qb's in Hamilton though, and with Glenn's pretty good performance this week and Porter still probably going to be injured, Glenn should start on labour day, and hopefully set up a 2 game win streak for the cats. Good luck against the Riders :wink: :smiley:

Well as I recall it papa, yes AC did throw a forward pass, which was deflected back to him, so he threw a forward pass again. And for that he was correctly penalized.

Last night's situation is not the same. Glenn had lost the ball before his arm started going forward. . . so if the ball had fallen to the ground at that point it would have been ruled a fumble and not an incomplete forward pass. . . since he recovered it, he's still allowed to throw a forward pass.

That's how I saw it, anyway.

I won't join in on the Bishop vs. Glenn debate that appears to be developing, because it's irrelevant. Kelly didn't get rid of Glenn to bring in Bishop, so such comparisons are meaningless. Kelly dumped Glenn to bring in LeFors.

haha nice to see some people saw the same thing i did Glenn is a good QB but when it comes down to crunch time he chokes most of the time only time i remember him doing anything was the stegall play otherwise just open your eyes ticat fans all game Glenn's throwing decent close to perfect than he gets into 3 minute warning down by 1 and he starts over throwing everyone like the 10 yard pass to James he hit the guy all game and than the time he needs to shine he over throws the guy badly.

I will agree with you ticat fans that Bishop is terrible was there any doubt here that Bishop was gonna be the next big thing NO he was how Tsn described him, he's a band-aid to get us by and it looks like thats exactly whats happening get us in the playoffs

....if Kevin is your starter and he's throwing into the argo secondary like he was against the prepared for a few pick-offs...Argos might be a lot of things....but their d....surprisingly ain't too bad....Good luck against're about to catch them on the up-swing.... :wink: ...Riders will be tough...but if they play the run like they been playing other teams....they could be in for a long day...heh heh... :wink:

.....thanx for clearing that one up MadJack....i thought the A.C. play was similar ....but i see not exactly....couldn't remember
...The fans in Wpg. wanted Glenn gone before Kelly came on board...a poll taken was largely in favour of dumping him ... the Bombers complied..When a guy says his first interest isn't football anymore....i think the cats fans should have a good look at that :wink:
...Kellys answer for the pivot job was a huge gamble....we know how that worked out...I said at the time we needed a CFL qb. with more experience.....We finally got that in Bishop....Is he the long term answer....????no-way...But to guide a team trying to 'get-it-together' ...he'll do for now....The search for a long time solution is still on.. :wink:


First of all Kevin Glenn has proved that he is nothing but a flash in the pan backup QB, bottom line!! Your So Called #1 Porter has not shown much improvement at all and is still ranked as a #2 QB at best, not to mention Glenn is near the end of his career and your number 3 had horrible pre season games.

What you fail to understand is that Randall is young as Poerter, Stronger arm and more speed, just needs playing time and will be better than Porter guaranteed!! Don't bring up his whole 5 minutes of stats this year either as our o-line and reciever's stunk the joint out that game (no QB fault). Oh and we are also bringing back an old familier face as QB coach (as rumour has it) and a familier QB that is still young and has upside still (within 2 weeks you will see who?) SURPRISE!!

and Bishop is only the short term answer, as i have been noticing him and Randall spending alot of time talking and practicing together, to me seems as though Bishop is teaching Randall some new tricks. And LeFors has been a GREAT leader in the locker room supporting Bishop and Randall (not to mention the whole team) and he isn't whining about losing the starting job a.k.a the reason Glenn was booed outta town, whining crybaby, mr. no knees blew it and you know it. oh yeah Bishop had a 300+ yard game with 2 TDs and no picks, what about that?

PS. Enjoy your great start to 2009, as you will not be seeing many more wins either, we will surpass you in the standings within a month and then what will be your excuse?

lil cocky for a team with NO QB's and a moron for a head coach. How can you be so sure that you're going to pass us hmm? We've only had 1 game where we didn't have a chance to win it , all the others were lost by stupidity. What'll be your excuse when SSK spanks you back to back and we beat the Argo's back to back? Once your workhorse (Reid) starts getting read like a book, then what? Mr. Arm Punter will have to 3 INT's for every 1 TD he throws, while spaghetti arm (Lefors), and Randall watch on the sidelines. Our team may not be the best, but yours is no prize either.

PS. Porter's been playing all year with a thumb injury aquired in TC, if you haven't noticed the black bandage on his hand all year already, Glenn started because he ended up torquing his Knee in the SSK game. He's better then Randall any day.

To me, this isn't a bad performance at all for the first start of the season against a very good team. [url=] ... re=related[/url]

he and Bruce should light it up against T.O. on labour day. If the D stops making stupid little mistakes (Penalties after forcing 3rd down, etc.) then we'll be good.

Bishop AND Glenn are both pretty much bandaids right now.

I am a Bomber fan but you guys are crazy knocking Kevin Glenn and would rather have Bishop. What a joke.Bombers don't have one QB anywere near the calibre of any of the ti-cats caliber.If we had Glenn we would be on pace to have 3 1000 yard receivers again. He never did throw too many interceptions. If Hammy wants to finally get to the playoffs they just have to play Glenn.
You numb sculls should understand that Glenn is the 3rd all time passing QB in team history.
If Kelly wasn't so dumb , Glenn would already of passed Khari Jones for 2nd.Le Fors give me a break.

Last year we rebounded from 2-8 to 8-10.
Look who the QB was and he was even calling his own plays.

Ham start him and win. I don't want to see Porter.Tired of seeing you guys loose.
Gauthier and Goodspeed are looking great too.
A joy to watch you games.

Ok gobomber (1 post), there is a reason we let Glenn go, he is at the end of his career, we are grooming a new #1 QB and no it’s not bishop or Lefors, it is Randall. Glenn whined and complained every time he threw a bad pass, he blamed reciever’s for not being in the right spot (even though they ran the right route and Glenn had the wrong play in his head), his attitude stunk last year and that is the reason he is outta here, TiCat fans will see the real Glenn stink it up against T.O again as he has a horrible record against T.O, he will be sacked at least 5 times and fumble 1-2 of those, Moreno will nail him right outta the game and your Black bandaged thumb (nice excuse by the way) Porter will fair no better.

Bishop has played 3 games with no recieving help and a sublime O-Line (who improved against BC), he has taken harder hits in 3 games than Porter has all year, so his bandaged thumb is a poor excuse, he can play with a bandaged thumb, Calvillo has been bandaged for 4 years in Montreal and what has he done? To say Randall is not as good as Porter is a HUGE misinterpretation, Porter has started more games, has practiced all year (including TC and pre-season) with the number one offense, Randall has not had that luxury yet!! So what makes you think that Randall is not as good as Porter? Just wait!!

As far as you spanking T.O back to back, i don’t see it, i see a split and that is being honest. As far as The BB’S getting spanked by the Riders, i don’t see that in either game, the Riders are not that great of a team either and this will be a split and both will be close games, as far as you bringing up Reid and teams figuring it out, there is also Bernard and the playaction that is confusing the other teams, if that was the case why has no team figured out how to stop our run the past 3 games (they have tape, they watched it) including BC, how can they study tape and allow ONE RUNNING BACK to run for 260 yards, could it be that Reid is just to darn good?

Don’t forget our recieving game has not even been close to there potential and With Franklin back in the line up, this will make our reciever’s alot better, look for us to air it out more IF THE RUNNING GAME is stopped, why change what is working? until it stops working, don’t change a thing, but we will be airing it out more. I think 15championships is a little jelous that the Cats don’t have a running back as good as EITHER Reid or Bernard. I am tired of arguing with you, you will see after the back to back games and when we meet you, who will be number 2 in the East!!

Oh wow, Glenn to a wide open Bruce on the first one, i can make that pass, second TD was a short pass and no means Glenn should get credit for that (i remember watching the game and the announcers even stated this fact) there should have been an offensive pass interference penalty against Mr.85 on that play, you can't hold a defender that long when the ball is no where around, just another horrible NON-Call by the refs this year (and it has been horrible officiating all year), number 3 was a lucky throw as Glenn was about to be nailed and aired it out cause he was SCARED to BE HIT as usual.

So i give Glenn credit for one of those 3 TD'S, now look for him to throw 3 INTS against T.O next game to NO TDS, as that is Glenns tendency, bask in your glory while you can, cause it sure won't last long!!