Kevin Glenn

It was good to see Kevin come out and play so strong in the second half, especially against his old team. Will Kevin become the starter in Hamilton?

I think they're actually committed to developing Porter, and he'll remain the starter with Glenn being sent in if Marcel sees problems with Porter's game or the team needs a spark.

I agree; and that's what I think they should do.

Porter didn't play badly yesterday, he just didn't find the end zone in the first half, and they were forced to settle for field goals. Putting Glenn in changed the pace of the game and seemed to throw the Bomber D off-balance. They're a good tandem.

It could the Bomber D is off balance because they didn't videotape KG because they thought Porter would be in for the whole game not just a half... :twisted: :lol: :lol:

On the money, BigDave. And it points out how Hamilton outcoached Winnipeg.

Porter, as you say, didn't play badly, but he didn't find the end zone in his half of work. So Bellefeuille made the switch at hafltime, it worked, and the Cats won.

LeFors, on the other hand, DID play badly (what was he, 9 for 19??), also didn't find the endzone, but Kelly DIDN'T make the switch at halftime, and the Bombers lost the game.

Score that one as a coaching move win by Bellefeuille over Kelly.

Good thing Kelly got rid of Glenn and got LeFors eh? Looks like that idea is working out great!

agree. good call by bellefeullie to remove Porter from the game at halftime. It wasn't because of complete poor play but Glenn gave the Bomber D a different look and it paid off.

I wouldn’t say Kevin Glenn played great, but he played as well as you could expect a guy coming in cold for his first real snaps of the year. He made a couple of costly mistakes (one going for a TD) but he made more positive plays than mistakes overall. He seems to make quicker decisions than Porter so it was a different look the Bombers D received.

And, though Porter can move, Glenn can MOVE. Particularly on his 22-yard carry on 2nd and 20. Fantastic!
Of the people I spoke to after the game, even the ones who think Glenn should be our starter on Thursday believe Porter is the guy. The only way for Porter to improve is for him to play. It’s great having Glenn to step in if he’s needed to win the game for us. But we’ve really got something here in Quinton, and we need to allow him to grow into an elite quarterback, and most importantly, HANG ONTO HIM.

i think glenn is the perfect back up. especially for the cats. as you mentioned he gives a different look off the bench if porter is struggling and things arent quite working out. kg is experienced and still a decent qb. he will be a good mentor to porter, he will be decent off the bench as we just saw, and if porter goes down (hopefully not) kg can step in and be the starter. with his experience and past success he's a great guy to have on the roster. he may not lead any team to a grey cup but as a number 2 guy i'd say he's about as good as it gets right now?

with a young project qb glenn is the exact thing i bet the bombers wish they had. an inexperienced lefors was bound to have some growing pains (lets hope they end sooner or later lol) it would be a huge asset to have an experienced backup but we dont, our backup is just as green and the only way randall will get better is playing time which it doesnt seem like kelly will give him.

Do you really, honestly believe that Bryan Randall would've helped much? Sure it's possible, but highly unlikely. I'd say less likely than LeFors turning it around. If Kelly had a Kevin Glenn backing up LeFors, maybe he would have made the switch. How do you know? I mean, the Bombers were outcoached, yes.. but I wouldn't say that was how.

we'l never know how good randall is unless he gets playing time. i think he'd be good off the bench as well

randall has the tools, great shape, decently strong arm, amazing mobility... he's just green too. i dont know if he'd be any better than lefors at the moment but if lefors continues to struggle i really hope he at least gets a chance.... as kg did to the bombers randall would have given the ti-cat D a different look and might have thrown off their game plan a bit.

that's all I'm saying - he's still very green.. yeah, if LeFors is still struggling like this a few weeks from now I would like to see what Randall can do, but I really don't think in this particular game making a QB swap would have made any difference

Yup he's Hamilton's hero alright, throws 1 pick on his first drive inside the 25, then he goes out a bit later and throws another pick, this time giving the other team 6 points. But you guys won AND he's a #2 QB not a #1, so nobody really cares about that right now. Go ahead, make him the starter in Hamilton and pray your defense can bail you out because that rate of 2 picks per quarter....yeah that's not going to get too much better, his TD's will probably drop off in another game or two, but don't worry, he'll never forget how to give the ball away.

Win or not, Hamilton can keep him.

....wonder how he'll do against the Als.....i think that'll be a stiffer test... :wink:

I knew the Bombers were toast we that occurred, happens about as often as Halley's Comment passing overhead.

Porter has potential.
But man, when Glenn came into the game you can tell right away the guy knows how to read a defence.