Kevin Glenn

...Calling his first full-game ever...good job Kevin..keep it up...I have never been a total believer in Glenn....however i've seen something in last nights game that has me gaining respect for the guy...Picard delivered another bad snap that sailed over Glenns head and Kevin had enough...First time i've seen him really get mad and he tore a strip off off of Picard ...The bad snaps ended there...We need more of that play the leader out there...vent on guys making bad plays....and also please...throw the rock away if the coverage is too tight...the interceptions will slowly disappear :wink: goBigBlue

Glenn is an awesome QB. Great arm and good vision of the feild.

i have to admit when glenn threw that first int to Zeke i thought he was going to have a horrible night (he never should have thrown that...there were 3 ti-cats withing 5 yards of the intended reciever) but he rebounded well and had a pretty decent game....if romby bryant had of caught that ball on the 5 yard line and if milt had of caught the ball in the endzone he would have had an outstanding game.

he just needs to eliminate some dumb throws and he will be back to the way he was playing last season.

With Charles Roberts rushing for over half the yards that he has made in the previous seven games total, Glenn has the distinction of tying Dinwiddie in wins, against Hamilton no less.

Still think this club is very dysfunctional and the win will only serve to prolong death as opposed to prolonging life. Hope I'm very wrong though, in the end.

Always have seen that a QB with the big arm tends to overthrow when he's got some momentum going, and Kevin hasn't played in awhile... I can remember guys like Brock or Burris early on doing much the same, I always looked at it as a positive sign that they weren't feeling tentative. Watched Joseph and Bishop sail some tonight as well, just a sign that Kevin needs a few games to really hit the comfort zone.

Glenn did a whale of job in the absurd pressure-cooker he was in -- calling his own plays for the first time ever in his career, after not having played three games, against a team coming off a huge win, in a key divisional matchup.

Agreed dis, but that's what you expect from your veterans and how they perform in those situations tells you about their character.

Pigseye, I agree with you, but I still feel it was unfair of Berry to put Glenn in that situation in the first place. It's a good thing it worked out.

Glenn can stay calm under any situation such as calling his own plays.

You people can thank glenn all you want. Only because Glenn called his own plays, it doesn't mean what's resulted that his game has gone to a higher level.

Could you clarify what you mean? Your post is a bit unclear.

Not to put words up for bigcanadiano, but my take on this would be that the Bombers won in spite of Glenn's play-calling, not because of it. If his play-calling was that good, he would have called the proper audibles in his first four starts, all losses. All this does is send the jury out again.

I wouldn't exactly pump him up on the great play calling seens 80%of the game was running the ball with roberts and having hamiltons defence on the field for a large portion of the game we all know that if roberts can churn yards to look out and glen actually left his pocket to grab opportunities to run himself wow so myself I would thank the D for shuttin them down

OK let's assume you're correct. Then the deep ball to Bryant that he missed and Milt's unfortunate drop; are they from bad play calls?
From what I get from your post, you think that the Blue should have not won by as much, or even lost the game but for the defense.
Looking at the game I tend to go towards Milt being a little rusty, Romby not being used to the ball having the mustard on it that it did and Kevin overthrowing an open guy because he hasn't played in a while.
Just those three instances would lead most to believe that the Bombers could have and should have won by more points than they did.
Now add in the missed points on the field goals and you have a pretty good description of a blowout.
I will also mention the Kick return that was called back that gave even more offensive punch to the game.
If all of those examples clicked where were the blown calls by Kevin?
I just can't see it. The great thing is that he's going to get better at it as he continues.

I'm not saying that the Bombers did not deserve to win, but I would not credit Glenn's play-calling, or play for that matter, for it either.

Your argument contains all kinds of variables, and 'if's'. Break the game down with the same vigour from a Hamilton perspective and they could have won as well. Two plays that come to mind were the Canada interception, and the Lobendahn fumble recovery to the Hamilton 'one'.

I did not do any research into your statement "now add in the missed points on the field goals" but I would hope that you are not compounded examples over and above the missed passes mentioned. If so, you are unfairly padding your argument. I will give you the benefit of the doubt that those missed opportunities resulted in field-goals.

Anyway, I have little faith in Glenn since the second half of last season, and although I can pad him on the back for a good game against Hamilton, I doubt that he is in form, yet, or will ever be.

re; bigblew via discipline/punish

I'd say bigblew's correctly interprets my own feelings about Glenn. (Not putting up words for me. . . ) To clarify what I said for discipline and punish.

The lack of faith is a question you have to deal with. I have faith that Kevin will do as I've predicted and continue to improve at both his playcalling and his personal on field leadership and performance. Time will tell, but I find the game much more enjoyable from my perspective than yours, so I'll just stick with my assertions and let the future give the answers.

Yet no one is questioning Glenn's credentials. Your argument is a red herring, we're simply refuting the fallacy. . . that Glenn might have 'good enough' ability (i.e. calling-plays) but it's not a sure thing to win us games or more specifically put us at an advantage. As of now, we're not even arguing Glenn's play calling ability is putting us at any disadvantage.

See. . . nice and open.

So Glenn deserved all the blame when your team was healthy, Cartwright was calling the plays, and you were losing, but he deserves none of the praise when he calls his own plays, the team is injured at several key positions (including receiver), and the Bombers win?

I don't buy it.

Of course not. Why buy it. Again, nobody was blaming Glenn or Cartwright for those losses when they happened. They simply weren't performing well enough. The point here is that Glenn might have good skills at play calling, we just don't know yet.